Our Little Buddy

By BlondGuppy.

The Story

Roy Tomsett was a troublemaker. Never a day went by without him being involved in mischief. He was about 19 about 5’4” tall and skinny with black hair, but was a real pain in the ass, not just to us, but the whole neighbourhood. I and four other friends, David, James, Craig and Steve, have been friends for around ten years, if not longer. We liked the same things, but best of all, we all like to wear wetsuits, or rubber, tight fitting rubber suits, with hoods, gloves and boots, also, we absolutely loved to be tied up, restrained or played with, while wearing rubber suits. We all lived in one big house, separate rooms of course 😉

A few weeks ago, David told me he’d seen Roy damaging his car, in an attempt to steal the radio. David confronted him, and was hurt slightly. David wanted revenge, and brought up the subject during a general chat amongst ourselves. Roy once gave me a mouthful of abuse at the local shop a few months back. How dare someone not even half my height tell me to “Move out the fuckin’ way or I’ll do ya.” Huh, yeah right. Not as if he’s hard, more like a chav with a big mouth, which needed filling. We all had ideas as to what course the punishment should follow; we wanted something for him to remember and remind him that such bad behaviour is unnecessary. The ideas were combined and the best parts used for a week, or two, depending on how he behaved during his ‘service’.
We had this old delivery type van which we used when we moved homes. This could be an ideal vehicle to do the deed; to take us the ‘equipment’ and the little shit Roy to a rented barn/shed thing, which was part of the house, but nowhere near it. The house and the shed were separated by about 35 miles, which was good to stop Roy working out where he was, and who we were, even though Roy had probably met us all at times in the past.
A plan was hatched. We would ‘kidnap’ him, and using the van, transport him to the shed; once here, he would be restrained and played with by us for pleasure, as punishment for his misdemeanours, for as long as we wished. He wouldn’t like it one bit, and would undoubtedly try to get away, but then to stop that, we’d have to ensure he couldn’t stray more than 10 feet from any of us.
The day of reckoning arrived, so we loaded the van with all manner of equipment. Each of us took favourite items, and one special item; I chose the Nipple Clamps. Yes they bloody hurt! After taking all the equipment to the shed, and setting it up, we returned to town, having a bite to eat at KFC, before returning to our house for final preparations. We decided that David would drive the van; he was best qualified for this task, since we thought he wouldn’t draw much attention, also he was a bus driver by day! Craig would sit in the front, acting as ‘map man’ even though we knew where we were going anyway! James would hold Roy, Steve would also hold him, and I was there to ensure Roy had no chance of getting away. A steel chain was attached to one of the stay bars in the back of the van with a padlock, a heavy collar attached to the other end via another padlock. This would be used to restrain Roy during the journey. A nice inflatable gag was found, during the journey we couldn’t afford to have him shouting, so this would be useful for filling that big gob of his. Just as the afternoon drew to a close, all of us donned our chosen suits, David and Craig donned a cap and sunglasses, as well as normal street clothes on top. Boy, they must have been hot in all that! As James, Steve and I were to sit in the back of the van, we wouldn’t need street clothes, but we donned hoods, so that Roy wouldn’t be able to identify us. The time of departure arrived, and we took up positions in the van. Roy normally stood about outside the local chip shop, with his ‘mates’ but he didn’t eat all the chips, he threw them at people or cars, or just gave everyone abuse. We drove towards town, and deliberately passed the chip shop. He was nowhere to be seen. Fuck, where’s that little shit, I thought. We did one circuit of the estate and then journeyed to the Petrol Station for a fill up – we were going to need it. £20 was put in, and David paid. Back to the chip shop. Sure enough, there he was, alone, standing around just waiting for someone to pass by. David got out and deliberately bought some chips. James relayed information from his vantage point. Just then, I became aware of an argument, James told us that Roy had accused David of knocking into him, Of course, this wasn’t true, because Roy was like that, inventing reasons to start trouble. David jogged over to the van, got in and drove off slowly, very deliberately, down a side road; Roy was still running behind the van shouting obscenities. David jammed the brakes on. The side door was opened from outside. Roy swore at us, and immediately Steve and James grabbed Roy, flung him into the van and I slammed the door shut. David drove off cautiously at first. James was struggling with Roy, but was soon able to wrestle him to the floor of the van and sat on him, all the while he was shouting “Get the fuck off me.” Steve held his feet. I grabbed the collar. James forced his head up and I snapped the collar around his neck, locking it with the bolt. The gag was found. Roy thrashed about, strained and tried to push upwards, but James and Steve held him too tight. As I tried to grab his nose, he bit my finger, and refused to let go. James twisted his ear, so hard that Roy opened his gob to scream, and I immediately plunged the gag into his mouth. I quickly buckled it around the back of his neck, and inflated the gag. His screams were now just strained muffled grunts. Some plastic ties were handed back from the glove box, and I took them. Roy, now subdued slightly, was less