Matt’s wetsuit shoot!

This story was written one of our fans.

The Story

“Aren’t you glad you wore the wetsuit under your clothes now?” Said Matt as we got deeper into the grassland with a wood to the left hand side. We had been walking for about half an hour now. It was approaching mid day now. The sun was shinning and it felt like a nice spring day. Not too hot but wearing the blue seventy wetsuit I had worked up a small sweat!
Matt had contacted me on recon and asked me if I fancied staying for a weekend and modelling some wetsuits for him and his wetsuit website. He also mentioned that he’d make it worth my while. (If you know what I mean!)
I had arrived into the station from london at about 6 in the afternoon. He had met me from the ticket barrier. Looking at my small backpack and laughing.
He’d told me to bring a wetsuit and one item of bondage gear that I thought was horny.
We chatted in the car back to his place and when we got there, had a beer or three, ate some pizza and said goodnight. He let me stay in his spare room. I went to the closet and opened the door. I was shocked. I knew he had allot of wetsuits but wasn’t expecting this. I looked in and saw about 20 wetsuits, there were 3 one piece motorcycling leather suits all branded with different sponsors.
There was a drysuit, life vests, Lycra cycling suits.
I took a very deep sniff of the various suits and was also intrigued by the drysuit.
I got into bed only for Matt to walk in. He was dressed in a pair of joggers and showing off a defined chest. His short brown hair style perfectly into a semi Mohawk.
“I imagined to find you wearing some gear” he said. He walked over to the closet and turned a key to lock it. He put the key in his pocket. “Night” he said and walked out closing the door.

I woke up many times during the night, desperate to get back into the closet, I even tried the handle a few times in a vague hope it would open. Sadly it didn’t. He woke me up at nine and said,
“Right, it’s time to get you into a suit I think. Unless you’ve been naughty during the night?” He pulled back the covers and looked approvingly.
Walking over to the closet he put the key in the lock and opened the door.
Like a candy shop just opening I jumped up and walked over.
“Pick three suits today that you wanna model!”
I walked into the closet and immediately picked the triathlon blue seventy suit. I also was amazed to see a xcel chest zip winter wetsuit. I picked this and couldn’t resist the drysuit.
“Good choice” he said. “Now get into the triathlon suit and meet me downstairs”
He walked out the room saying “don’t relieve yourself either cos your staying in that one a while.”
I walked to the side of the bed flinging the collection on the bed. I picked up the blue seventy. I removed my pants quickly from my waist and threw them in the corner. I sat on the edge of the bed and opened the suit up ready to take the plunge.
I inserted both feet and felt the cool rubbery neoprene straight away. I pulled it up higher over my thighs. I stood up as my feet poked through the ends. Staying up I pulled the suit up over my shoulders feeling its compression. Once the collar was up to my neck I reached behind and pulled up the zip.
Once at the top I velcro’d quickly. Picked up my clothes and headed downstairs.
At the bottom of the stairs he greeted me.
“Put your clothes on over the top and wear your trainers without socks”
I quickly pulled my trackies up and pulled my hoody over my head.
“We are going for a drive” he went upstairs and came down carrying the other suits. “Hope you hadn’t forgotten about these!” he said. Walking to the door he held it open and we walked out into the driveway and he opened the car by remote. He threw the suits in the back, my back pack was in there as well as another large one.
“What’s all that?” I asked a little worried that it was all becoming a little too real.
“Just some items to take into town later. Old clothes etc. Why? Were you hoping I was gonna say stuff to tie you up with, you weirdo” he gave me a smug look and got into the car. I followed. As I sat I remembered that I was wearing a wetsuit. It felt like it was getting tighter. And suddenly my erection also noticed.

Matt drove for about 15 minutes talking about various things as we reached the outskirts of the town to a country lane. We drove down and parked up in a car park. “We always used to come here as teenagers” he said “used to run around in the woods, light fires. When we were in our late teens we would come and smoke. My mate had a paint gun and we used to fire that at animals or other guys!”

He got out the car and picked up my rucksack and his camera bag. We both walked off in the same direction chatting again. He knew exactly where we were going. Half an hour passed and I got up quite a sweat.
“You forgot to bring the other suits!” I said in a semi disappointed way but also relieved. What if someone found us taking photos. Bad enough being in a wetsuit let alone a drysuit. No water and spring!
A wooden platform appeared amongst some trees.
“Right, strip down to the wetsuit and climb up into the cabin” he said demandingly.
The cabin was only about 9 ft up. There was no clear way to get up so I knew I’d have to use my hands and feet carefully. I removed my clothes and was suddenly aware I was staying in a small wooded area in a triathlon wetsuit.
“Get up then” he ordered almost shouting. The climb up was actually quite difficult. The platform was a bit rustic and obviously hadn’t been used for ages. I got to the top and noticed it was like a bird watching station. Planks of wood were missing causing massive gaps in the structure. Matt soon joined me at the top.
“Right then, let’s take some pictures.” He took some of me in various poses. My erection showing I was enjoying it.
“Turn around and face outside”he said. I looked down to the ground and notice cigarette buts and an empty can of beer on the floor of the shack. I realised it had been a long time since anyone had used this for bird watching. Whilst having this thought I heard the sound of a ratchet and felt handcuffs being placed around my wrists.
“They’re speedcuffs, exactly what the police use. Should look good in a few photos” He motioned for me to sit and he walked around me taking photos in various ways. The cabin was only small. Every twig click made me think we had been found out.
“You need to calm down a bit.” He said looking me in the eye.”by the way. Do you know what the best form of bondage is?”
“No” I replied really quickly, not really feeling like I was in any.
“It’s bondage when you’re afraid you’ll get caught. The rush and the humiliation. I’ve just realised that the key to those handcuffs is back in the car. Let me just climb down and check the bag.” With that he started to scale the wood panels downwards leaving me up my 9 foot tower!
“I was right” he shouted “they’re in the car. Won’t be long!” And with that he was gone. I leaned over to see if he was joking. My bag had gone! My clothes had gone and so had Matt. I then realised what had happened. With my hands cuffed behind my back I had no way to get off the platform (apart from jumping a breaking some bones!) I realised I was fucked!
Another thought entered my mind! What if some teenagers came to use there hangout point and found a 25 year old guy dressed in a wetsuit and handcuffed! This was going to be a long hour waiting for Matt to return!

To be continued… In part 2.

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  1. The person that wrote it, did say, if people like it. He will write another part for us! Can’t wait to find out what happens to Nick next!

  2. 1) Please keep going! 😀
    2) Fuck, thatd be hot to actually happen
    3) Whats your recon profile? 😉

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