Shane’s Weekend – Part 2

By Wetsuited.

The Story

Shane could not believe his eyes, lots of wetsuits in all colours and makes, it was heaven, and he really felt aroused, he was squirming around on the floor, the feel of the suit encased around his body was turning him on more and more.

“I think you need to be cooled down” remarked Alex. He then grabbed Shane’s ankles and dragged him into the centre of the room, he went to the wall and retrieved a hooded gasmask and promptly stuffed Shane’s head into it. He pulled the rubber hood down over the back of his head and secured it tightly. He then pulled some rope down from a hook in the ceiling and fed it neatly through the wrist cuffs. He pulled on the rope and with the help of Alex they both started to hoist Shane up from the floor, when Shane was standing upright, he felt vulnerable, Alex unclipped the wrist cuffs and fed two single ropes through each cuff and bound them tight against the leather. Stuart then fed the ropes out to two hooks spaced apart on the ceiling and continued hoisting Shane.

Shane felt himself going higher and higher and this time he was raised off the floor, only a couple of inches. Alex knelt down and unclipped the ankle cuffs and again fed two pieces of rope to the restraints, these were then taken and secured off to two hooks in the floor the same distance apart as the ones in the ceiling. Alex then added a leg stretcher between Shane’s ankles. Shane was now left in a large ‘x’ shape suspended. He felt strange, his whole body encased in a rubber wetsuit and now helpless with his two mates at his mercy.

Alex moved over to Shane and started to stroke Shane’s body through the wetsuit, he continued to move over all of Shane’s body moving his hands around Shane’s wetsuit cladded figure. He looked great and helpless. Shane was getting extremely turned on.

Stuart left the room and returned carrying a bottle; he had got some Shower gel.

“Now”, remarked Stuart “I think its time we got you cleaned up and cooled down”

Shane stared at Stuart and then at Alex, what had they in mind? Stuart moved over to Shane and started to remove the duct tape from around Shane’s neck, and then moved to Shane’s wrists and also removed the tape. Shane winced as the tape was removed.

Stuart picked up the bottle of shower gel and then pulled back the neck of Shane’s wetsuit and poured in half the bottle of gel. Shane pulled against his restraints, the feeling of the shower gel as it hit his skin was cold, and then the gel started to trickle down inside his suit, and the feeling was sensational.

Stuart moved to Shane’s wrists and again pulled back the rubber wetsuit and poured more shower gel into the cuffs. In Shane’s suspended position the soap took no time at all in working its way down inside the suit gradually coating the inside of his wetsuit and his smooth muscular body.

Alex then started massaging the wetsuit on Shane; he was gradually moving the gel around Shane’s body so that his entire body was coated in slippery shower gel.

Stuart fed more gel in through Shane’s neck of his wetsuit; the lads could tell Shane was enjoying it. He was now starting to moan with delight, especially as Alex moved to Shane’s crutch area and manipulated the wetsuit around his groin area.

The lads knew they had enough inside the suit when soap and bubbles started to emerge from the tops of Shane’s wetsuit boots.

Stuart went and got a further bottle of shower gel and opened it and now started to pour the gel over the outside of Shane’s wetsuit, the two of them then spent no time at all massaging the gel over Shane’s entire wetsuited body. He was now completely covered inside and out with soap and any move he made just be made him slide around inside the suit he was in heaven and showing it as well.

“Now for the cleansing” shouted Alex as he went to the wall and unreeled a small garden hose from its holder. With that he took the end of the hose and inserted it down the neck of Shane’s wetsuit and then went back and turned on the tap.

Shane screamed from within the gasmask, the water was a bit cold, but after a few seconds it started to warm up. It was a strange sensation as the water started to pump around his body from within the wetsuit. This was all too much Shane thought, he was going to explode.
Water started to fill up within the suit, the lads could see it gradually change colour as the suit became saturated.

Soon water began to emerge from Shane’s wetsuit boots and so Stuart moved in and removed the hose from the neck of the wetsuit. He kept the hose running and now started to hose Shane down from the outside, trying to rinse all the shower gel away from Shane.

Shane looked great as the suds were removed and his wet wetsuited figure was left hanging for the two guys to admire. He looked really horny and sexy with the wet shiny wetsuit clinging to his slim but yet muscular body and his hard erection was so obvious.

Alex turned off the water and Shane remained hanging in space, dripping.

Stuart then removed the leg stretchers from Shane’s ankles and removed the ankle cuffs, and one by one removed his wetsuit boots.

Alex untied the rope and lowered Shane’s body down so he could stand on the floor and then removed Shane’s gasmask. He then removed the tape from the rear shoulder zip and unlocked the small padlock and pulled back the zip.

