Matt & Tahlon

By ifitz.

The Story

Tahlon had always been the most popular guy in school. He was 5’10’’, skinny but athletic, he had black hair that he spiked up in an almost scientific way. He played volleyball, basketball, soccer and golf. His face was long and lean and he had a dead stare featuring deep, dark brown eyes. However, he never openly dated; he always went from girl to girl constantly being the most popular guy. Every girl wanted to sleep with him, all the guys wanted to be him.

However, some of the guys shared the same opinion as the girls…

Tahlon’s parents had gone away for the week and like most teenage boys, he didn’t do laundry. His clothing supply went down fast and Friday morning Tahlon woke up to find no clean clothes; his dirty clothes smelt so bad he couldn’t do a thing to make them smell better.

“Man what am I going to wear?!” He exclaimed. He searched his drawers, closet and laundry at no avail. He decided he had to get creative. He returned to the closet and went to the very back, where all the unusual clothes hang: old Halloween costumes, clothes he didn’t wear anymore and one other item.

Tahlon continued to flip through these other articles until he got to the end and reached the other item: a wetsuit. Tahlon was an avid surfer back when his family lived on the coast. The wetsuit was a red and black O’Neil shortie. Tahlon hadn’t worn it since the move and therefore it had sat unused in his closet for almost three years. He considered it and looked at it. He thought about the summers he lived in that suit, riding the waves everyday with his friends. It had been his everyday attire for multiple summers and now was a shadow of his old self. It deserved better and an idea crossed his mind.

Tahlon could wear it to school. He was popular enough to make the statement and was desperate enough to use it as regular clothes. It was an unusually warm May so he wouldn’t be cold, so he threw it to the bed and stripped down. He wouldn’t wear his boxers under- much too bulky so he took them off. Tahlon crossed over to the dresser and pulled out a pair of compression shorts, UA compression shorts to be particular, that he had used for sports (Tahlon held the belief he didn’t want his junk flinging around). He slipped them on into place and then picked up his shorty. As he undid the back, it was as if the suit was thanking him, thanking him for being used again. He stepped into it and pulled it swiftly up to his waist. It was tight and comfortable and very soft and smooth against his skin. Tahlon liked it and was proud he had made the choice. He pulled the arms on and took the suit onto his shoulders. Then he did up the zipper slowly. It encased his strong torso in the neoprene and again thanked him for being reborn. He finished zipping and closed the flap at the top. Tahlon than crossed to a mirror.

Observing his figure in the mirror was for Tahlon a rebirth. He hadn’t worn his wetsuit for sometime and it looked oddly familiar on his body again. Tahlon had put on some lean muscle since the move and it showed in the suit. It was almost too tight but Tahlon was desperate for clean clothes. Tahlon grinned jokingly. “I am going to be so rocking man!” he thought. “Everyone is going to be so jealous of my wetsuit!” He moved around a bit in front of the mirror, dancing to imaginary music in his head. “I look rocking, I look sweet, I look cool.” Tahlon put on his Nike free runners with no socks on. He noted how they just happened to match the suit. “Sweet! Perfect planning!” He thought than grabbed his bag, sunglasses and keys and got into his car.

Tahlon arrived at the high school and headed in. People stared and laughed but Tahlon didn’t mind- he was rocking, he was sweet, he was cool! He walked with a jump in his step, like a rapper moving to a beat as he headed to the hallway where his friends hanged out before class. As he headed towards his friends, the laughing and staring continued. Tahlon worked off it- I am rocking it, I am sweet, I am cool! He reached his friends standing in a circle. Those facing him noticed first and burst out laughing; keeling over and crying. Those who had their backs to them turned and eventually joined them. Some looked horrified.

“Dude! What are you doing?” Andrew said.

“What the hell are you thinking?!” Paul asked.

“Wearing a wetsuit, what does it look like?” Tahlon replied.

“You look like a ripe fag man!” Matt leered “You gotta take that thing off!”

“No way man! I look good!” Tahlon over acted as if he were wearing the coolest thing ever.

“Yeah you’re looking good man!” Paul said and slapped his ass. Tahlon just grinned at him.

“Bring it on boys!” He slapped his chest “I can take it!”

