Jake and Dylan : Part 2

This story was written one of our fans.

The Story

Jake dried himself quickly, and hurried off to the kitchen, still naked and hard. Dylan followed him, equally as naked, but not quite as hard, considering what had just transpired.

“I’m starving,” Jake declared, rummaging through the cupboards for food. One hand idly worked on his boner to keep it hard, Dylan noticed. “Are you?”

“Sure,” Dylan replied, somewhat distracted.

Jake made them both sandwiches, which they went and ate in the lounge. The curtains were still closed, so the fact they were naked went unnoticed by anyone but them.

They ate in relative silence. Dylan watched as Jake continued to touch himself.

“Do you want some help with that?”

Jake laughed. “Oh, I’m sure you’d love to help.” He grinned that evil grin again. “But no, you’re going to keep me horny in a totally different way than touching me.”

Dylan was intrigued. “And how’s that?”

“Well, like I said, we’ve got plenty of things to do today. So sadly that means clothing that beautiful body of yours, to go outside.” Dylan felt himself blush. “Still, I can have some fun with this.” Jake beckoned Dylan to follow him back to his room. “Now, it’s fairly warm today, so a wetsuit is kind of out of the question… Don’t want you getting hot and sweaty. Or, not yet, at least.”

God, he’s such a damn tease, thought Dylan. But I love it!

Jake was rummaging through his draws. “Here!” he declared, turning around and tossing a suit like they’d worn earlier at Dylan. “That’ll do.”

“Um, you want me to go out like this?” Dylan asked, sceptical.

“No one but us will realise though,” Jake explained, “because you’ll have that on under your other clothes.”

Dylan felt his erection harden further. “Uh…”

“No if’s or but’s,” Jake said. “Come on, get it on.”

Dylan stepped in, and Jake moved around to zip it up. Once that was complete, he started rubbing his hands all over Dylan’s lycra encased body, paying special attention to Dylan’s crotch.

“Are you trying to get me to cum again?” Dylan asked with a moan.

Jake chuckled. “I’d bet you’d love if I was. No, just keeping you frustrated.”

“You really suck,” Dylan told him.

“I know I do, I haven’t forgotten five minutes ago,” he replied dryly.

“Very funny.”

“I know right? Come on,” Jake instructed, taking his hands off Dylan. “Clothes on.”

Dylan gave him a quizzical look, but reluctantly gathered up his clothes and put them on over top of the suit.

“Perfect,” Jake determined. “No one will know what’s underneath. Except us, of course…” He reached over and slid his hand down Dylan’s pants, rubbing the still hard boner through the lycra.

“Are you gunna tease me like this all day?”

“Yep, and you’re gunna enjoy it!” Jake announced happily.

Unfortunately, Dylan knew, Jake was right.

Once Jake had clothed himself too (though he didn’t include any lycra), the pair hopped in Dylan’s car. “Where are we going?” Dylan asked as they drove off.

“Just into town,” Jake replied, pulling out his phone. “I’ll get Case and them to meet us,” he said, referring to their mutual friends.

“Aw, really?” Dylan asked exasperatedly. “Do they have to?”

“No need to be self-conscious,” Jake grinned at him. “Only I know what you’ve got under there.” As he said this, Jake slipped his hand under Dylan’s waistband, and grabbed the boner that was still raging.

“Can you not?! That’s really distracting while I’m driving!”

“I guess I’d better not then,” Jake conceded, slipping his hand under his own pants instead.

“Great, now you’re jacking off in my car. This is totally not how I expected this day to go…”

Jake laughed. “You’re loving it though.”

“Shut up,” Dylan told him, though he was.

They soon arrived at the mall where they were meeting their friends. Case ran over to them. “Hey!” she cried happily. “How’d your race go Jake?”

Jake grinned. “Pretty good. I got fifth.”

“Oh!” Case cried, wrapping her arms around him. “Congrats!” Case and Jake were old friends, and were quite intimate with each other, though things were only platonic.

“Yea,” Dylan said, “He’s having a pretty good day.” He saw Jake grin.

“That’s good,” said Case, who turned to Dylan. “Are you?” she said, a little shyly.

Dylan laughed. “Yea, I’m having a great day.”

“That’s good,” Case said again, blushing a little. There was an awkward silence.

Chris, who along with Wendy, had been silently acknowledged when the two groups met, walked to beside Dylan as Case and Jake led the five on their way. “Dude,” Chris whispered to Dylan, “Case totally has the hots for you.”

Dylan had to laugh. “You think so?” He stared at Jake’s butt ahead of them. “Well, I’ve got someone who I’m pretty sure is in to me, and I’m into them, too.”

“Really?” Chris asked excitedly. “Who is she?”

Dylan laughed again. “I’ll tell you when I’m certain,” he assured.

They all went to the food court, and got lunch. Despite the fact that Jake and Dylan had just eaten, being teenagers, they still had an appetite. The pair sat opposite the other three as they talked and ate.