With the help of Stuart they removed Shane’s wetsuit, and couldn’t help but give Shane a quick fondle and caress. Shane got harder immediately, “He certainly loves his rubber” remarked Stuart as he winked at Alex.

For the first time in hours Shane felt cooler and the air on his body was giving him a welcome break, Alex started to towel Shane’s body down while Stuart left the room.

After a short while Stuart returned, he was carrying a small bag. “Now” remarked Stuart “we both agree that to appreciate our rubber wetsuit and lycra we both have smooth bodies so I think you will also like it if your body is completely smooth”. Shane was startled, what did he mean? Stuart produced from his small bag a razor and shaving foam, they weren’t going to shave him? Shane thought, “Right then” said Stuart lets get to work and make you smooth as a baby’s bottom”, with that Alex and Stuart got the shaving foam and started to liberally coat Shane’s body starting from the neck down. It wasn’t long before Shane’s complete body was smothered in foam. Alex and Stuart then set about starting to shave Shane’s body. They both agreed that it would only be fair to shave Shane from the neck down; this took ages as initially Shane started to struggle against his restraints but after a while he got tired and realized it was not worth his energy as he was not getting anywhere.

When the lads had finished they started to run their hands up and down Shane’s body to check their handywork, “Now that’s nice” remarked Shane, nothing better than a freshly shaved body. “We must get you ready for bed; we have a long day in rubber planned for you and us tomorrow so you must get some sleep”. Shane couldn’t believe what he was hearing, these guys were serious.

Stuart went to the wall and retrieved an article of clothing and returned to Shane. He shook it out. It was a blue adidas full lycra suit. “You will look nice in this” remarked Stuart.

Stuart rolled up the legs of the suit and slipped Shane’s feet into each leg and then eased the lycra suit up Shane’s legs, positioned it around his crutch and waist and then helped his arms into the suit. With a few alterations of moving the suit around Stuart finally zipped it up. Shane felt great, he had never had a full lycra outfit on before, the feel of the stretchy material encased around his entire body was electric. He felt naked and vulnerable but yet in a funny sense he felt great, especially now with his smooth shaved body the lycra felt fantastic. He had only worn cycle shorts before and this full suit was so horny. Alex pointed to a damp spot appearing on Shane’s crutch, and laughed, “I think you like this suit as well don’t you Shane,” Shane just nodded.

Shane was feeling really great and horny in the one piece lycra outfit the lads had fitted to him. It was cooler than the wetsuit, he started to think that he must buy one of these outfits, and then he drifted off into other thoughts of any situations he could wear it.

Just as Shane was getting used to and enjoying wearing his new outfit Alex turned to him and said “Oh, I don’t think we have finished with your outfit yet for sleeping in, we must add some rubber for you”

Alex went to the wall and bought back what looked like a very large one piece wetsuit.

It was a large thick semi-dry one piece wetsuit, made of thick rubber. Shane thought it looked miles too big for him. “Right, let’s get you dressed” said Alex.

Alex and Stuart laid out the suit and with both their efforts fed Shane’s legs into the heavy wetsuit, they pulled up the suit over Shane’s waist, and fed his head through the neck seal, forced his two arms into the sleeves of the suit and sealed up the rear zip.

The suit was certainly a little larger than Shane because when he was completely suited up there was still excess material in the legs and arms. Alex and Stuart moved Shane onto the floor and then Stuart took hold of the suit and pulled it down towards his ankles. This action produced lots more material in the legs and Stuart pulled this down and over Shane’s feet, with the excess material over Shane’s toes Stuart got a rope and tied off the end of the suit. He then repeated the same with Shane’s other leg and then the two arms.

Shane was then left completely covered inside the suit and both feet and hands were covered and they had been sealed off and tied tight with rope. He was now cocooned within the suit.

Alex looked at Shane and remarked that he looked like a puppet with rope attachments to his hands and feet.

Stuart had produced an inflatable double mattress and pushed it into the centre of the room then they both moved Shane onto the mattress so he was lying on his back. Stuart then took one of the ropes from the wetsuit arms and took it and secured it to a hook in the skirting board and repeated it with the other arm. Alex did likewise with the two ropes from the legs.

Shane was left spread-eagled on the mattress securely fastened in a cross position and held within the wetsuits confines.

Alex found an open latex hood and slid it onto Shane’s head, he then found the gasmask again and fitted it over the hood. Shane didn’t want to wear the gasmask and was groaning and moaning as they fitted the straps over his head and began tightening them.

“There we are ‘Said Stuart looking at their creation, “I don’t think you will get out of that”! “You now get some sleep, as we have a busy day tomorrow”.

