Revelation – Part 2

By orca_boy.


The idea of getting invited to the exclusive area of a fetish club on my first visit there seemed so unreal that I just stood there, questioning the reality of the situation I was in. Was that maybe just wishful thinking? Did I perhaps misunderstand what Dan had asked me?

But before I could make any sense of what was going on, Dan removed his hand from my crotch and stepped away quickly, blushing and stuttering, “I-, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you. I got a little ahead of myself there. As I said, I know the owner so I have access to all the areas, but this is your first time here so I shouldn’t be so pushy. Sorry, man.”

I took a deep breath, then mustered him for a while. Dan was visibly embarrassed, standing there awkwardly, but to me he just looked cute, especially the freckles on either side of his nose, which I didn’t notice before.

Without thinking, I put my hands on his rubber-clad hips and finally gave an answer to the question he had asked before, “It’s alright. I was just a little surprised, that a hot guy like you would invite me to the VIP area on my first day. But you know what, I think it’s a great idea. You’ve showed me everything else, so might as well do the full tour, right?”

The relief on Dan’s face was apparent. After collecting himself for a second or two, his facial expression changed to a mischievous grin, like someone had pulled a switch somewhere inside him.

“Alright, then what are we waiting for? Come on, come on!”, he smirked, then grabbed my hand as we rushed to a big, black door with a neon “VIP” sign on top of it. He let go of my hand, then reached for the blue-striped rubber backpack, opened the zipper and grabbed an elegant key.

The anticipation inside me was building up to a point where I wanted to launch myself at the door. If the public area was this exciting already, what could have been waiting for me behind this mysterious door?

I was about to find out, as Dan had unlocked it, then stood back to let me in first… and waiting for me was… just an endless set of stairs. “Sorry, we’ll have to head down for a bit. You know the underground lab from Breaking Bad? This is just like it. All the exciting stuff is far underground. Less drugs and more kinky stuff though.”, Dan’s voice echoed behind my back.

When we finally reached the bottom, the path opened up to a long corridor with branching paths, all leading to single metal doors with small windows that resembled mail slots, but on eye level. A prison came to mind.

Dan stroked the back of my wetsuit, in an effort to calm me, then explained in a reassuring tone, “Those are all private rooms for our most honored guests, some of which want to remain anonymous, so no peeking, alright? The windows are for the owner only. Make sure you address him as either Master K or Sir when you meet him.”

I gulped at the thought of upsetting someone very powerful in an underground dungeon. Dan laughed, “Don’t worry, he is friendly. It’s just an unspoken rule here, that nobody, except his respected Dom friends gets to address him by his name. His room is at the end of the hallway, where we’re headed right now. No turning back now, come on!”

Before I could prepare myself mentally, we had arrived at the door and Dan had already rang the elegant doorbell, above which was a miniature greenlight, currently indicating green. I wondered for a second, what would happen to those who rang the bell when it was red.

The door opened automatically, and gave way to a big room, reminiscent of a luxury hotel suite, although the lighting was more akin to that of a cigar club, not that I knew much about those.

Right at the entrance, there was one tall man covered in rubber from head to toe, wearing a gas mask with tinted lenses on the left – and another one, looking almost identical but even taller standing on the right of us.

Dan held out his right arm, signaling me to stop walking, then he bowed and spoke loudly, in a strangely confident tone, that I hadn’t imagined he was capable of, “Sir, I have brought you a fresh one. Subject X, subject Z, grab hold of it now!”

Without a moment of hesitation, the two tall men grabbed me at my shoulders and held me down. I attempted to struggle, yanking all of my limbs, but realized soon that resistance was pointless. Whatever was happening here, was beyond my control. All I could do now was yell, and hope that someone upstairs would hear my desperate screaming.

“Sorry, test subject, but we’re some dozen meters underground, nobody can hear you. But just in case…”, he stopped and rummaged in his backpack, then took out what looked like a black ball gag.

The nice and cute boy I was holding hands with just a few minutes ago, now looked cold and distant, as if someone else had taken over his body. Gone was the ginger twink who would reassure me and make sure I was comfortable. Now, he was treating me like a rabid dog, shoving the gag into my mouth by force and securing it way too tightly.

A tall, muscular man who was sitting on a big leather armchair in the center of the room the entire time – obviously, I was too busy fighting off Daniel, if that was even his real name, as well as the two rubber men, to notice him – now walked towards me with slow but steady steps…

To be continued…

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