Shane’s Weekend – Part 3

By Wetsuited.

The Story

Once back at the van Alex opened the rear door and held them open for Shane to climb in, once in Alex and Stuart jumped in behind him and pulled the doors closed.

Alex pushed Shane onto the mattress on the floor of the van and immediately dropped down and straddled Shane, sitting across his stomach, Alex reached to the sides and pulled a wrist restraint towards Shane and promptly strapped it onto Shane’s wrist, he leant over and repeated it with the other wrist while Stuart snapped on two chains to each of the wrist restraints. Stuart pulled on one of the chains out to the side of the van and pulled it through a strut on the vans body panels, this pulled Shane’s arm right out to the side of the van, Stuart then repeated the same move with the other chain and then fixed each chain securely to the side of the van. Meanwhile Alex was repeating the same by adding two ankle restraints and chains to Shane. These chains in turn were then secured to the side of the van.

Shane was left spread-eagled to the mattress and helpless at his mate mercy.

Shane was excited again and a large hard on started to show in his lycra cycle suit, Alex and Stuart couldn’t resist and so they started to tease Shane and started stroking his cock through the lycra, Shane reacted even more as his hard on tightened against the shiny fabric.

Alex and Stuart continued to stroke Shane, as he now started to groan and struggle against his restraints, but they knew how far they could take him, Shane was writhing around with pleasure when Alex and Stuart stopped.

Alex found a black latex hood with only eyes and nose holes and fitted it to Shane.” Right, lets get back to base” Remarked Stuart “As we have a great time planned for this evening. We have a wetsuit party to host so we need to get the playroom and Shane ready”. With that Alex and Stuart jumped over into the cab of the van and started the engine in preparation for the journey back to their apartment.

Shane was left chained in the rear, thinking,”Oh god, a wetsuit party”, what was this all about?”

After the short journey back to their apartment Alex and Stuart released Shane from the chains and replaced them with a set of handcuffs and leg shackles, they opened the van and let Shane hobble out of the rear and into the apartment.” You had better get some sleep” said Alex,” We have a lot of work to do and you need to be on top form for this evening.” With that said Alex led Shane into a small bedroom, helped him onto the bed and then turned and walked out. Shane heard the lock on the door click behind him.

Shane was woken by Alex, he had been asleep, he did not know how long, but he was tired and took sometime to come round.

As he opened his eyes Alex was standing over him dressed in a full onepiece Gul wetsuit, he looked horny, the suit was mainly black with only a few panels of blue on the lower arms and legs, it fitted him tight. The chest panel was black smoothskin. He wore wetsuit boots which made him look from head to toe really sexy.

“Come on wakey, wakey!” Alex snapped at Shane, “We have a party to host”.

Shane remembered, “Now we have a wetsuit party going on and you need to join us” remarked Alex.

Alex started to undo Shane’s restraints from the bed while Shane could hear other voices and sensed that other people were in the apartment, lots of laughter and joking was going on.

Alex held out to Shane a wetsuit for him to put on, “Come on get this on, quickly, we need to get you down to the other guests, oh and by the way there are a few rules for this party, everybody has to wear a wetsuit, their body must be completely covered from at least the neck down, no suits are to be removed until at least after 2am.

Oh wow thought Shane this is going to be a warm, horny time, lots of guys at a party wearing wetsuits.

“Now you are the main mystery guest at this party so I’m afraid you have to wear a hood until you are told it is to be removed and to add to your frustration your wetsuit, hood, gloves and boots will be locked onto your body and can only be removed by the key holder.

Alex had given Shane a full one piece wetsuit to put on it was an ‘orca’ triathlon suit, it was made from smoothskin rubber which Shane loved. It was quite thin.

Shane unzipped the cycle suit he had on and quickly slid the suit off his shoulders and peeled it off. He put his foot into the leg of the wetsuit and started to slide the suit up his leg, he started to get aroused; he loved the feel of the smooth black rubber and was getting horny to think his whole body would soon be clad in this lovely material. Shane put his other leg into the suit and pulled up the suit to his waist. He positioned the suit and fed his arms into the sleeves of the suit. The suit, if being honest, was one size too small, its material had to stretch tightly as he pulled the suit up and over his shoulders and it fitted tightly under his crutch. Alex moved in to help and pulled the suit together behind Shane’s shoulders and pulled the zip up to close the suit. When he had the suit closed Alex produced a small little padlock from the shelf and locked it through the zip pull and a small specially sewn in ‘D’ ring on the back of the neck of the suit.

“Wow” Shane thought, this had certainly been pre-planned, the suit had been specially modified for being locked onto a guy. Shane felt really horny as he was now locked into the ‘Orca’ wetsuit.

Alex produced a pair of wetsuit boots and handed them to Shane, Shane slid his feet into one of the boots which was not easy as he was sweaty and his feet stuck to the neoprene.