feisty. James leaned back slightly, which enabled me to grab one hand before Roy tried to punch us. Steve grabbed the other hand. As soon as James got off him, Steve forced Roy’s wrists together, and he started to wriggle about. One plastic tie was pulled closed, binding both wrists together behind his back, Roy grunted in pain. One more was pulled closed between his wrists. Now, there was no escaping. James pulled him upright and thrust him against the side of the van. His eyes were wide. He was scared alright! A black canvas bag was put over his head. He tried to dodge out of the way, but I held his neck. The bag, placed over his head, was pulled closed. Craig turned round and an evil twinkle glinted in his eye. Roy muttered something, but we couldn’t understand, because he was gagged and hooded. Menacingly, James said “What, speak up, we can’t hear you”, Roy pushed, pulled, strained and fought against his bonds, but it was no use. We drove along the Seven Mile Road slowly. We didn’t say much during the journey, apart from dropping subtle hints about what would happen. Roy’s mind must have been doing overtime. He could think, but he couldn’t speak. The sun was just setting on the horizon, a beautiful evening. We turned right into Spinner Street, and drove down this narrow winding lane for a few miles. On the right was the place where we would de-camp. The fun had only just started…
David pulled into the driveway, circled and reversed the van into the parking space, which nestled inside the shed. Craig got out and closed the shed doors. The lights were turned on, and the side door of the van slid slowly open. All of us got out. I turned round to look at Roy. He was sat there, perfectly still, not knowing what to expect. We whispered to each other and then laughed. I got in, and unlocked the chain from the stay bar. Using this as a leash, I shouted at Roy to stand up and move. Slowly, he found his feet, and staggered forward. James took hold of the leash and yanked him forward. Roy stumbled on the step of the van. Standing up once more, he was led away. Steve and David walked away, and prepared the equipment for use. I removed the hood that covered Roy’s head and he was pulled forward once more, and led to the cage. Roy looked at it, and all the other equipment with wide eyes. Some cutters were found and Craig this time took one arm, while David grabbed the other. I cut the plastic ties that bound his hands. Roy immediately thrashed about, trying to get away. Unbeknown to me, James had locked the chain to the cage, so Roy fell over as the chain tensioned. We all laughed. Roy looked at us. As he sheepishly crawled back to our feet, with the gag still in his mouth, I shouted for him to get in the cage, and told him to keep quiet; otherwise he’ll get a bigger one stuffed in his gob. The cage was unlocked and he crawled into the cage; David bolted the cage closed and added a big padlock, Roy began to cry. I then suggested we strip him to avoid any possibility of escape; if he did, he’d attract some unwelcome attention. He was still crying when we returned. The cage was opened and I shouted at him to get out and stand up. He stopped the waterworks, and stood up in front of me. Craig walked into the play area with a plastic bag. “Strip you little shit!” shouted James. Roy slowly pulled off his dirty Reebok trainers and his dirty white socks, and took off his light blue Nike baseball cap, unzipped his Ecko Unltd top, and stopped, staring at us. “Well come on then fuck-face!” I shouted. He started crying again, but slowly carried out the task requested. By now, he’d realised we meant business; and there was no escape. Roy removed his Kappa tracksuit bottoms, took off his Rockport shirt, and stood there shivering, arms crossed in his white, piss stained CK boxer shorts. “Haven’t you forgotten something?” said David with a smile. Roy looked at us, started spitting, jumping up and down, thrashing about. He grabbed the collar and bobbed up and down, trying to pull it off. He couldn’t. The canvas bag was again put over his head and tied tightly. We left him alone, until he subdued somewhat. After the whimpers had stopped, we returned to Roy. We spotted him walking around the play area, arms out stretched, feeling his way around. Silently, we walked into separate places. He managed to find Steve first, who despite having his torso rubbed, stayed quiet. Moments later, he stumbled into James. Craig came over, attached a dog leash to the collar and removed the hood and the longer chain, which was still attached to the cage. James knelt down and said to Roy quietly “Do what we ask you to do and we’ll let you go earlier.” Roy nodded as if to say OK, which brought a smile to James. We gathered round, and Craig pulled on the leash. “Now, we’re going to do things to each other, and you will watch and you will learn, because soon, you will do these things to each of us. If you even try to escape, the punishment will get worse, and you’ll be kept here longer.” Roy nodded, and got down on his knees, as if to say he already knew what we wanted him to do. “Not just yet”, I said while removing the canvas hood. James brought over a shiny black PVC Suit, and handed it to Roy. He looked at it, looked at us, and realising he didn’t have a choice, stood up, unzipped it, and slowly put his legs then his arms into it. I then walked over, and very slowly, zipped it up. I smiled as the zip reached his neck, giving him a pat on the back. I rubbed his chest and cock and tweaked his nipples. Craig pulled on the leash, and Roy followed its pull. At the cage, Roy knelt down, and crawled inside; the door was slammed shut and locked. The long chain was coiled and the leash clipped onto one of the cage bars. Roy’s clothes were placed in a bag, and we left him alone.

