Matt’s wetsuit shoot! – Part 4

This story was written one of our fans.

The Story

I turned to Ben. I was so angry at Matt. The real enormity of what I had done had set in. I had come to a strange town, met a random guy and let him take me to the woods! In a wetsuit. It was very hot but anything could have happened.
“Let him out and let’s get the fuck out of here!” I said just wanting my nice warm bed.
Ben entered the small clearing and began to cut the struggling worm from its cocoon.
Ben pulled the mask from Matts face and he looked angry.
“What the hell are you doing here? ” he shouted at Ben
“Mate, I came back to let you and the guy you kidnapped out. Without me you could have been here for days! A bit of gratitude wouldn’t go a miss! If you want I can stop uncutting you and just take your boyfriend back to the station!”
“I’m not his boyfriend” I quickly added. Although earlier I would have liked to have been.
“I’m sorry Ben. I’m just so angry at the guys.”
With that Ben continued to cut Matt from the duct tape. Once he had been real eased I noticed he was in a shortie wetsuit. It was a ripcurl chest zip with yellow markings. It must have been a size small because Matt looked very defined. His six pack clearly visible and a large cock that I knew was semi!
“Let’s just get out of here. We don’t know where Joe is and when he starts getting pissed he starts firing that paintball gun at anything in these woods.”
“What?” I whispered “he’s still out in the woods!”
“Yeah, and when he knows that you two have got free, my god, he’s gonna start looking for you!”
Matt looked at me and I looked at them both.
“Can we please get out of here. Plus I wanna get out of this bloody wetsuit!” I shouted in as much a hush tone that I could!
It was pitch black. The moonlight had been obscured by clouds and to be honest I swear we were being watched.
“So are you two old school friends?” I asked.
“No” answered Ben quickly. We met through Joe and then old Matt here started to think he was better than us. Started to ride his bike in those Lycra suits!
“That’s bollocks Ben and you know it! ” shouted Matt
“I won’t ask anymore then” I said. Obviously these two had a argument or something. Maybe they had a biking competition and one of them lost.
I looked around at the trees. Each one different from the rest. I then looked down at my body. Rubber clad and slightly shinning with sweat. I felt every part of the wetsuit on my skin. I wondered how many times Matt had worn it before I was lucky enough to be surround by his sweat and aroma. Shit, I thought. My erection started to grow.
I tried to hide it by placing my hands strategically but I’m sure they both clocked it.
“My car is just up here” said Matt
A strange noise sounded like a train coming.
“What’s that?” I shouted. At that point the heavens opened. Rain was falling from every angle.
“Well,” said Ben “it’s a good job you two are dressed for it!” He’s sniggered and we carried on walking. What was actually ‘just up here turned out to be another ten minutes. We realised that Joe would not have stayed in the woods in this rain. I presumed that nothing would wanna be out in this. I was quickly starting to get cold. If you don’t know. Triathlon wetsuits are great at keeping you warm in the water but It is designed to be flexible and therefore doesn’t help in fresh air or a force nine storm as water doesn’t pool or form a layer close to the skin, sweat does but water drains away!
Ben looked at me. “Oh my god you’re freezing!”
It was very clear. I couldn’t stop myself shaking.
We got to the car.
“Get him his clothes and dry him off” Ben said to Matt as he put the key in the lock of the car.
“That’s just it” said Matt in a shy way. “I’ve binned his clothes! It was supposed to be funny. He was gonna spend the weekend and then I was gonna send him home on the train in a wetsuit. Maybe with some of my old clothes over the top!”
Ben walked over to Matt and shoved him against the car. “Are you a total psycho or just having one of those weekends? If we don’t get him in something warm he’ll freeze to death! Presumably your heating still doesn’t work in that old rust bucket!” he pulled open the side door and proceeded to put his bike on the back seats.
“What are you doing? Watch the fabric mate!” Shouted Matt.
“You are taking me home, not only that, I’m gonna let Nick stay and drop him at the station in the morning. He can have some of my clothes and get warm!, you can’t be trusted. We all know that!”
Matt walked to the boot of the car. Opened it and pulled out a mass of neoprene.
“Put this on” he said throwing it at me. “Bens place is further than mine and I have nothing to keep you warm.”
I held in my hand a drysuit! A different one to the one before. This was thick.
“Hey,” said Ben “that’s a Gul code zero 4mm hybrid “pretty nice drysuit”
“I’m not putting that on” I shouted, I was absolutely freezing but this was all seeming a bit strange and I was smelling a rat!
Ben walked over to me. Grabbed the suit and held it open. “Just get in the suit mate. It will keep you warm then you can change at mine”
“And hurry up said Matt. The rain may have stopped but it’s gonna get worse again!”
“Fine,” I said slightly sighing and walking to the passenger seat and sitting.
Ben came over and started to help me into the suit. It just so happened to be a perfect fit. He pulled the legs up my body and made me stand. Helped me push my arms in and then slid my head into the neck seal. Slowly and professionally he pulled the zipped across the shoulders.
And there I was. One layer of damp wet, sweaty triathlon wetsuit and another of thick neoprene.
“Get the gloves on him and let’s go!” Shouted matt.
Ben held out some gloves and I put them on without thinking. I was feeling very strange but extremely turned on. Though I’d never let the, know. I walked to the back passenger seat and was confronted by a bike and a helmet.
“Where am I gonna sit?” I asked.
“You’ll have to squeeze in the boot. Ben has already called shotgun!” Shouted Matt from the drivers seat.
“You’ve have got to be joking!” I shouted. I was starting to get angry at these two jokers. First I’m tied up in the woods, second I’m shot at, then I nearly freeze and now they have me in a drysuit and expecting me to get into the boot of a car.
Ben was stood at the put pushing things around. I walked around to him with a pleading look on my face. I looked in the boot and it had a couple more sets of wetsuits, a small black bag.
“Just get in” said Ben in a calm way. “Let’s just get home”
“But” I began to protest.
“On for fucks sake” Ben grabbed one of my arms and dropped me to the floor like an enraged police officer.
“Other arm!” He shouted. Everything had happened so quickly. My arm he was holding felt like it was gonna snap. I gave him my other hand. He proceeded to handcuffed them behind me.
“What the fuck are you doing?” I shouted feeling wet mud in my face.
I heard that unmistakable noise. Duct tape was wrapped around my ankles and then my knees. Ben pulled me up with Herculean strength. Slammed me and against they side of the car.
“You could have made this so easy” he said. He placed a wetsuit hood on my head. Made sure that it was fitting well and then pulled more duct tape from the roll.
Around my mouth it went, over my eyes. It must have gone round my head 8 times. I felt myself being pushed into the boot. All I could smell was neoprene.
I tried to release my legs, my hands, anything.
Hold on a minute.
I’ve just realised. These two are working together!
Ben saw me up the tower but he didn’t say anything. He found me and knew where Matt was. Ben knew Matts heating didn’t work in his car.
These two knew each other well, we’re maybe even boyfriends. And now they had me. A little rubber boy, taped and fully restrained in the boot of their car. And if they were to read and execute everything on my recon profile. I was in for trouble.
I felt the car speed away, wheel spinning in the mud. They put on loud dance music. Where was I going? What had I got myself into now?

To be continued…