Eventually he had his foot in, they felt snug and warm, and then he fitted the remaining boot. Shane loved the boots, they fitted tightly to his feet and the soft rubber soles were great.

Alex bent down and removed the fastening straps around the neck of the boots and fitted two leather straps through the loops around the top of the boots. With the aid of another two small padlocks, Alex secured the leather straps around Shane’s ankles thus securing the boots onto Shane so he couldn’t remove them.

Shane was beginning to warm up and was getting hornier by the second, and started to stroke his groin, Alex could see what he was up to and said “Right we must get those hands covered”.
Alex found a pair of leather mittens and slid them onto Shane’s hands, these were double lined making it difficult to feel anything through them, and being a mitten meant Shane would have problems even trying to undo straps let alone pick padlocks to free himself.

Again these mittens had small straps around the wrists which Alex used to conveniently strap quite tight and then again he added two small padlocks.

“Right just your head to go” remarked Alex, Alex produced a latex hood that had eyes and nose holes but had an added zip for the mouth. Alex started to fit the hood onto Shane and then stopped and produced a small inflatable gag from the dresser. He inserted it into Shane’s mouth and buckled the straps up tight behind his head. Alex slightly inflated the gag and Shane gave out a small groan. Alex then finally pulled down the latex hood adjusted it around his face and added a small leather strap around the neck with another small padlock. “There we are you are complete, how does that feel Shane?” Alex asked, he knew Shane could not answer but by the body language he was giving he assumed he loved it.

Alex opened the door and held it for Shane to come out and directed him through to what Shane remembered as their playroom. Alex opened the playroom door and Shane could then see where all the voices were coming from. The room was full of guys clad in wetsuits of all different makes and colours. He was amazed; these must have been all of Stuart and Alex’s friends some of the guys were standing around drinking and laughing and then he noticed others were in various states of bondage and tied to different bits of equipment.

Just as Shane was getting accustomed as to what was going on in the room, a young blonde lad was brought in by two wetsuited guys, he had obviously only just arrived as he was not dressed in a wetsuit but a blue Adidas tracksuit, baseball cap and white Nike trainers. It was obvious to Shane that the guy was not happy and had not been there before. “Right come on lets get those clothes off”, said one of the wetsuited guys. The young lad look frightened and started to struggle from his captors but whilst one held his arms the other started to unzip his tracksuit top and remove it, once removed the guy pulled off his white t-shirt over his head. The young lad was well muscled and was smooth skinned, he must have been about Shane’s age but he didn’t recognise him from anywhere.

The guy moved to the young lads’ tracksuit bottoms and started to untied the drawstring on his waistband. “Stop it” cried the lad. But the guys just held on tighter, “Come on, you know you love it”! Cried one of the wetsuit clad guys. The guy spent some time rubbing his hands up and down the young lads’ tracksuit bottoms paying particular attention to the crutch area, and then knelt down and started to undo the laces on the lads’ trainers. With that the young lad gave the wetsuited guy a swift kick which landed on his chest, knocking him backwards to the floor. He got himself up and started shouting at the young lad,” Right, you will pay for that”. Alex moved away from Shane and went over to assist with the two wetsuited guys. “Come on Andy” said Alex “Get a grip, I’ll help you out”. With that they wrestled the young lad to the floor; he was still putting up a lot of resistance so Alex then sat on the young lads’ stomach whilst Andy undid the lads’ trainers.

One by one he removed the trainers and threw them to the side of the room and then pulled off the lads white sport socks and tossed them into the corner. Alex put his hands either side of the lads’ waistband of the tracksuit bottoms and pulled them down. The lad started to scream to leave him alone but the lads just held on tighter.

The young lad had a pair of electric blue Speedos on under his tracksuit bottoms and against his smooth legs looked great. Alex finally removed the tracksuit bottoms and tossed them into the corner of the room and then started to undo the drawstring on the lads speedos. “What do we have here?” he remarked as he slapped the growing bulge in the Speedos. The young lad had a big boner “I think he loves it really” shouted Alex.

Alex put his fingers into the waistband of the Speedos and pulled them down to the young lads knees. His erection slapped up against his stomach for all the other lads to see.

Alex pulled the Speedos completely off the young lad leaving him now totally naked and held down by the two guys. The young lad was still fiercely writhing around on the floor and so another two wetsuited guys came over to assist.

“This is a tough little recruit” remarked Stuart as he walked up to the group from the back of the room. He had a full one piece wetsuit in his hands which he threw down onto the floor and folded out beside the young lad. “Your going in to this whether you like it or not” he put his face up to the young lad to show him he meant business.