Stuart and Alex turned off the light in the playroom and retired to bed.

The next morning Shane was woken by hearing sounds above his head, he stirred from his sleep and found he was still where he was, bound and suited. He had been awake a lot that night and had only really fallen into sleep several times due to tiredness.

He heard footsteps come into the room and then caught vision of Alex and Stuart.

Both guys were dressed head to toe in black motorcycle leathers, tight one piece outfits. “Wakey,wakey, rise and shine” shouted Alex. He bent down and rubbed Shane’s crutch several times and got an instant response.” No change here then” still loves the gear, as he nodded to Stuart. Stuart had started to undo the ropes which secured Shane, Alex began to help and within a few seconds Shane was untied.

“Right, we have an action packed day, so no delays,” Alex removed Shane’s gasmask and then the inner rubber hood, Shane’s face was pale, the mask was full of sweat as Alex tossed it to one side. Stuart set about unzipping the suit and with the help of Alex and someassistance from Shane the thick one piece suit was removed.

Shane’s lycra suit was saturated, it clung to his body even more than normal.

“Right you have twenty minutes to shower and present yourself, ordered Stuart. “There’s an outfit on the back of the door for you”.

With that the two guys turned and left the playroom.

Shane was left bewildered; it was the first time he had been left out of bondage. He felt great and went over to the shower cubicle and started the shower.

After Shane had had his shower he toweled himself down, he felt much better, although he loved wearing the rubber wetsuits and lycra he hadn’t imagined how hot it would be together, he couldn’t believe he had spent all the night in his favorite gear.

Shane went to the door to find the item of clothing Stuart and Alex had left for him, it was a one piece shortie wetsuit, it had short arms and legs, in smoothskin black but made from relatively thin material. Shane unfolded it and he was starting to get hard as he felt the soft smooth thin material in his hands, he brushed the material against his nose and shook out the suit. Shane put his legs into the suit and pulled the suit up over his thighs, he was really hard now as the material clung to his legs; he eased the suit around his waist, and fed his arms into the suit and after adjusting it several times he pulled up the back zip with the cord provided.

He felt great, the material was extremely tight and it showed every line of his smooth body and not to mention his now hard erection. When he had finished he admired himself for a few seconds and couldn’t help but to start stroking himself, he was getting hornier by the minute. He thought he ought to present himself to the lads as time was moving on and he didn’t want to get on the wrong sides of them in any way.

Shane knocked on the door of the playroom and after a few seconds the door was opened by Alex, “Oh, you are ready now then! You took your time” With that he took Shane’s arm and pushed him down the hallway. Stuart was standing there with a large one piece wetsuit in his hand. “Right, come on we have too go!” Shane didn’t really want to put on the wetsuit as he was enjoying the cool feel of the short suit but Alex held his arms from behind and Stuart held out the suit for Shane to insert his legs. One by one Shane inserted his legs into the suit; it was certainly a thicker suit.

Stuart pulled up the suit around Shane’s waist and Alex stuffed Shane’s head through the neck seal and guided his arms into the suit. Alex tugged on the shoulder zip; it was stiff and gradually pulled it across, sealing Shane again inside the wetsuit.

Stuart produced a pair of motorcycle boots from under the hall stand and put Shane’s feet into them and strapped them up tightly. Alex had a pair of wetsuit gloves and forced then over Shane’s hands whilst Stuart got a very thin latex hood which he struggled to fit over Shane’s head. The hood only had nose and mouth holes for Shane to breathe through so he was now totally blind as to what the lads had in store for him. Shane was guided to the door by Alex and Stuart who then produced a black motorcycle helmet from the hall and began to fit it over Shane’s latex covered head. Shane could feel the constriction of the helmet and wondered what the hell it was; he had guessed a crash helmet as he had seen the guys dressed in motorcycle gear earlier. Stuart secured the chinstrap of the helmet and pulled down the black visor over Shane’s face.

Shane was beginning to warm up as he was now dressed in two wetsuits and hooded, booted and gloved. Stuart held the door open and Alex guided Shane out walking through the door and into the garage.

The lads both had motorbikes and loved to go out cruising around town and country, both were parked in the back of the garage and Alex guided Shane to the rear of one of the bikes. With that Stuart and Alex picked up Shane and put him up onto the rear seat of Alex’s Honda. Alex knelt down and produced a leather ankle cuff and promptly fitted it to one of Shane’s ankles and with the help of a small clip locked to the rear foot rest of the bike. Alex repeated the same with the other ankle whilst then Stuart got two wrist cuffs and fitted them to Shane’s wrists, again with the aid of two small clips Shane’s wrists were then locked to the rear hand rest at the back of the bike.

