Sneaking Permission

By skyler.

The Story

The bus was full of my classmates, excited at the prospect of the weekend field trip we were having. I say field trip, it was supposed to be more of an adventure holiday. Previous years we had gone done a spot of kayaking and canoeing, some climbing and general outdoor like activities. This year however was a more informative excursion. As part of our college course we were to have a team building exercise of sorts, involving lectures seminars and the like. Nothing was noteworthy and certainly nothing quite as memorable as what happened to me personally.

You see, I have a thing for wetsuits and always have. The tight embrace of them as they wrap around my legs arms and tightly hold my entire body. The thought of it sent me crazy and the sight of a wetsuit out of context made my mind race with sparks. I was incredibly disappointed when I was to realize that we were merely using the centre as a classroom without distractions. The helmets, the equipment and most importantly the wetsuits were out of bounds and not to be used.

I had to have the forbidden fruit.

When we arrived, we took our bags of the coach and moved them to our rooms, dormitories shared between 6 to 8 people with uncomfortable plywood bunk beds. Straight away we headed off to our first lecture and got introduced to the staff members. There were several old familiar faces, but one stood out. Eyebrow length straight blonde hair and a chiseled but youthful looking jawline. Gavin spoke first.

“Welcome to Amsted Hall, I’m Gavin some of you might recognize me from the “Tiger Trail” course you may have had about 3 years ago. I assure you that we have a much more informative weekend ahead of you this time.”

My less active best friend Richard breathed a sigh of relieve.

“I’d like to introduce you to our new equipment officer ‘Adam’.” Gavin continued pointing casually to the tall blonde haired guy. “He’s new here so be sure to be kind and pleasant to him, and do as he says.”

The rest of the day was filled with tedious exercises. All of which tiresome and none of which interesting.

After the day was out, we were heading off to bed. The dormitories were traditional affairs with bunk beds and a limited number of duvets and pillows, about 6 in a room and noisy with the chatter of restless young guys. I arrived to the room later than most after spending a few minutes in the toilet. When I arrived I found my bed empty, with no pillow or duvet. I heard sniggers from the top bunks, and angrily left trying to find a replacement pillow.

Usually the cupboard held them, but it was barren. Quietly I headed down the stairs to the laundry room which I remember seeing 3 years ago as I returned from a walking expedition. The area was lit dimly, the only light from a security light outside the window. As I walked through the drying room I noticed something hanging over a divider. Matte, textured and glistening in a ray of light. I reached out towards it and touched the surface and the tactile sensation sent shivers down my spine. I spent a good 30 seconds stood there contemplating the idea and finally decided.

Hastily I shed my shirt, folding it up and placing it neatly on the bench. I then, looking down the corridor, started to cautiously take down my boxer shorts, the cool rural air breezing around my naked torso. There was silence all around as I lifted the wetsuit off the divider and dangled it down in front of me. Size wise, it was slightly shorter than me and had long arms, legs and a full collar but regardless I unzipped it and arranged it in front of me, my cock hardening at the idea.

The aroma tickled my nose, the smell of warm rubber from the drying room heaters caused a grin and I angled my right leg into the body of the suit. Working the ankle over I awkwardly aimed my left leg in and pulled it up.

As I raised the suit around my chest I felt the material compress my sides. My legs felt comfortably squeezed by the material as I continued to raise the suit to my chest, placing my arms into the holes and pulling it up to my neck. I reached behind and fingered around for the zipper, finding it and slowly sealing myself in, first compacting my stomach and then my chest and finally sealing my entire body inside the tight, arousing neoprene.

Grabbing my crotch in my hand, I gave my cock a firm rub through the material as I grinded it through the rubber. The sensation of being naked underneath the wetsuit was overwhelming.

Suddenly I felt an arm grab around me and an unfamiliar scent smothered my face. I was already tired and no match for the chloroform that my assailant used. I collapsed into his arms still wearing the wetsuit and I drifted off into an induced slumber.

“Rise and shine” said and unfamilar voice slapping me round the face. “Who said you could use that?” he remarked, finger pointing at my body.

I opened up my eyes and saw a blond haired person vaguely in front of me. As he cleared I noticed it was the new guy Gavin introduced this morning. ”

So you are awake now then. I hope I didn’t cause you too much fright, I’m sure an adventurous type like you wouldn’t mind.” Looking around I saw a beamed ceiling in a windowless room, the air smelt of damp rubber and the walls were covered with a range of rental wetsuits and other gear. I tried to rub my eyes, but I couldn’t. Looking down I saw I was wearing what appeared to be a strait-jacket, my arms folded over my torso unable to move them even slightly, the straps were tied tightly and were gripping into my back and groin. ”

MMmmmmppphhh” I yelled into the gag that was placed around my head. ”

The strait-jacket is mine, as is the wetsuit that you decided to wear without my permission. I thought you might as well have the entire package. I’m Adam by the way”.

I tried to argue but all that came out were muffles. He had me totally under control and I was totally thrilled by it. ”

Look, your gonna spend the weekend that way so stop struggling.”

My jaw dropped.

Adam stood up from kneeling in front of me and picked up a helmet from the wall, placing it over my head and fastening it under my chin, the helmet was slightly too small squeezing my ears tightly muffling the noise quite a bit. Next he reached into a bag and produced a mummy style sleeping bag, red in colour and quite thickly padded.

Adam stopped to think. ”

We don’t want your feet to get cold do we?”

I mumbled into the gag as he proceeded to put some wetsuit booties on me, making sure I couldn’t kick them off by tightening them well.

Finally in one movement he hoisted me into the mummy style sleeping bag and zipped it closed, as I struggled inside like a worm, he began to weave several yards of climbing rope around the outside, ensuring that I couldn’t move my legs or arms at all. Sweat was dripping off my face as I looked at Adam in mercy.

This mercy was ill received as Adam hoisted me over his shoulder and lowered me into a paddle cage on the side of a trailer, barely fitting both in width and height. As it slammed shut, it trapped my helmet making my head immovable and squeezing the sleeping bag even more around my arms. Without a word, Adam left.

There I was, sweat dripping off my face, stewing in my sweat, wetsuit drenched and unable to move even a little. Furthermore my boner was back but the straight jacket prevented me from reaching it. Infuriated I thrashed around rattling the cage only a little, how long would I have to remain here, it would be 7 hours till the others woke up and he did say I would be here all weekend.


Has John come back?” asked Richard, wondering absent mind-idly about my absence.

“I’m sure he found somewhere else to sleep.” a voice replyed.

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