“Aw, doesn’t he look cute” I said to James. He nodded in agreement, with that evil twinkle in his eyes. Steve came up to the cage with a camera, and snapped off a few shots. It was one of those digital cameras, so we could view the pictures after we’d finished. We sat down, and cracked open a few drinks. We then opened the bag and examined the clothes of our hostage. He had a cheap crappy bashed about mobile phone, probably stolen, a few quid in change, and a wallet containing his ‘Over 18’ card, plus a small picture of his girlfriend. I left the £15 in the wallet, and Craig thought I was sympathetic. I explained that we planned to dump him on Coots Lane, which was a good 12 miles walk to the main railway station, and at least 8 miles to walk to the nearest town of importance. The money would allow him to get home. “Huh” exclaimed Craig,”never knew you were sympathetic to a punk like that”. I laughed it off. Drinks over, we entered the play area. I noticed a small puddle of water near the cage. Roy had pissed himself. Whether or not it was just accidental or out of fright, I didn’t know, and I wasn’t bothered. I placed a towel over the liquid outside of the cage, leaving the puddle inside for him to lie in. I left the towel and exclaimed “You make the mess, you clear it up!” Roy wiped up his water, and looked at me shaking nervously. I looked at James. All of us gathered around the cage. David, being the natural leader, knelt down and asked Roy, “Ok, which one of us do you want to get to know better?” Roy considered this request for some time, looking at each of us, trying to imagine what we looked like under our suits. He pointed to James, whimpering away. The cage was opened and Roy was led, by James to the far corner of the play area. James walked with that magical twinkle in his eyes and a strange smile across his face. Here, we had a device which we called the Confessor; it was a device which held the wrists apart by a fixed, rigid manacle, this was connected to an identical manacle for the ankles and another bar was fixed to a collar. This device forced Roy to sit, like a dog, with head kept up. Roy looked at the device, and backed away. David, Steve and Craig pushed him forward. James pulled the leash down to the floor; Roy had no choice but to follow it. He knelt down, and I was handed a spanner. The manacle was clamped around his ankles; there was now no escaping. Roy would do what we asked, otherwise he’d stay there. I tightened the bolts as much as I could. I pushed down on his back, Steve and Craig holding his arms to the floor. Some metal mitts were found, and these were bolted around his hands. I then positioned the manacle and slammed it to, bolting it closed. Roy could not move, apart from sway side to side. If he fell over, he’d be kept in position by the rigidity of the device. We sniggered at each other, and more tears began to flow, but now mere whimpers. The upright bar was bolted to the collar, and to the wrist manacle. Steve clicked off a few more shots. A different gag was found; one which had a hollow tube with a small lip on the inside. This allowed it to stay inside the mouth, and receive whatever was poured into it! Roy took this gag with no problem. I stood over him and asked him if he knew what he must do. Roy, drooling on the floor, moved his head slightly. “Right, get to it then” said James, as he knelt down with his bulge just a few inches from Roy’s face. I had the nipple clamps, and lying beside him, I found the zip on the PVC suit he was wearing. His body was quite well toned. He had blotchy skin, some hairy patches and a few moles, but his nipples weren’t formed very well. They were a bit on the small size, and I had a bit of bother finding enough of the areola upon which to attach the clamp. I tugged at the left nipple, and he fidgeted very slightly, the manacles clicking nicely as he did so. I attached one of the clamps to his left nipple; Roy let out a long grunt. I then attached the other clamp to his right nipple. He let out another grunt. I stroked his cute chest, tugging on the chain that connected the clamps. Finding my way into the deeper reaches of the suit, I found his cock. For someone that was supposedly heterosexual, his cock was rock hard, and I mean rock hard. A sheet of plastic was placed underneath him, just in case he decided to jettison a load! James placed his hands on Roy’s slim shoulders and asked him to get on with it, James unzipping his suit and removing Roy’s gag as he spoke. Roy stretched his neck forward; James just ever so slightly allowed Roy to lick the very end of his cock; Roy screwed up his face into a deformity, but he carried on after a few seconds. He then opened his mouth, and James plunged his full manhood in. Roy spluttered as he took the full load and coughed a few times. James laughed a deep evil manic laugh, and gently stroked, caressed, and patted Roy’s head. James leant back, closing his eyes and drifted off into Mystery Land. We watched in awe as Roy probably sucked a bloke’s cock for the first time. He was good at doing it for a first-timer. Roy had been going for some 15 minutes when he suddenly stopped, belched, coughed and dribbled on the floor. James shook his head as if to say that he hadn’t shot yet. James dug his fingers into Roy’s shoulders and he let out a yelp. James withdrew his manhood; Roy was sick. We formed a close huddled group around him, he tried to pull his hands out of the manacle, but couldn’t. He tried to pull his neck back, but couldn’t. “May I suggest you just get on and finish the job” I said. Roy screwed up his face and spat, the saliva landed on James’s right foot. “Ok, that does it, you’re in trouble now”, said James. He nodded at Craig and he got up and disappeared. I knelt down beside Roy and ran my hand through his hair, slapping his forehead a few times. Craig returned with a metal box and placed it in Roy’s view. We knew what it contained; Roy did not. Craig looked at Roy with a wry smile, and opened the box. Roy’s eyes opened wide, and he pleaded with us not to do it. “Do what exactly?” said Craig. I selected a random item; it was a 180mm steel anal plug! Some lubricant was found, and I moved to Roy’s arse. I unzipped his suit all the way through his crotch. His arse tightened. I sighed, and grabbed the plug. It had a tapered shape on one end and a flat plate on the other. The ‘Pagoda’ was stamped onto the flat plate with measurements 20mm – 60mm. I squirted some lube onto the top of ‘The Pagoda’, and added more to the wider part of this cruel looking anal tool. I showed it to Roy, and asked him if he wanted this placed somewhere. He said nothing. I sighed again. Craig donned a blue rubber glove, and squirted a small about of lube onto his fingertips. He then rubbed this over Roy’s arsehole. Prodding a finger inside, Roy shuddered and grunted, screwing up his face in pain. James asked him again if he was going to finish the job. Roy remained defiantly silent, in between a few heavy breaths. Craig took the lubricated tool, and pushed the first part into his arse. Roy made a low, painful grunt. I watched his face screw up, and his eyes bulged a bit. Craig withdrew the device, and I said to Roy, “what, don’t tell me you never had your girlfriend stick her finger up yer arse”. Roy shook his head slightly. Craig played with the device in Roy’s arse, twisting it, pushing it in and pulling it out. Roy strained his muscles, trying to pull out if the manacles. It was no use. Craig pushed the device further in, which made Roy scream. He nodded, shaking his head violently, in between gasps of breath. Roy now had a steel rod 180mm long and 40mm wide in his arse. I noticed the device was twitching, which indicated Roy was trying to push it out with his sphincter muscles. James knelt down again, right in front of Roy’s face. He promised to finish the job if the ‘bolt’ was taken out. Craig obligingly pulled the device out of his arse; it made a nice rippling noise as the tapered sections rubbed against his crack. James smiled as Roy began sucking once more. I stood with Craig and Steve, waiting. I could sense James was getting close to shooting a thick wad of spunk into Roy’s mouth. Craig unzipped my suit, and played with my nipple ring for a few seconds, before zipping up my suit again. I put my left arm around Steve and my right arm around Craig. I looked at the clock; 12.27 am. James started breathing deeply; Craig and Steve went over and stood either side of Roy, each with a smile on their faces. James shuddered, and Roy coughed, trying not to swallow the thick warm juice that was in his mouth. James withdrew, and stepped back. Steve grabbed hold of Roy’s head, holding his mouth closed. He tried to move his head, but couldn’t. I came in for a closer look; Roy screwed up his face, and swallowed. We gave a feeble round of applause, and Roy stuck his tongue out, trying to get rid of the taste. I found the spanner once more, and unbolted the collar and the manacles. Roy literally collapsed onto the floor. Craig and Steve carried him over to the cage. The leash was attached to the collar, and, after he had been pushed into the cage, the leash was clipped onto one of the bars. Roy buried his face in the fist mitts, curling up into a ball. He lay there, caged, exhausted and humiliated. James brought over a metal bowl, and put it in the cage. A can of Coke was opened and poured into the bowl. Roy lapped up the coke like a dog. A thin blanket was handed to Roy, along with a pillow. He gratefully accepted, curled up, whimpering. James brought over some sheeting, and covered the cage. I got down, poked my head under the sheets and said “Good Boy. Tomorrow, you’ll do the same thing again with someone else”. Roy pulled the blanket over his head, and cried loudly, the blanket muffled his over-audible cries. I pulled the sheet down over the cage once more, and stood beside my friends. Together, we left the play area; James shut the door to the play area. We could still hear him. I thought about putting a gag in his gob, but then again he’d had enough in his mouth for one day! I was exhausted, Craig agreed, and I went to the sleeping area. Craig joined me. I removed my hood, it was not required anymore. I removed the rubber suit, hung it up, and dived onto the bed with Craig; he tweaked my nipple ring and kissed me. I kissed him goodnight, and finally placed my head on the pillow.