“There we are “sighed Alex as he stood back to admire their work, “One wetsuited biker, secured nicely to my machine”!

Both the lads donned their own helmets and started their machines and maneuvered them out of the garage and down the drive.

Shane could not believe it; they weren’t going to take him out on the back of their bikes with him dressed in a wetsuit for everybody to see, were they? Well they certainly had every intention too as Alex and Stuart revved up their engines and pulled away down the road making their way into town.

Shane was now locked onto the rear of the bike he couldn’t move at all; in fact what was the point? It would be too dangerous now. The guys sped off, they left the small estate the guys lived in and headed for the dual carriageway out of town. Several times Alex and Stuart pulled up at traffic lights and they could see that some car passengers looked across at them, at a quick glance you wouldn’t have been any the wiser that this was just two bikers out on a run together, but if you got a closer look, as you would at traffic lights, you could clearly see the rear pillion on one biker was wearing different gear and you could make out the restraint which secured him tightly to the bikes frame. The guys loved it, showing off their wetsuited mate on the rear of the bike.

Shane was oblivious to all this, he was well and truly blind, he could make out the motion of the bike, so he knew when it was stopping and pulling away, but he had no idea of who was looking at him, if anybody at all.

In the end he thought who cares; nobody would know it was him underneath the wetsuit.

The guys rode for approximately a quarter of an hour and then Shane could feel them come off hard road and onto very bumpy ground, he was thrown around but clenched even tighter to the back of the bike, he didn’t want to be thrown off and break his bones against the restraints. Soon the bikes came to a halt and the engines were stopped.

Alex and Stuart dismounted and started to unlock the wrist and ankle cuffs from Shane, they then helped him off the bike.

The guys had rode to a local set of woods, not too far from where they lived; it was really only a short ride back to the town.

Stuart bent down and undid Shane’s boots and removed them one by one. Shane winced as his bare feet hit the bracken and undergrowth. He got worried ‘What were these mates up too?

His gloves were then removed and then finally his crash helmet. Alex tugged at the rear zip of Shane’s wetsuit and pulled it open and with the help of Stuart they removed the large wetsuit. Alex then pulled off Shane’s latex hood. He blinked as his eyes got accustomed to the bright light.

He found himself in a small clearing in a set of woods, he knew he couldn’t be too far away as they hadn’t been riding for long. He was now left standing in his shortie wetsuit.

Stuart gathered up the wetsuit and restraints and spare helmet and boots and packed them into his rucksack and then removed from the bag a pair of his Airmax trainers. He handed them to Alex and they offered them up too Shane.

“Right, you are going to need those, Stuart remarked, Shane bent down in fear and started to pull back the laces of the trainers and started to put them on to his feet.

“Right, this is your second public dare now, we are leaving you here, you have 1 hour to meet us in MacDonald’s in the shopping centre or else!”

Shane couldn’t believe what he was hearing, the guys were leaving him now stranded in the woods wearing only a small shortie black smoothskin wetsuit and trainers in the woods and it was up to him to make his own way to the local shopping centre and meet them in all places but macdonalds on Sunday lunchtime. They must be out of their heads he thought.

“Right, no buts, we are off, we will see you later, you will be rewarded you know” sneered Alex. With that the two lads mounted their bikes and started their machines, Shane watched with amazement as they two guys kicked away the stands and pulled off up the track of the woods.

Shane took a look at himself, did he look stupid? Would anyone question his outfit as he went into town? What if he met some friends? This was serious. But what was he going to do? He kept asking himself questions, and he couldn’t come up with any answers.

Shane moved out of the clearing and started to tentatively walk up the track, he felt strange as the wetsuit moved with his body, it was warm and the sun was beaming through the trees making the black rubber suit very warm to touch, but he couldn’t resist as he felt his erection from within its confines. Shane was nearly at the end of the track which led onto the main road, he’d hoped the two guys would be parked up at the end and he would be saved from any further embarrassment in his suit, but when he emerged at the end there was none in sight, only a few passing cars and lorries.

Shane paused and thought for a while, should be make his way home? Should he go to the shopping centre? Should he go and buy some more clothes for him to wear?

What should he do?

If he went home, what would his parents say? Arriving home dressed like that. He had no money to buy clothes, and he didn’t feel he could walk into a clothes shop dressed like that. If he also did not go and meet the guys then they would come after him anyway.

He felt he had no option but to push on and see if he could make it to McDonalds. Time was running out, he was under pressure. If he didn’t get going his hour would soon disappear, and when he thought back on it the lads had been clever, although out of bondage he was still very much under their control.