The young lad was still struggling; “We need to shut him up”! Remarked Alex, “I know” said Stuart He walked to the back of the playroom and came back with a small plug gag, and muzzle. He knelt down at the back of the lads head and squeezed the plug into the young lads’ mouth and with a bit of difficulty pulled the straps around his head and secured them tightly. Stuart then fitted the leather strapped muzzle which had great effect as it held the mouth and jaws firmly closed against the gag. All that could be heard now was the muffled cries of the young lad to leave him alone.

“This is going to be difficult to get him into the suit!” one of the wetsuited lads remarked. “If we all help it should not be too much trouble, but he will tire out soon” replied Stuart.

Stuart pulled the back zipper down, on the rear of the wetsuit, and opened it and offered it up to the young lads feet, the two assistants then fed the lads kicking feet into the legs of the suit and starting to pull it up the lads lower legs and thighs. “Stop struggling or it is only going to get worse” Stuart bellowed at the young lad, the thrashing around seem to stop and the two guys then started to lift the young lads arse to get the suit around his waist, with that they hauled the guy to his feet and started to force his arms into each sleeve of the suit.

Stuart had chosen quite a thick suit about 5mm thickness so the fitting was even more difficult for the guys.

Eventually they had the lad enclosed in the one piece suit and finally were able to close the rear zip. “I think we will have to secure this one tightly” said Stuart as he now started to manoeuvre the young lad to the side wall of the playroom. On the wall was a cross looking device made of heavy timber with lots of straps and buckles hanging from it. It was slightly off the floor and had foot rests for the feet.

The two wetsuited guys pushed the young lad forward and with his back to the wall lifted him onto the equipment. They then secured his wrists into restraints at one end and then spread out the young lads legs and secured his ankles into shackles on either side of the cross. Further straps were then fastened around the lads waist and chest and even more straps were then placed around his thighs and upper and lower arms.

When they had finished the poor young lad could hardly move, every limb of his wetsuited body and been strapped to the wall and his body as well. Further straps were then entwined with the head muzzle which then even held his head real tight to the fixture. “There we are” said Stuart” I said we could do it and doesn’t he look great”

The young lad was still groaning into the gag but any move of his body was impossible.

Alex and Stuart moved away from the young lad and turned to face Shane, who had been watching all this going on and had a tremendous erection at the front of his suit.

“We have a nice plan for you”, remarked Alex as he went to retrieve a piece of clothing on the floor. Alex pick it up and shook it out and moved over to Shane, Shane eyed it and thought it looked like a leather jacket but then he noticed lots of straps, it was a straitjacket. They weren’t going to lock him into that he thought.

Alex shook out the straitjacket and held it open, Shane was thinking it was useless to refuse as he had seen what had happened to the young lad and knew he could not put up any reasonable fight. He was strapped and locked into his wetsuit and with the added mittens he had no say in the matter at all.

Shane held out his arms and Alex fed the jacket over his arms and went round behind Shane to pull the jacket up tight to his chest. He pulled the rear of the jacket together and started to strap the rear straps together. “Breathe in” asked Alex, with that Shane breathed in and at that moment Alex pulled on the strap even tighter. The fit of the leather straitjacket was extreme now and he was beginning to wish he had not breathed in so much. Alex snapped several small padlocks to the straps and then pulled the two arm straps around to the rear of the jacket and buckled and locked then tight. To finish off Alex took the two crutch straps and fed them between Shane’s legs and pulled them up tight and buckled them shut. Shane was really held tight now in the leather jacket, with the wetsuit underneath the straps did not dig into his skin and the feeling of it tight against his body was awesome.

With the added straitjacket Shane was beginning to warm up and was perspiring heavily from his forehead.

Alex looked at Shane and remarked in a low voice “you look great” he looked up and down Shane, standing there dressed in a complete wetsuit and the added straitjacket over the top made him look even hornier. Alex moved up to Shane and started to kiss Shane, and before long tongues were in and out of each other in a wild passionate embrace, both guys were obviously very turned on before Stuart came over and remarked” Enough of that you two love birds leave each other alone, we haven’t finished yet”, with that Stuart came over to them both dragging a sleeping bag behind him.

Stuart shook it out onto the ground and then unzipped the top. Stuart moved behind Shane and with the help of Alex they moved Shane to the floor until he was lying on his back. With that Stuart fed Shane’s legs into the bag and starting pulling the bag up Shane’s wetsuit clad body, Stuart kept pulling the bag until he had it around Shane’s shoulders and neck and then he started pulling on the top cord to close the bag around Shane’s neck. Alex and Stuart then using both there strength moved Shane over to the side of the room and laid him out on a small couch.

Shane was left locked in a wetsuit, bound in a straitjacket and then tied in a sleeping bag, he had certainly no escape!

Alex and Stuart moved away from Shane but Alex winked at Shane as he turned. Shane knew now he was in with Alex, he was a horny guy, he filled a wetsuit well and from the antics of the last couple of days he knew now he had fallen in love with his best mate.