Matt shook his head. “Yeah man!” He walked past Tahlon bumping his shoulder. “Fag!” he whispered and kept on walking.

“What the fuck is his problem?” Tahlon asked the others. They were silent.

Andrew answered eventually. “Look at yourself man! Your wearing a fucking wetsuit! A wetsuit! This is Alberta! You don’t wear those things to school!”

Tahlon shrugged his shoulders “That’s your prerogative boys!”

Again, they remained silent. The bell went for class to start and the group dispersed. Going to class was like the hallways: more jeers, more snickers; even from the teachers. Everyone remained silent because it was Tahlon. No one stood up to Tahlon in the school; either from respect or fear. Either way this was an image Tahlon unkempt. But Matt, had an image that was changing that day.

Matt was Tahlon’s best friend and harbored a dark secret. They had been friends since Tahlon moved to town and they hung out together always- easily becoming the most popular kids in school. Matt was larger, muscular and taller, he had spiky brown hair and blue eyes. But he wasn’t a womanizer like Tahlon. He picked a girl and stuck with her. But he always had a secret interest in guys; in particular Tahlon. It sickened him to masturbate over his best man or think about him as he did his girlfriend but the thoughts entered his head. When Tahlon showed up in a wetsuit, Matt became instantly attracted and instantly wanted the temptation to go away. But it wouldn’t, couldn’t… and Matt was finding it difficult, not to succumb to his urges.

Tahlon and Matt had last block together. Matt entered the room seeing Tahlon in his seat. He was reclined in his chair; hands folded behind his head, smug look on his face, legs spread out in front of him. Matt went to the back of the room and sat beside Tahlon.

“Hey, wanna go to my place after school?” Matt asked.

“I thought you didn’t talk to fags?” Tahlon replied.

“You’re my best friend I thought about what you said and… I am cool with it.”

Tahlon smiled “Cool. We’ll head there after class.”

They jumped into Matt’s car after school and drove to his house, and his parent’s too had gone away. Once they got there, they did what they normally did: played video games, talked, acted up and once it got later into the evening, they started to drink.

Once it was 10:00 pm, both Matt and Tahlon were quite drunk but still quite aware of their surroundings. They sat on the floor each with a beer in hand.

“Man, I am wasted!” Tahlon said “Hey man, thanks for not weirding out too much over the wetsuit.”

“Ah, no problem man! You know in fact I kind of thought it was cool!”

Tahlon shot him a look. This was weird, this may have been Matt’s chance to let it all out to his best friend but Tahlon still thought the situation was weird.

“Dude? What are you saying?” Tahlon replied.

“Nothing but…” Matt worried; should he tell his friend his dark secret, or not. Matt wanted to teach his friend a lesson, but he wanted to make a move too.

“I gotta show you something.” Matt finally said and took Tahlon to the basement. Here Matt brought him over to an old bed that had been stripped of everything but the mattress. However, handcuffs and leg cuffs had been added to the bed’s sides. Matt always told his girlfriends he was into bondage- not on them, on himself. However, the fantasy had always been to get his best friend into the situation, and now was the time.

“Lie down on the bed man… make yourself comfortable.”

“No thanks man, I am good.”

“Come on! I am not going to do anything! Just make yourself comfortable.”

Tahlon reluctantly did. He laid down as Matt put on a movie. And sat in a chair beside the bed. As the movie progressed Matt got them some bears to drink and later, another. Soon, the movie was winding down, the evening was coming along, and Matt’s plan was falling into place.

Although the two had been drinking, Tahlon held his own; Matt too. While a little groggy, neither one was out of their minds and were quite capable of knowing what was happening and what they were doing.

“Good movie man, glad you showed it to me…but, um… I gotta get home!”

“Nah! Stay over! It’s late, your parents aren’t home.” Matt replied.

Tahlon looked at the clock, it was getting late and he didn’t like the idea of going home to an empty house.

“Sure. Yeah. I’ll do that.”

“You can sleep here man.” Matt told him. Tahlon got comfortable on the bed.

“You’ll be up in your room man?” Tahlon asked.

“Yup!” Matt answered. “Sleep well.” And Matt headed upstairs.