I was woken up at around 03.20 by David swearing and storming off to the play area, and I heard him shout “Shut the fuck up you piece of shit.” I never heard him come back, so must have dozed off immediately afterwards.

I woke up again at about 8am the next morning, and first thing I wanted to do, was to check on our captor. Quietly, I put on my red and black Quicksilver wetsuit and Hood, and I went to check on him. I quietly and slowly lifted up and removed the sheet that covered the cage, to discover Roy awake, staring up to the roof, with bright red eyes, Looked like he’d been crying most of the night. He looked at me blankly, said nothing, and pulled the blanket over his head. Putting my right hand through the bars of the cage, I pulled it back, and found the zip on his shiny black PVC suit. He looked at me a bit more positively, and even managed a slight smile. He was sweaty. The Nipple Clamps had been removed, or had come off during the night. I found them down the side of the suit. I stroked his chest, unzipped the suit a bit further, and played with his flaccid cock for a minute or so, before it sprang to life. He smiled slightly more than last time, and I whispered, “When was the last time your girlfriend played with you?” Roy replied quietly “About 2 weeks ago.” “And when did you last have a wank, eh?” I said. “Well, that must have been about three or four days ago.” I felt slightly sympathetic, played with his cock for another minute or so, then zipped up his suit, rubbing my finger across his face and through his hair. I stood up, unzipped my suit, and leant against the cage, allowing my pierced cock to hang through the upper bars of the cage. Roy moved out the way, and said he didn’t want to be pissed on. I said I wasn’t going to piss on him, but just wanted him to admire my ‘piece’. “That must have fucking hurt” he said. I shook my head. He smiled even more than the last two occasions. “Man, you have got to be satanic to have that done to you.” said Roy. I laughed and departed, back to the resting area. Craig and James were awake, getting dressed into wetsuits too, both donning a Spandex type mask. James passed the cage, and said “Morning, Boy” to our captor. Craig passed the cage and spat at Roy, yanking the blanket through the bars with a manic laugh. The blanket was chucked onto the ground away from the cage. Roy still had the fist mitts on. Craig placed a bowl in the cage, added some cereal, and slopped some milk on them. Roy looked at us a bit nonplussed. As we stood there, arms folded… he bent down, kneeling, eating them like a dog, we laughed slightly between us. “You know what; I think he expected us to give him a spoon!” Craig said, laughing. We laughed in return and wandered to the rest area, and brewed a cuppa to go with our cereals. Steve was the last to wake up. David was awake, but just laying on his bed, reflecting on the day just passed, mumbling away to himself about something. I walked over, and asked David what we planned to do today. “Well begin with some gentle mental therapy, and then he can be hung up for a while.” said David while sipping his coffee. He donned his suit and hood and went to the play area. I followed him, and got to the cage, just as David was unlocking the padlock. As soon as the door opened, Roy crawled out, and stood up next to the cage. The leash was tugged at by David. Roy was led to the corner of the play area. The fist mitts were removed, and the leash removed and replaced with a long chain. David asked Roy to remove the suit. James and Craig wandered over to see what was going on. Here, in the corner, Roy stood naked, hands hiding his boyhood. David went over, smiled slightly and handed Roy a bar of soap, before turning a tap. Cold water flowed over Roy, and he slowly washed himself, nervously watching us watching him. David beckoned us up a ladder. Here, we stood round an open tank of water, just above our captor. David unzipped his suit, and pissed into the tank. Craig stood just aside and pissed directly over Roy. “Oi, stop that” he shouted. David blocked the pipe in the tank, the water stopped, and I heard the familiar sound of chains being rattled. Steve looked over and also pissed on Roy. David disappeared down the ladder, and I looked over to see what was happening. David snorted, and launched a nice greenie at Roy. I then saw the bar of soap being thrown at David, which hit him on the back. David stood there, facing the thrower. I went down the ladder as fast as I could, followed by Steve, James and finally Craig. Roy looked at us, then as David walked over, he crouched down and closed his eyes. David lifted his hand, and brought it down, stopping just before hitting Roy. David grabbed his bollocks, and tugged sharply. A horrid screech filled the room. I walked over and David disappeared. “I suppose you still think you are clever eh” I said to Roy. He smirked, before blowing a raspberry in my face. David returned and the chain was unlocked from the wall. Roy was led, still dripping from his shower, over to the middle of the room, but against the wall. David pulled some sheets off the equipment. Here was a wheel. A revolving wheel. It had a lot of straps on it. David shouted at Roy to stand against the device. With James and Craig’s help. I lifted Roy so that he rested against the device. Roy started kicking out at David, but a well positioned thump in the groin stopped this. Roy was pushed firmly against the wheel and David quickly buckled the straps around his chest and waist. Next his legs were strapped, then his arms, positioned upwards. Roy was now firmly strapped to the wheel, unable to move or get off this ride! After a short while. David asked James to release the locking pin. This done, David turned the wheel, so that Roy was now upside down. The pin was replaced; Roy began complaining about feeling dizzy. David and James chuckled. Steve said he was going to go back home to get a few things and disappeared. I sat down beside Roy, and James then wandered over and kneeling down, dangled the nipple clamps in front of Roy. He screwed up his face in disbelief, shaking his head from side to side, pushing against the tight straps. James attached one clamp to Roy’s left nipple and gently tugged at it. A collar was found and buckled around Roy’s neck and then locked on. It had a D ring on it, to which was attached a small bone shaped tag which simply said ‘SLAVE’. The nipple clamp chain was fed through the D ring and attached to his right nipple, in such a way so that when Roy moved his head, the collar pulled on his nipples. After a few reminding pulls, he soon stopped! Roy was returned to the upright position and indeed he did look a bit green around the gills. Craig came over with a bottle of water, one of those types you see athletes with and squeezed some out into Roy’s open mouth. Roy gratefully nodded and smiled ever so slightly.