Stuart and Alex walked over to a guy who was dressed in a surf shortie wetsuit, he looked really cute, it was bright blue in colour and clung to his body well, his pale white smooth legs and arms stood out from the suit. He looked worried as the two guys approached, he had seen the young lad and Shane get set upon and thought he might be in for the same treatment.

Stuart smiled and greeted him,”Hi Greg, you look hot!”, “Thanks”, replied Greg.

“We must cool you down then” replied Stuart. He reached down to the coffee table and picked up Greg’s drink, it was a pint of coke with ice, and then with one hand he pulled down the zip on the back of Greg’s wetsuit a few inches and poured the drink inside the front neck of his suit. Greg gasped and shouted as the cold drink plus the ice hit the inside of his suit and skin.

“There, any cooler?” Stuart questioned Greg.

Greg said nothing as he wondered that if he said anything he would be in for more bad treatment.

“Obviously not” replied Stuart as he got no answer from Greg. With that Stuart took hold of the arm of Greg and pulled him over to a piece of apparatus in the far corner of the room. Greg looked at it, it looked like a large magician’s box, and it had glass doors on the front and resembled a fish tank. Alex joined them and together they pushed Greg into the box, Greg was only small and proved no problem to Alex and Stuart. Stuart reached down to the bottom of the box and snapped onto each ankle a leather ankle restraint, he then took two wrist restraints and fitted them to Greg’s wrists and secured them at waist level to the side of the box Alex pulled and a large belt from the rear of the box around Greg’s waist and another around the top of his chest.

Alex then produced a gasmask with a hood attached and slid it onto Greg’s head, Greg didn’t obviously like masks and was starting to moan but all his cries were now muffled from within the gasmask, and above the noise of all that was going on, it couldn’t be really heard at all.
Alex then shut the doors on the box and Greg was left shackled inside the glass box for all the guys to see.

“I think we can now cool you down properly” sniggered Stuart as he turned a tap next to the box. With that water started to pour into the bottom of the box. Greg looked down and could now see water coming into the box, and started to swell up over his new Puma ‘speedcat’ trainers, he had only just brought them a few weeks ago and was now getting annoyed that they would become saturated, but what could he do? This wasn’t his only worry, were the guys going to drown him? He didn’t really think so but this was a strange feeling, water was beginning to fill the tank as Greg started to wriggle his toes and feet around. The water continued to rise above his ankles, it was quiet pleasant as the water was only slightly warm. All the lads in the party that could came over to watch Greg in the tank as the water started to rise, soon it hit Greg’s crutch and he winced and struggled against his restraints as the water filled his wetsuit and cooled his crutch. The suit was now changing colour as the water rose further and further up Greg’s body, he felt helpless and wondered how far the guys was going to fill the tank. Alex was watching the water level as he was concerned that he just wanted the right level to be achieved, and he shut off the tap as the water reached under Greg’s chin. “There we are! Are you cooler now? Stuart questioned Greg.

Once filled most of the guys moved away from the box and continued to chat and play with the other lads around the playroom.

After an hour had gone by Stuart announced that all guys could be released and join the main party.

Two guys went and released the young lad from the wall and led him out of the playroom, the water was drained from the tank and young Greg was released from the tank and taken away.

Alex and Stuart went over to Shane and removed the sleeping bag and the straitjacket, but didn’t remove his wetsuit or mittens.

“Come on lets party!” shouted Stuart as he turned the music up and started to jiggle and dance around the room. Alex returned to the room with cans of drink and bottled beer and all the guys then started to relax and chat.

Shane thought this was great all the guys were clad in wetsuits and having a great time, Greg was brought back into the room along with the young lad and they had been changed and given a new one piece wetsuits to wear and Shane could see that they were also locked into them at the wrists and ankles and back zipper.

Shane found it extremely warm as the drinking continued and the dancing and music played.

The party continued for several more hours, several games of ‘Twister’ were played, which the guys seemed to really enjoy as each game ended in a mass of wetsuited figures in a contorted mass in the middle of the floor.

By the early hours of the morning everybody was beginning to get tired and the effects of the drink were beginning to tell on all the guys, until Stuart announced that he had the keys to all the wetsuits in a glass, each lad would pick a set of keys from the glass and that would be their partner to release them from their wetsuits. Stuart passed the glass amongst the guys and each guy pulled a bunch of keys from the glass, each bunch was tagged with each others name.

It was Shane’s turn to pick a set of keys; he drew breath as he put his hand into the glass and slowly removed a set. He looked at the tag and read out the name. “Alex”. Shane couldn’t believe his luck; of all the cutest guys in the room he had chosen Alex’s keys.

Alex looked at Shane and gave him a loving look in his eyes, Shane grinned.

“Come on lets go”, said Alex as he offered his hand out to Shane and they both put arms round each other and left the playroom together.

To be continued…

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