Shane was beginning to think that a lot of people would think the wetsuit was only a cycling outfit so nothing would be too out of the ordinary, so he pushed no and emerged onto the roadway.

Several cars passed him and he felt as if all the drivers were doing was looking at him, so he thought he would change pace and move into a slight jog, at least if he was running they would believe he was just training or keeping fit.

Shane gained pace, he had no idea of the time, and the jogging in the bright sunshine was now starting to make him warm up within the wetsuit. Its black smoothskin rubber absorbed the heat and was very hot, the smell of the warm neoprene was hitting him in the nose as he started to breathe heavier and heavier as he ended the dual carriageway and onto the town centre ring road.

Shane could make out the entrance into the shopping centre, he knew it very well, and he went there a lot especially to feed his passion of new sportswear and trainers.

Before long Shane found himself at the entrance to the shopping centre and could now feel a lot of eyes were on him, it wasn’t as bad as he had first thought, although he was extremely hot and sweat was pouring down his forehead and dripping onto the smoothskin suit. He knew once inside the centre he would have to walk, he couldn’t exactly jog inside the shopping malls, he would create more attention than ever.

Shane moved into a fast walk, he felt the sweat dripping down his back within the suit; he was hot now just through the fear factor.

He knew where McDonalds was and made his way around the centre. In some respect he felt great wearing his favorite horny gear but still was terrified that he may bump into someone he knew. Shane made his way into McDonalds and frantically looked around inside the door for Alex and Stuart, they weren’t there he thought, but then he caught sight of Stuart sitting over the other side of the seating area. He had changed and was wearing his latest nike tracksuit. Thank god, he thought as he moved passed people to get to Stuarts table.

As soon as Stuart saw Shane he acknowledged him and pulled out a chair for Shane to sit down on.

“You made it Shane!” he remarked, “Yes, replied Shane can we get out of here?” “You look horny Stuart continued, Shane was delighted at Stuarts remark but just wanted to get out of the restaurant. “Where’s Alex”? Shane asked “He’s in the men’s room, cubicle two; you must go and meet him”. With that Shane rose from his seat and hastily moved over to the door marked ‘Toilets’.

Once in the toilets Shane went over to the toilets and knocked on the door of cubicle two. “Who’s that?” came from inside, “it’s me, Shane replied”. Alex instantly knew that Shane must have met up with Stuart and clicked the door open and ushered Shane inside the cubicle.

Alex locked the cubicle door again and then without hesitating reached out and gave Shane a long lingering kiss on Shane’s lips, Shane responded and in no time at all they were engaged in a long lingering embrace, Shane was a great French kisser and had no problems making Alex feel good. Alex reached behind Shane’s back and pulled the cord down on his wetsuit he pulled back the wetsuit away from Shane’s shoulders and peeled it down his arms. He put his hand down inside Shane’s hot sweaty wetsuit and started to fondle Shane, Shane reacted immediately. Shane was over the moon, his best mate now had him in a wetsuit and was fondling and caressing him and they both loved it.

Alex pulled the wetsuit down and off Shane’s waist and Shane stepped out of the suit leaving him naked all but his loaned airmax trainers.

“Here, put this on, you will look fab in this” Alex said as he lifted a item of clothing from his bag on the toilet floor. It was a lycra cycling suit, all in one with short arms and legs.

Alex took the suit and put his legs into the suit, the material was lovely and soft as he pulled the suit up over his thighs and positioned it around his crutch. He put his arms into the sleeves and pulled the suit up around his body and pulled the zipper up.

“I said you would be rewarded” remarked Alex, with that he unlocked the toilet door and ushered Shane out into the toilets. “But, but, but” said Shane, “No buts” replied Alex “come on lets go”, “What dressed like this?” Shane retorted, “Come on you look great! It looks as if you are on your bike, let’s go”. With that Shane felt great; he was wearing a nice tight cycle suit, which he thought genuinely he could have cycled in to the shopping centre. He left the toilets with Alex and met Stuart and they both left the restaurant walking down the mall. Shane felt great he was with his two best mates, wearing his most liked gear, out in the shopping centre.

He followed the lads out of the centre and up to the car park and there in front of him in the front row of the spaces was Stuarts van. “Oh no,” thought Shane as he feasted his eyes upon the vehicle. It reminded him of the time he was held in the van before. He hesitated, but slowed up walking, “Come on” barked Stuart as he turned to Shane. We’re going to go for another drive.
With that Alex and Stuart opened the rear of the van and pushed Shane into it.

“Oh, no, what did they have in mind now? Shane thought.

To be continued… In part 3

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