It was later that night when Matt came down stairs dressed in an Orca fullsuit- his first, his favorite, only the best. He went down slowly but with a jump- excited but he didn’t want to wake his friend. Matt got to the bedside. Tahlon laid there still in his suit, no sheets on the bed, sprawled across it. He looked peaceful, calm.

Matt reached out tentatively, slowly, carefully; he didn’t want to ruin anything. This was a moment few would ever live- a fantasy, a fairytale come true. He touched Tahlon’s leg with the tips of his finger- the pointer and middle to be specific. Tahlon barely acknowledged it rustling gently. Matt applied his full touch and Tahlon turned, but did not wake. Matt rubbed Tahlon’s hairy leg, an act he had dreamed of; he stroked his way down to the ankle than began his plan.

He had to be swifter now, if Tahlon woke the dream would end and therefore all preparations needed to be made before then. Matt pulled from the corner of the bed a leg cuff mounted to the bed’s corner. He stuck Tahlon’s ankle into it, then moved to the other side strapping in his other leg just as quickly. He moved up to the top of the bed and snapped his wrist into a handcuff at the bed’s top corner and then crossed to the other side to do the same. Matt took a moment to look- Tahlon hadn’t woken, barely stirred in the action that occurred. Matt then rushed to the foot of the bed and observed his handiwork.

Tahlon laid on the bed spread eagle in his wetsuit. Matt smiled, grinned and laughed under his breath at the situation. Should he wake his friend? Should he fulfill his ultimate fantasy? Or should he just look, observe, and love…

He took Tahlon’s foot into his hand and shook it.

“Tahlon… Tahlon…” He gently woke his friend up.

“What…” Tahlon stirred. “What…”

He hadn’t seen the position he was in yet.

“Tahlon, wake up…”

Tahlon really stirred and suddenly realized what was going on. He jumped to life and began to swear and yell.


“Calm down.”


Matt drew back. Partially because of what was said; partially because it was true.


Matt was sickened. He squatted down and put his hands over his face. Tahlon leaned up to him.

“I am sorry.”

Tahlon calmed.

“What the fuck are you doing man?”

“I am…” Matt wasn’t sure how to end the sentence. Should he explain the situation or himself? Regardless it was painful and he and Tahlon would never be the same.

He said nothing for a time. The two sat: Tahlon chained to the bed, Matt at the foot, frozen.

Finally Tahlon spoke.

“What’s going on Matt?”

Matt looked up in tears and decided to finally explain everything.

“When you came to school today dressed like that, I couldn’t help myself. I worried people might start treating you different. Maybe they wouldn’t respect you. At first I was mad, but then I figured out I wasn’t mad at the image you had made for yourself but that… that… you had finally become the image I had wanted for you. A man… I admired and found… attractive.”

Tahlon stirred.


“I am gay Tahlon.”

Again, the two sat in silence.

“How long have you known?”

“I think I always did. But just recently I started to like you.”

“You think I am hot?”


“Do you ever… masturbate over me?”


Tahlon sat back in surprise. A guy thought about him when he jerked off. Tahlon’s locker and bedroom walls were covered in porn and he had masturbated over girls all the time. Never had the thought entered his head that a guy- not to mention his best friend used him for inspiration.

“Do you think about fucking me?”


“Is that what you were going to do tonight? Was that your plan?”


“In wetsuits?”



Matt laughed.

“I am sorry.”

They sat in silence for a minute.

“No problem.”

Matt looked up at Tahlon and smiled. Tahlon remained emotionless.

“I’ll let you out.”

“Wait! Have you ever… had sex with a man before?”

“No, just girls. I needed to keep up appearances, especially with you around.”

“I see.” There was a pause between them as Matt looked down on him. “Look. This is going to sound crazy but, if you let me go…”


“You could, try out on me.”

Matt was flabbergasted. “What?”

“You’re my best friend. I wanna help.”

Matt nodded. “Thank you.”

Tahlon replied “No problem man. Now get me out of these things. You might like them, but I don’t!”

The two laughed and Matt unlocked him. Once free Tahlon rubbed his wrists and sat beside Matt at the foot of the bed. They had made a gentleman’s agreement, but neither one would act first, nor knew how.

“Nervous?” Matt asked.

