By orca_boy.


Standing amongst a crowd of men wearing nothing but skintight rubber and neoprene gear was certainly not what I thought I would be doing so soon after my boyfriend of three years broke up with me. And yet, I felt like I had finally taken the first step in the right direction.

It was a sort of impulse, really, that I stopped feeling sorry about myself and headed out to buy myself the wetsuit I had been lusting after for months now, put it on under my regular street clothes and went to a fetish club for the first time in my life.

All it took was a breakup, some excess money in my bank account and a gentle nudge from an advert for a rubber party I saw in the local queer magazine which, ironically, my now ex-boyfriend Tyler signed us up for about a year ago.

So here I was, wearing a black and green Aqua Sphere Phantom wetsuit for the first – wait, actually second time, diving head first into a crowd of other rubber-clad lads. What could go wrong.

My erection had been there from the second I left the house with my imagination running wild, but now that I was surrounded by sexy men, some of which even having their dicks or asses out, it felt even more unbearable, sliding against the neoprene layer with each and every step I took.

Only after a few minutes, I asked myself: what was I even trying to accomplish here? Was I looking for a pity fuck, or had this been a suppressed part of myself that was finally breaking free?

Either way, I didn’t have time to think this through, as something, or rather someone, had tapped my shoulder, causing me to flinch. “Hey man, nice wetsuit. I haven’t seen you around here, is this your first time? What’s your name?”, a friendly voice called out to me. It took me a second or two to properly take in who was standing in front of me.

He was a red-haired twink with ice cold but gentle blue eyes, wearing a black latex catsuit with blue panels on the sides and a matching rubber backpack. He was slim, but not excessively so, had a slightly defined biceps but probably not a gym bunny. Still, he emanated a hell of a presence.

I tried hard not to gasp and replied awkwardly, “Hi there, uhm, thanks, my name’s Ethan and yeah this is indeed my first time here. You come here often? What’s your name?”, immediately wishing I had had more confidence to back me up.

The redhead chuckled, “Yeah, I’m here pretty much every weekend. I’m well acquainted with the owner, so I made it my mission to scout out the newbies and make sure they feel comfortable here. Name’s Daniel by the way, but everyone around here just calls me Dan.”

“I knew this was too good to be true, for a hot guy like that to show interest in me, I would have had to hit the gym more often and maybe use some voodoo magic.”, I thought to myself, but as if he was able to read my mind, he smiled and calmly said, “you’re quite the catch though”, grabbed me at my neoprene-clad waist and continued, “come on, I’ll show you around, handsome”

My cock had been hard for the entire duration of our conversation but getting touched by a fellow rubber fetishist was something I had lusted after for what felt like an eternity, so I felt even more blood rushing to my member, at the same time hoping that Dan wouldn’t notice.

The club was actually an old factory that had been abandoned for some time before it became the epicenter of the gay kink scene, and it had more than enough space for everything you would expect from such an establishment: Dark rooms, glory holes, semi-private and private rooms, showers, bathtubs and a stage on which a Dom and his sub were showing off some shibari ropework to a cheering crowd.

Dan and I stood there to watch for a while, his hand being placed on my right-side waist again. The Dom on the stage was wearing a rubber biker jacket and some leather gloves while His sub was, just like me, wearing a wetsuit, an Orca S6. The tension between the two of them was mesmerizing to watch, but I couldn’t really focus on them for too long, because Dan’s hand had moved down and was now stroking my butt.

I looked at him with hungry eyes and he leaned in to kiss me, his one hand touching my face while the other kept squeezing and caressing my ass. Then, while his hand was sliding down from my face to my chest and finally to my crotch, he made me an irresistible offer: “Want me to show you the VIP area?”

To be continued… In part 2.

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