Just as Dylan had suspected would happen, Jake slyly moved his hand over to Dylan’s thigh, and rubbed its way up to his waistband. Dylan was terrified the others would notice, but they were all too busy eating or texting to see.

Dylan had previously managed to get soft (though it hadn’t been easy!), but Jake soon him boner back at attention, as he caressed Dylan through the lycra. It felt so good, but Dylan had to pretend like nothing was happening, and started up a conversation with Case, who had sat opposite him.

She giggled at his forced jokes, and stared at him in a way that was a bit weird. It was hard to pay attention though, as Jake got him closer and closer to cumming. The fact this was going on without anyone else’s knowledge made Dylan even hornier.

Not sure if Jake would know when to stop in time, Dylan moved his hand down to grab his tormentor’s. That’s when something awkward happened.

Case was a pretty girl, in Dylan’s opinion. If he were straight, he’d probably think her hot. She apparently was also a daring girl. He noticed her lean back ever so slightly, and then felt something near his knee.

Oh shit.

Case slid her foot up towards Jake’s hand. Dylan could tell they connected. Case must’ve thought it was Dylan’s hand though, because when she felt it, she grinned a little at him, before pushing it aside and toeing Dylan’s boner with obvious delight.

Jake snorted as he pulled his hand away, and turned it into a cough so it wasn’t suspicious.

He casually had a drink to make his ‘cough’ go away.

Dylan, however, was panicking, totally freaked out that case was rubbing his boner with her toe. It was making him go soft again, but not fast enough. He moved his hand over to squeeze Jake’s leg, to silently ask for help.

Ever the devil though, Jake took Dylan’s hand and shoved it into his pants, onto his own boner.

Dylan didn’t know what to do. The feeling of Jake’s penis in his hand, which he wanted so badly, made his own boner harder again. And despite the fact Case was still assaulting him, Dylan couldn’t resist a tug or ten on Jake’s dick.

Man, thought Dylan, this day is just weird.

Thankfully, Chris turned away from ogling Wendy (the two were actually a couple), and made an announcement; “Let’s go to the movies.”

With this, Case moved her foot from Dylan’s crotch, and Dylan, with a final tug, let go of Jake’s boner.

Dylan didn’t really pay attention to the movie. He was more focused on Jake’s hand once again in his pants, stroking his lycra encased cock. Several times he’d had to squeeze Jake’s wrist, to tell him to stop before they made a mess. Dylan came so close to coming so many times. Thankfully, Case had sat down the other end of the row from them, and Chris and Wendy were too busy with each other for anyone to notice Jake.

Ever the tease, Jake had slapped away Dylan’s hand every time he’d reached for the athlete’s lap. Dylan wasn’t too upset by this, as he was a bit worried about getting caught. Thankfully, Jake wasn’t as nervous.

When the movie was over, Case came up to Dylan straight away. “What did you think?” she asked eagerly.

“Ah, it was pretty cool, yea,” Dylan replied, nonchalantly.

“You’re pretty cool,” Case said.

Wendy laughed. “That comeback is meant as an insult, Case, dear. It doesn’t work as a compliment,” she informed her.

“Who said I was trying to insult him?” Case hit back. She turned to Dylan and asked sweetly, “Can I have your number please, Dylan?”

Dylan was stunned. “Um… what?”

Case giggled. “You’re so cute, country kid!” She turned to Jake. “Isn’t he cute?”

Jake had to resist bursting out in laughter. “Yes, definitely,” he chuckled. “So cute, in fact, that someone else already has his number.”

Case looked crestfallen. Jake continued; “Speaking of that someone, I’d best get chauffeured home, so lover-boy can get back to it!” He slapped the still-speechless Dylan on the back.

Chris laughed. “Haha, ok guys, we’ll catch you later. Come on, Case.”

The group parted ways.

As the pair walked back to their car, Dylan asked Jake, “What the hell was all that about? And she seemed so sad!”

Jake finally laughed. “Case? Don’t worry about her. She’ll be on to the next guy before you know it. She’s the kind that’ll eat you up and spit you out,” he joked. “Whereas, I’ll swallow,” he said, deadpan.

“You’re terrible!” Dylan cried.

“Are you complaining?” Jake grinned, before squeezed Dylan’s crotch.

“Ugh, no…” Dylan breathed, fumbling for his keys and looking around the car park to see if anyone had noticed. Satisfied no one had, Dylan slapped Jake’s ass as they got to the car.

“Ooh, you would,” said Jake, getting into the car. He slipped his hand into his pants. “Bet you’d like this, too, huh?”

“You know I do,” Dylan replied, as he reversed the car out.

Jake played with himself the whole way home, and Dylan’s boner got harder and harder.

It wasn’t long before they got back to Jake’s, who ran inside, with Dylan not far behind him.

Jake stripped off his clothes as soon as the door was shut, and turned around to look at Dylan, who had stripped down to the lycra suit.

“I need to cum, right now,” Dylan declared, as he looked at Jake’s gorgeous body.

“Oh, do you?” Jake asked, as he dropped to his knees and nuzzled Dylan’s crotch.