“Hell yeah!” Tahlon replied.

“Thank you.” Matt answered. “Maybe I should start.”

Matt leant over and was more nervous then ever before. Even earlier in the night, he hadn’t felt this way. It was burning inside him, and was ready for release. He lent in and kissed Tahlon. His moist, think lips touched the dry, thin, subtle lips of his best friend. They met and it was electricity. A charge filled them both from head to toe, but neither drew back. Matt’s moisture moved onto Tahlon’s as he took a breath and grabbed onto his lip again with his own. It felt good.

“Oh God…” Tahlon whispered. Matt remained silent. He put his hands onto Tahlon’s thin upper arms and guided him to lie down. Once Tahlon was down, he let go of his lips, and mounted him. He smiled down at his best friend.


“If you are.”

“I didn’t bring a condom so I hope you don’t mind fucking through the suits.”

“I guess not, better safe than sorry!”

“Better for me,” Matt replied. “I am more into this anyways.”

“Really?” By this point, both were rubbing each other’s bodies.

“Yeah… like I said, when you came wearing that wetsuit, I couldn’t resist!”

He leaned down and kissed Tahlon.

“Thank you for doing this for me.”

“Just pound me hard!”

Matt was aroused by now and began to rub his cock over Tahlon’s, both covered by the thin layers of fabric separating them. Tahlon moaned.

“You like that?” Matt asked.

He got rough and began pounding his cock into Tahlon’s crotch- Tahlon pleaded for more. Finally, Tahlon shouted:

“Take my ass Matt!”



Tahlon began to flip around onto his stomach and Matt eased up so Tahlon could. Once fully onto his stomach, he rose his ass, slapped it and said:


Matt got on and began pounding his neoprene-covered cock into Tahlon’s coated ass. This was too hot for both of them, virgins in this game. Panting, begging, jousting, trying to cum. Eventually Matt got the idea and started masturbating Tahlon.

“Thank you, thank you!” Tahlon replied while gasping air.

“No problem man.”

They had been going for maybe 15 hot minutes. And soon they both felt it. Matt cummed first, screaming and collapsing onto Tahlon’s back exhausted. Tahlon cried next and then cummed. They lay together on the bed; both in wetsuits full of their cum. Matt leaned over and kissed Tahlon on the cheek, thanking him again. They panted, and gasped and eventually fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Tahlon woke alone, still in his wetsuit that he had been wearing for 24 hours now. He got up and heard Matt upstairs. So he followed the sound and saw Matt in the kitchen, cooking breakfast in a shorty similar to Tahlon’s but blue rather than red.

“Hey.” Tahlon said.

“Morning!” Matt replied. “How did you sleep?”

“Well, actually. One of the best sleeps I’ve ever had.” Tahlon replied, smiling at Matt; Matt returned the smile. He offered him breakfast and Tahlon sat down.

“So about last night-“ said Matt.

“Don’t thank me again!” Tahlon shouted.
“I have to! It was… no girl I’ve ever been with did what we did last night. I am gay man, and I am not going back!”

Tahlon paused before replying. “I guess it’s mutual man.” Matt shot him a look. “Last night… blew my mind! I’ve never had sex like that before. Ever. With anyone.”

There was a longer pause, longer than ever before. Matt entirely forgot that he was holding a pancake in his hand waiting to be flipped, completely raw on one side. Was his best friend gay? Gay like he? Or did it just happen that he gave Tahlon mind-blowing sex? They still sat silent, silent in their wetsuits- their wetsuits, the cause of all this. If Tahlon had never been short of clothes yesterday morning and had never put on that wetsuit the entire world would be a different place. Two men would still be straight. Or at least, both would still be in hiding.

Tahlon had a swirl of questions in his mind: was he always gay and was ignoring it? Was he kidding himself for all these years, bed hopping from girl to girl? Or was it just the best sex of his young life?

“Are you saying your gay?” Matt asked.

Tahlon shrugged. “Maybe.” Then he got up and crossed to Matt, taking him in his arms.

“But you look fucking fantastic in that shorty, and there is only one way to find out.” And with that, he kissed his best friend on the lips- tongue and all! Matt dropped the pancake and the two had sex in their wetsuits… again.

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