Matt’s wetsuit shoot! – Part 2

This story was written one of our fans.

The Story

I heard a twig snap. I ducked behind the wood panelling and peered through a small gap. My heart was beating like crazy! I couldn’t see anything or hear anything else. Then I saw a fox walk past. I stood up and it stared at me. If I didn’t know better it was wondering why I was in a wetsuit,
I smiled to myself as it walked off, I had began to relax now. The handcuffs were not too tight and were quite comfortable. Even though my arms were starting to ache being behind my back. I sat down on the wooden bench that was made up of two planks. I started to thrust into the wetsuit. I felt the smooth neoprene rubbing the shaft of my penis. I let out a groan and once again smiled to myself.
“So, how pregnant did you get that girls mouth?” That was when I heard them. I jumped and let out a gasp. I quickly ducked down. Looking through the same small hole that I used to see the fox I saw four lads coming out of the woods. Two of them had rucksacks with them. One was pushing a BMX with a motocross helmet and goggles under his arm. He was the tallest. Hair shaved short, a black stud in his ear, a handsome face with stubble, he was wearing Adidas track suit bottoms and a motocross shirt that was red with Thor written across the front. It occurred to me that he was the leader of the group.
As they got closer to the platform I saw them even closer. Two were in hoodies with Canterbury track suit bottoms, trainers. They all looked over 20. The final guy perplexed me. He was wearing black para boots, a pair of green camouflage DPM trousers and tight black under armour top with what looked like a bullet proof vest. He was carrying a large pack on his pack also in DPM style.
Maybe they were going hunting for that fox. They were now stood right next to the platform. I stopped breathing. Thinking any noise would attract their attention. I started to shake with nerves.
“Hey, I think I saw that twat Matts car earlier. Did you?” The guy in DPM said.
“Yeah, I think it was. What’s he up to nowadays?”
“Don’t know really. Doesn’t hang around with us anymore does he!”
I was bright red now panicking. The guy in motocross gear looked straight up at me. He stared for about a minute.
“What you looking at Ben?” Asked DPM guy.
“Nothing” replied Ben “let’s go and see if we can get that fox. Plus I wanna do some jumps on my bike” with that they all started off back into the woods. Had Ben seen me. I had no idea but I was just so happy to have gotten away with it.  My erection had well and truly gone. I tried to pull my hands out of the cuffs. It was obviously impossible. I’d have to jump. This was fun at first but now I was worried that the guys would come back. Another noise. I looked around and there was Matt.
I shouted “right you bastard, come here and let me out these cuffs!”
“Enjoying yourself?” He asked. I told him what happened and he just laughed. He climbed up the platform and undid one cuff. He told me to climb down and stand with my back to the pole. I told him I didn’t want to. I asked to get out the wetsuit.
“I would” he said. “But your clothes are in the car. Unless you wanna walk back naked that is!” He laughed again.
I climbed down the platform and stood with my back to the pole. He followed me down. He had a bag with him but I knew it wouldn’t be my clothes. He walked behind me and quickly closed the handcuff around my wrist again. I was now handcuffed to the pole. He picked up his bag and pulled out a long tube of black cling film. Without saying anything he began to wrap it around my legs working his way up my body. He got up to my crotch area and stopped. Ripped the wrap and then started on my chest. I had never been wrapped before. I could feel it pressing me tightly to the pole. It was making the wetsuit tighter.
“Oh I think you are enjoying this then.” He said staring at my now erect penis. He finished wrapping my chest and then unlocked the cuffs. Bring my arms to my side he then began wrapping them to my body. He threw the cuffs toward the bag and finally finished wrapping the last of my body up to my neck.
He walked over to his bag and pulled out something I did recognise. An S10 gas mask. He walked over to me with a smile.
“See you later” he said and placed it over my head. It was dark inside so I presumed it had blackout lenses. He tightened the straps to an almost uncomfortably tight. I breathed in and smelt something strange. Instantly I began to float away and started to thrust in the wetsuit.
“Don’t you dare!” Matt said tapping my penis firmly to make me moan. I stopped instantly. Enjoying what ever was making me float. I then felt my head being wrapped. I didn’t know what to do. I was in way to deep. He wasn’t going to let me out. He continued wrapping my head.
“You alright in there?” He asked. I tried to say something but was aware it was coming out muffled into the S10.
It was at that point I heard it. The unmistakable sound of duct tape being drawn from the role. I felt him at me feet. He worked his way up tightly. He rubbed my crotch making me let out a groan. I felt back to reality now. I felt a small amount of panic building up and calmed myself down. I realised I was in an unknown location with a guy I didn’t really know and now he was getting total control of me. He then finished all my body and began wrapping my head slowly in the tape. All of my body felt compressed. I was sweating like mad in the wetsuit. I felt completely wrapped and secure in my neoprene prison. I felt him finish and knew he’d stepped back.
“WHAT THE FUCK?” I heard a different voice to Matt.

To be continued… In part 3.

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  1. Hey that’s not fair, this too much, need to read on, that’s is absolutely sexy as hell

  2. Loving the second part! Really hope that the third person, somehow locks Matt in the handcuffs that he threw next to the bag!

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