I slowly wandered over and stopped, looking directly at Roy. I moved even closer and ran my right hand through his hair and over his body. Roy squinted and looked up at the ceiling as I got near his waist, the pull on the chain that went through the collar reminding him to stop. I brought my left hand into his view. I was holding another inflatable gag. This one had a long hose with a funnel attached to it. Craig appeared and I handed the gag to him. He offered it up to Roy, who strangely, accepted it after a slight pause, but without giving verbal. Roy looked at me, James and Craig, with a look of contempt. Craig grabbed the bulb of the gag and gave three or four squeezes, enough to inflate the gag to a reasonable size. It was then buckled around his head, locked on and the funnel was removed. David reappeared, holding three cards, numbered 1, 2 and 3. A satanic wink from David and we sat down, facing Roy. The numbers were on the outside of the cards and this is only what Roy could see. On the backs of the cards were some options and ideas which we all studied, occasionally laughing and looking at Roy, who pushed against his bonds, squirmed about and shook his head. He was reminded a few times by the pull of the chain that he shouldn’t shake his head. We studied the cards and deliberately took a long time to decide. David left the cards face down on the ground and disappeared. He returned with an Orca wetsuit, a pair of handcuffs and leg irons and a hood, that had a small mouth hole and small slots for eyes. The hood was made out of really thick neoprene. The nipple clamps were removed, but left attached to the collar, just in case he needed to be reminded again. The leash was attached to the collar and we jointly started undoing the buckles. As soon as Roy stepped onto the floor, he was pulled forward by David and marched over to the cage. David simply snapped his fingers and Roy went in. The door was locked behind him. I picked up the hood and wetsuit, getting excited just feeling the smooth skin of the Orca. Craig followed with the cuffs and leg irons. I passed the wetsuit through the bars of the cage and then dropped the hood in also. Roy made no delay in getting into the Orca, even though it was a little small for him. “You look great!” I exclaimed mockingly. Roy made no response, just dribbled slightly from the tube on the gag and sniffing away, holding back tears. He swung his head to the right in an attempt to move the pipe out of the way, but then having failed, decided to feed the pipe through the D ring of the collar. I managed a feeble clap and a mocking smile. Roy positioned the suit, trying to even out the creases. I knelt down behind him and unlocked the gag, nodding at Roy. He removed it slowly and handed it to me. He was handed the bottle of water and sucked away at the nozzle. Mockingly, I turned to the guys and said, “Hmm, he seems to like sucking things!” He looked at me, and was about to throw the bottle, when he was reminded by Craig, who simply said that if he even thought about throwing anything, we’d make sure the only way he went home, would be in plaster. Roy leant against the cage door. Me, Craig and James stood around the cage, and we then sat down right next to it, admiring our captured soul. Roy looked at us, those brown eyes of his darting between us frightfully quickly. David soon appeared with a clipboard, some sheets of paper and the numbered cards. He sat down, and placed the clipboard in front of James, who picked it up and tapped the pen against the clipboard. James addressed the audience, but not bothering with any preamble, cut straight to the point. He noted the time down on the paper… 11.02am and dated it. 21st October. Roy had been our captor since around 6pm yesterday, so getting on for nearly 18 hours. James looked at Roy and began by asking him if he knew why he was here and why we were doing what we were doing. Roy shook his head nervously. “Well”, began James “it’s important you understand a few things, OK?” Roy nodded. “I am reliably informed that some time ago, you tried to break into a car that belonged to a friend. Now, he could he here, couldn’t he?” Roy didn’t answer but sort of cowered in the cage, with a combination of fright and surprise. David and Craig sat either side of me, each of us watching Roy. As James asked the questions and Roy answered, he noted down those answers. “Now, believe it or not fuck-face, but you caused over 200 quid’s worth of damage to the car, and what we are doing will go some way to repaying that expense that my friend had to pay out, all because of you.” Roy sheepishly asked if what he’d done so far had affected his debt. We fell about laughing. In between giggling like mad, James managed to say “hmm, at the most about £10 worth.” It was now that reality hit home for Roy. That cocky smile was replaced with a look of horror. I asked Craig to put the leg irons on Roy, but loop them through the bars of the cage. He did as asked. I then asked Roy to put the hood on and then put his hands through the top of the cage, one bar apart. Again, he responded quickly to the request. Craig snapped the cuffs on. Roy fidgeted about, trying to get comfortable. Not really easy when you are cuffed the way Roy was. James asked another question about why Roy acted the way he did, when in reality he was just a wimp, but acted hard around his mates. Roy shrugged his shoulders, and fidgeted about again, his eyes dropping to the floor. Sarcastically, I asked him if he was enjoying the therapy session. Violently, he shook his head, and pulled on the handcuffs. I moved closer to the cage and put my hand between the bars, rubbing his crotch and nipples. Roy tried to twist clear, and wriggled about. I squeezed his right nipple through the smooth skin of the Orca Suit. Roy gritted his teeth, growling and tried to pull his legs forward. Unable to achieve anything from this he thrashed about, pulling like crazy on the cuffs. “Ah, sod you then!” I exclaimed and walked away. I left James and David to try and talk some sense into him. Craig joined me as I got some food from the van, Craig picked up the small stove and we went back to the ‘play’ area. Craig set up the stove on some stones and lit the gas ring. I opened a box of coke and handed a can to Craig, then wandered over to James and David and handed them a can each. I left one just inside the cage and said that Roy could have it when he calmed down. I sat down again, staring at our little buddy. A once wannabe gangster, now reduced to a wet-suited slave for four guys. “So, has it finally hit home yet, Roy?” I said. “Have you finally woken up and realised that it is fruitless that you try anything smart?” Roy looked at me, his brown eyes sunken. He nodded and his gaze dropped to the floor. “No more cockiness, no more acting like a gangster?” I asked. He nodded. A mocking cheer went up from James and David, Craig added a resounding Hooray from the corner, where he was busy cooking for us. Roy smiled, just ever so slightly. David nodded at me and I tapped James on the knee. He went up to the cage slowly, and knelt down, rubbing his hands over Roy’s chest and crotch, before rubbing his hands through his hair. James then sternly warned him, that if we find out he’d been causing trouble ever again, we’d come and get him again, and do even more to him. Roy mumbled that he wouldn’t be a bad boy. James removed the collar with attached nipple clamps.