“Yes…” Dylan breathed, gripping Jake’s hair between his fingers.

“Aww,” Jake put on a teasing voice, as he grabbed Dylan’s shaft and gripped firmly, jerking it up and down, faster and faster, getting Dylan almost there. “Well, too bad,” he said, as he stopped suddenly.

Dylan moaned. “You suck!” he pushed Jake’s head away.

“I do, I already agreed to that,” Jake grinned, moving to lie on his back, lifting his torso on his elbows, legs spread apart. “Would you like to, too?”

Dylan didn’t need another invitation. He practically fell to the floor, and wrapped his lips around the head of Jake’s cock.

He’d never done this before. But he was loving it. Jake’s pre-cum tasted amazing.

“Lick it. Flick your tongue around,” Jake instructed.

Dylan did as he was told, savouring the taste, the texture, every moment of the experience. He started slowly, but eventually bobbed faster and faster up and down the shaft.

Jake moaned in pleasure, shuddering a bit. Dylan ground his own crotch, still trapped in its lycra prison, into the ground, and moaned to.

Dylan sucked and sucked, getting closer and closer himself.

“Nope!” Jake suddenly cried out, and pushed Dylan off him.

“What?!” Dylan exclaimed, startled and confused.

“You’re getting me too close! It’s not time to cum yet.”

Dylan was so frustrated. “What, why not?!”

“Because, I said so.” Jake got up, and went over to his room.

Dylan picked himself up and followed. “No, that’s so not fair!” He protested. “Let me cum!” Jake just giggled. “You have no idea how horny I am!” Dylan said, exasperated.

“Oh but I do, that’s the point,” Jake grinned, as he pulled on a singlet similar to the one he’d worn earlier. His hard-on raged underneath the fabric. “But you can cum soon, baby, soon,” he cooed, rubbing Dylan’s crotch.

“Why not now?” Dylan pleaded.

“I want to go back to the beach,” Jake explained. “Here.” He went over to his closet, and got out a pair of short sleeved wetsuits, again similar to what he’d worn earlier. “Dress,” he instructed.

“The beach?” Dylan asked.

“It’s romantic.” Jake grinned, as he pulled his own suit up. “Here, we’ll do each other’s zips.” He pulled Dylan into an embrace, and reached to pull the cord while he kissed Dylan’s lips.

Zips done up, the two boys continued to kiss, roaming each other’s mouths with their tongues. Dylan rubbed his crotch against Jake’s, and they moaned into the other’s mouth.

All too soon, Jake pulled away. “Come on, before it gets too dark. I still want to be able to see your pretty face.”

As they drove back to the beach where Jake had raced earlier that day, Dylan’s cock was harder than it had ever been in his life. He felt like he could come in a second. The feeling of the lycra moving underneath the neoprene almost put him over the edge as it was.

They got to the beach, which was deserted. Jake rushed out to the waves, standing almost knee deep. Dylan wasn’t far behind him.

Jake turned back, and opened his arms wide. Dylan ran into them. Together, they fell into the water, rolling around and laughing, both of them still hard. Despite it being late, it wasn’t that cold, thanks in part to what they wore.

Jake ended up on top. “Today has been fun,” he giggled.

“You fucking kidding me? Today has been amazing! You’re amazing!”

Jake smiled, a wild fire in his eyes. “You’re not bad yourself,” he said, and ground his backside into Dylan’s crotch, making him moan. “You ready to cum huh?”

“Oh my god yes.” Dylan had never been so ready in his life. The constant teasing had made him incredibly horny, not to mention their outfits, and just how damn hot Jake was.

“Answer me one thing first.”


“Dylan, will you go out with me?”

Surely that was a joke. This had all happened so fast. “Are you kidding?”

Jake grinned. “I’ll take that as a yes.”

“Of course!” Dylan cried. He was so happy!

Jake beamed, and then turned it into one of his cheeky grins. “Even if I don’t let you cum?”

Dylan’s eyes went wide.

Jake laughed. “Just kidding,” he beamed. “Baby.”

With that, he leaned back down, grinding his crotch into Dylan’s as he moved to kiss him. The two went back to rolling around in the surf, kissing, grinding, and moaning. Their wet neoprene suits slid across each other, creating an amazing feeling.

Jake moved to bite at Dylan’s neck. Dylan realised he was getting a hickey! This made it all just too much. He cried out as he had the most incredible orgasm of his life. He couldn’t see it, but he could feel wave after wave of cum shoot out, into his wetsuit, oozing around between it and the lycra.

Dylan’s moans and shudders set Jake, still grinding on him, over the edge too. Together they came, still kissing, the waves still lapping at their legs, cum filling their suits.

When it was over, they lay there, in each other’s arms. “That was something,” Jake whispered.

“You can say that again,” Dylan agreed, still out of breath.

Together they lay there, under the stars, amongst the surf and sand. Dylan wondered what other crazy, sexy adventures Jake would have in store for them.

He couldn’t wait to find out.

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  1. Great time to release this story, just as the beach season gets underway here in Britain,
    This IS the tease of the year……………..

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