Matt’s wetsuit shoot! – Part 3

This story was written one of our fans.

The Story

I instantly froze and began to struggle to get out. Who was this guy.
“I’ll ask again, what the hell are you doing Matt?” I could only just hear what was going on. I heard some sniggering and knew straight away that it was the group of guys with Ben.
“This is a little queer guy that is interested in being tied up!” I heard Matt say. I could hear panic in his voice. He was trying to be cool and presumably like one of the lads.
“What I thought I’d do is stitch him up. Take a few photos and post them on his Facebook.”
“Yeah right” said the guy. “Do you believe him Ben?”
“Sort of” he said. His voice had a slight accent of Manchester. “What’s he wearing under there?” I could feel that Ben had stepped closer to me and touched me.
“One of my old wetsuits. He’s so gay he likes to wear rubber. I thought I’d wrap him up in tape and leave him here for a while!”
The guys all laughed.
“Matt, do you mind if we have a little fun with the fag?”
“Like what Joe?” Matt sounded interested in what this guy Joe had to say.
“I’m not discussing it here with him listening” I heard the guys walk away and could just hear muttering.
About 3 minutes had passed. I felt something be put on the top of my head.
“We are going to have some shooting practise with our paintball gun. Stay still or you might end up splatted!” I heard Joe say close to my ear. I presumed that an apple or something similar had been placed on my head.
At this point I really wanted to struggle and get free but knew they’d probably shoot me with the paint gun anyway.
That’s when I heard it. A shot noise and the bang of it hitting the tree. I started to panic now. I was in way over my head. Another shot and they hit the apple. It fell from my head and I was aware some paint had been left on my taped up head.
I tried to struggle but still nothing.
” this is boring” said Joe. Let’s all have a shot at him. He won’t feel it that much. Wrapped up and wearing a wetsuit!”
It was then I had multiple shots hit me. They were fairly painful but I was happy I had so many layers.
“Right come on Matt, let’s leave the queer here till tomorrow. You ought to start hanging out with us. Or we’ll all think you’re a pussy.”
They left. I listened to them as they laughed and walked away. Were they joking. Would they eventually just come back and unwrap me.
The fact remained for now. They had well and truly gone.
I fell into dazes waiting there with nothing to do or think about. My shots were starting to throb now so I knew they had hit me a few times.
I was so bored. I had tried about 50 times to try and get one part of me free. Nothing was giving. I was surrounded by a layer of sweat and knew that I was starting to stink. What would I be like when I got out of this?
I’m not sure if anyone reading this has but when you are left tied up for a long amount of time you phase out. You start to dream but you are awake, it’s a strange sensation. Time was passing.
After a long time I fell asleep I felt no part of my body.
At that point I heard a noise.
“Oh my god, I’m so sorry mate!” Someone had rushed up to me and started to try and unwrap my head. I could hear the tape being cut. Finally after a few minutes the mask was lifted off my extremely sweaty face. It was dark. There in the moonlight was Ben. He fully unwrapped my head.
I looked down at myself and noticed blue paint splats. There were more than I thought.
“I’ve only just managed to get away. I can’t believe what they did to you. I was gonna try and stop it but nobody stops Joe!” Ben looked hot. He was dressed in full Motocross kit now, with a helmet on. He began cutting the tape on my body.
“Presumably you wanna come out.” He looked at me and smiled.
“I’ve wanted to be out of this pretty much as soon as I went in!” I said.
He sniggered and finally cut the last piece of tape. I broke from the tree and collided with the ground. “Thank you so much” I said I knelt on the ground. The wetsuit was so slippery it felt amazing. Though I wouldn’t tell Ben that.
I was so annoyed at Matt. I wanted to go straight to his. Pick up my clothes and smack him one.
“I’m afraid I didn’t bring you any clothes so your probably gonna have to wear that wetsuit a bit longer” said Ben. “Plus I’ve only got my push bike so it’s probably gonna take an hour if you wanna come back to mine?”
I looked at him and he grinned. “I don’t care” I said. “I’m just so glad to be let out! I’m so angry at Matt!!”
“Well, he wanted to leave you. He took more shots at you than anyone else!”
“Are you joking? That bastard!” I was fuming
“Well, don’t be too angry. I need to show you something!”
I was intrigued. We walked for about 5 minutes and came to a heavily wooded area. “Look in there!” He pointed to a small opening like a doorway in the trees.
I slowly peered in through the gap. It was extremely dark but I could see something bright blue, I went further in and gasped at what i saw. It was obviously Matt, and the guys had well made sure he got what he deserved, if not too much. Matt had been wrapped up exactly like I had been. He was a large silver mummy of duct tape. You could just make out the filter of an S10 mask. I could only just make out the silver through the masses of blue paint.
“What the hell happened?” I asked
” well, Joe was trying to get Matt to shoot you. He did quite a few times. He then started lying to us and telling us you had begged to be tied up. He also made out that he was one of the guys. Joe doesn’t tolerate liars so got us us to go along with it. We then came over here and tied him up! Tied him to that tree. It was at that point that Joe went a bit mad. Found the S10 in matts bag and starting shooting. He didn’t stop! Just went a bit crazy. I wouldn’t wanna be Matt! Think he’s paid the price don’t you?”
“Yeah your right!” I said.
“Shall we untie him?” Asked Ben.

To be continued… In part 4.

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  1. I am absolutely living this series. Please stop the torture and give us part 4!!!.

  2. I have read this storry over again and hope part 4 is in place next time i look around

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