Steve returned with a huge backpack, I guessed at what it contained, but I would have to wait to find out.

“Grubs up!” shouted Craig. I wandered over to the van and foraged about in a box and finding a blindfold, handed it to James, who placed it on Roy. I assisted with covering the cage over with the sheets again and we went over to the small area and sat down on some stones. We took off our hoods and turned over backs to Roy and began eating the homemade soup, prepared by James. He was a chef by trade, about 6’2” in height 32 years old and had a nice toned body. He had sandy coloured hair and grey eyes. Craig appropriately worked in a surf wear shop, and was also about 6’ in height, 27 years old, of fairly slim build and was shaved to the scalp 24/7, with delightful green eyes and an eyebrow piercing. David worked in the transport industry, was about 5’8”, 31 years old, quite well built with light brown hair and grey eyes. His candour was most definitely formed from years of dealing with difficult customers! Steve was employed in the motor trade, and took great delight in negotiating deals, haggling over prices. A useful tool we thought…

We continued chatting for about 30 minutes after eating. I put my hood back on and took a bowl of soup to the cage. I removed the sheet and pulled off the blindfold. James wandered over and removed the padlock from the cage door. The bowl of soup was placed in between Roy’s legs and the Coke can was placed next to it. The cage door slammed closed and locked, James removed the handcuffs. Roy rubbed his wrists. I then told Roy to take the hood off. His face was clammy from the neoprene hood. A spoon was handed to me which I then passed to Roy. Thanking me, I said he could eat. Tentatively, he began eating, placing the bowl on his knee and holding it with one hand. He was shaking somewhat. Asked if he was cold by Steve, he said he wasn’t and continued trying to eat the soup. Exhausted, I wandered over to the sleeping area and flopped down on the bed, Craig and James wandered over and joined me. David and Steve continued chatting quietly. James and Craig both started rubbing my chest. I rubbed their skin tight Camaro Suits. Craig then ran his right hand over my head a few times. Turning towards Craig, I cuddled him and he pulled me closer to him. I ran my hand slowly down his back to his arse, patting it nicely. James had snuggled up to me and slowly undid the zip on my wetsuit. The cool air hit my skin and I breathed in sharply. Craig kissed me ever so slightly. I cuddled him even tighter, James continued rubbing his had up and down my back. I turned to face James and we cuddled, while Craig now rubbed my back. I watched Steve and David for a time, before I asked James to send Steve over. James wandered over, and whispered to Steve, who looked over at me and approached. I asked him quietly what was in the bag. He said he’d brought the straitjacket! I whooped in excitement! Roy’s ears pricked up at this and his eyes looked my way. I patted Steve on the lower back; he ran his hand over my head a few times. I stood up, pulled the zip closed on my wetsuit and, with James, walked back to the cage. David was still watching Roy, who’d finished eating. We sat down around the cage. James reached in and removed the bowl and spoon. Roy quickly finished the can of coke and held it out to me through the bars. I took it off him. Craig came over with a heavy metal collar, looking directly at Roy. His face dropped a mile. I shouted at him to lean against the back of the cage and pass his hands up through the top. After a short delay, he did as asked, muttering that we were evil sods. We laughed raucously. I reminded him that he had agreed not to be cocky. Sighing heavily, he begged us to get on with it. Craig snapped the handcuffs on Roy’s wrists and fed the collar through the bars. “Lift yer head up a bit, fuck-face!” Craig said firmly. Roy did as asked and the collar was placed around his neck, the locking pin placed through it, securing it closed. A padlock and a long chain was attached to the locking pin and snapped closed. A hard pull on it confirmed this. I tickled Roy for a few seconds to remind him we were still in charge. The inflatable bulb gag was stuffed in his mouth. David unlocked the cage and James unlocked the handcuffs and shouted at Roy to get out. Roy crawled out and got up very slowly, grunting. I grabbed the chain that was attached to his collar and Roy was cuffed again with his hands behind his back. I yanked Roy forward. I walked him around the play area a few times and stopped near a wall. Finding a suitable attachment point, I asked Steve for a padlock. Steve duly fetched one and I locked the chain to the ring on the wall, keeping the chain short. I walked over to Roy, with James and Craig stood beside me, with David and Steve behind Roy. He looked despondent, eyes to the floor, close to tears. “Alright Roy… one or two more things to do… then we’ll let you go” I said. “Do you think you have you learnt your lesson?” asked Craig. Roy nodded. I asked him to kneel down, facing the wall. The blindfold was procured and placed on Roy. We wandered back to the van, removing our trainers and putting on brightly polished Doc Martens style boots. I had a nice black pair, David had a dark blue pair, while Craig had green ones, James had red ones and Steve had some that were maroon coloured. We walked over to Roy, deliberately making our footsteps louder than usual. He looked in our general direction, but unable to see, didn’t know for sure where we were. We took a wide sweep around Roy. Steve followed shortly afterwards. He handed me the Straitjacket. I walked up to Roy with Craig beside me. I stood next to Roy and asked him to stand up. Craig unlocked the handcuffs and I asked Roy to put his arms outstretched. He did as asked and I fed the straitjacket up his arms. James and David stood around watching, while Steve tidied up. I asked Roy to fold his arms across his chest slowly. Craig now assisted in tightening the buckles while Steve clicked off more shots with the camera. Roy grimaced painfully as the straps were pulled tight. I checked Craig’s handiwork and feeling pleased, pulled the blindfold off Roy and deflated the gag. He looked down at himself. I asked him to kneel again. We stood in a line side by side. David unlocked the chain from the wall, and kept hold of the chain and tugged at it until Roy was kneeling in front of him. “Clean my shoes!” David said firmly. We looked at Roy, who shuffled about on the floor. Bending down as low as he could get he started licking David’s left boot. We watched attentively as Roy completed the right foot. David looked at his shoes and patted Roy on the head. “Good Boy!!!” he said, sniggering away. David handed the chain to Craig, who looked at Roy and then pointed to his boots. After a short pause and shuffling about Roy got on with the silent request. David whispered to me what was next… so I suggested to him that we mind-fuck him with those cards. David smiled and went to get them. Roy looked up at Craig, who nodded and walked away. He handed the chain to me. Roy shuffled into position and just looked at me. We made eye contact for what seemed eons, but it was only five or so seconds. I just looked down at my boots. James was at my right side and had a smile beaming across his face. I raised my eyebrows and just sniggered slightly. I knew what James had in mind. Craig returned casually dressed but retaining the hood. David disappeared towards the van and Steve reappeared and stood between me and James. Roy looked up at me. I looked at my boots. They glistened with saliva. Roy had traces of black dribble down his chin. I nodded and handed the chain to Steve. He tugged sharply on it, and Roy nearly toppled over. “Get on with it, boy!” Steve said firmly. Roy did as asked, and began licking his boots. I wandered to the van and removed my boots and my red and black quicksilver wetsuit. I put on my casual clothes and trainers and returned to see Roy looking up at James. Roy went to get up. “NO! You stay there!” James said harshly. I stood next to James on his right side. The rest of us stood around watching. James unzipped his Camaro suit and rolled it down to just below his waist. The sweat glistened on his back. Roy looked up at James, then at the floor close to tears. Craig came over with a bottle of water and squirted some towards Roy. He swished some around his mouth and swallowed. James stood, arms folded, waiting. Roy shuffled about, and then started crying, shaking his head, mumbling “no, no, no!” I knelt down beside him and said close to his left ear “It’s either you do what is asked or you get what was on those cards numbered 1, 2 and 3, alright?” David came over and stuck the cards in front of Roy, reading out aloud to us, noting heavily on what was written on them. “Number one. Stretching rack, nipple torture and ice cubes or wax drip. Number 2, the Water Box. Manacled and placed in a box filled with water. Number 3. Electro play, plug in your ass and cock strap.” Roy shuffled about, looked at us generally, before muttering “You lot are sadistic sods!!!” We laughed again. “Well, we could have also wrapped you up in gaffer tape and played with you that way, but this is more fun” I said. Roy shook his head. James tugged at the chain. “Try anything smart now and you’ll know about it!” I said. David and Steve went towards the van. James began to masturbate… looking at Roy with that evil twinkle in his eyes… We watched attentively, Craig with his right arm around my shoulders. He rubbed my right nipple occasionally. James closed his eyes. Roy waited patiently, looking at James then looking over at us…James grabbed the chain and pulled on it sharply, plunging his manhood into Roy’s gob. James jerked forward and Roy coughed. James looked over at me and Craig, perspiring badly. He dropped the chain and pushed Roy back sharply. He fell to the floor doubled up, defeated, humiliated. James wandered towards me and Craig and I gave him a high five. He walked slowly towards the van. Roy was still on the floor looking so dejected. With Craig helping me, we carried him towards the van. I hooked the chain onto a stay bar inside and unbuckled the straitjacket… I unzipped the Orca wetsuit and asked him to take it off. Roy slowly did as asked. From inside the van a towel was thrown at Roy and he wiped himself down. I reached in and handed a bottle of water to him… he gratefully guzzled most of it, but spat out one or two mouthfuls. I looked at him and shook my head. “Sorry” he said. Playfully, I slapped his backside and tweaked his right nipple. “Now, did you prefer this?” said James pointing towards his cock, “…or do you prefer your girl?” said David from the front of the van. “Girl” Roy mumbled. Craig laughed and meekly suggested there was still opportunity to convert him. We laughed, Roy shook his head. He’d finished with the towel, so we took it off him. A white paper suit was thrown at Roy and he looked at it, before unzipping it and stepping into it. I zipped it up slowly and was offered the blindfold. I put it on Roy and positioned it carefully. The handcuffs were passed to me and I snapped them on Roy. James and Craig assisted him into the van and I slammed the rear doors. I walked round to the front, opened the shed doors. It was dark outside. I glanced at my watch and was amazed it was 2am on the 22ND October. We’d held Roy as a play buddy since about 6pm on the 20TH October. A long 32 hours for Roy. The van drew slowly forward and stopped. I closed the shed doors, bolted them closed and got in the side door of the van. As we set off slowly, I asked if everyone had had fun. We all agreed we had. Craig agreed we had succeeded in our mission. Roy sat very still and quietly on the floor of the van. David traversed the quiet dark country lanes slowly… after what seemed ages he stopped at a road junction. It was fairly misty outside but I was able to make out the road sign… Coots Lane. I nodded at David who smiled with that satanic look once more. We carried on down the road which was very bumpy which made Roy yelp occasionally. We sniggered amongst ourselves. David stopped the van and turned off the engine. A small torch was handed to me. We sat in silence for a few minutes. I opened the side door and wandered round the back, opening up the rear doors, Craig assisted in getting Roy out. He was pulled forward lightly with the chain, still attached to the collar. Craig crabbed the plastic bag which contained Roy’s personal belongings and led the way down a path covered with bracken, which sounded like gunshots going off as we trod carefully. We walked deep into a forest and arrived at a clearing. I asked Roy to kneel down. He did so quickly. I stood in front of Roy and pulled him forward, rubbing his face in my crotch for a few seconds. I then pushed him back gently. Craig unlocked the collar and coiled up the chain. Roy was handed the plastic bag. “OK, Roy… that’s it… over. You stay there for one hour. Because if we see you move before then, we’ll come back. We WILL be watching.” said Craig… I removed the blindfold from Roy… he looked at us in the dim light from the torch… Craig removed the handcuffs. Roy, still kneeling, rustled the plastic bag that contained his clothes… “You even dare calling the police or breathe a word to anyone about this and I promise you one thing… we’ll have you in hospital, alright?” I said menacingly. “Don’t forget, we also have some photographs, so we can embarrass you big time” Craig said and tapped me on the shoulder and I leered over Roy. “You understand fuck-face?” I said Roy nodded. “We could have kept you for another couple of days, but we think you have learnt a valuable lesson.” Craig said, with his arms folded. Roy nodded, sullenly. Together we backed away, watching Roy. Craig quickened his pace and I jogged on, looking back occasionally. I could not see Roy. It was so dark, and misty. The torch was turned off and we made our way back to the van… luckily we found it alright. The side door had already been opened and I took one last look back towards the woods. I saw nothing, I heard nothing. I asked David to wait just a few more minutes. Not a sound came from the woods, apart from the occasional hoot of an owl. “Come on, let’s get going!” said James. David started up the van, I slid the door closed and we set off slowly.

We removed our hoods and carried on driving down the narrow lane. James cracked a joke saying he enjoyed the last few days, and wished it could have carried on. “Huh, you ‘ad it better than us!” chipped in Steve. We started laughing. James looked ever so coy and tried to hide a pleasant smile.

Back onto a main road, we headed for home. It was quite early, 4.22am so the clock said in the van, but I knew that to be slightly inaccurate. We chatted intermittently, feigning sleep. The drive back home took what seemed ages, but it passed quickly.

We arrived back home, the van was parked up and we sat there for a few more minutes, mentally going over what had just occurred. We got out of the van and wandered back into our house. We discussed it over a light drink and all agreed that it was most enjoyable and we thought nothing of it. Mentally I wondered if Roy was still in the woods, not knowing how long an hour was without a watch. The thought was quickly erased from my mind by Craig and James sitting beside me, each rubbing a shoulder and down my back, over my thighs… I quickly finished my drink, and slowly wandered towards my bed. After undressing, I laid down on the bed, exhausted. Craig quietly entered the room, joining me on the bed. I looked at him with a smile and he smiled back, winked and dangled the handcuffs in front of my face. I closed my eyes as Craig ran his hand slowly over my chest, gently tugging at my nipple ring every so often. I was in heaven… the click of the cuffs briefly disturbed my relaxed thought pattern. I felt my left hand being gently moved upwards, until more clicks…I drifted in and out of sleep, as Craig caressed me, rubbed me all over. The light went out… I was in heaven!

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