Surfers’ Paradise

This is my 2nd attempt at creating a wetsuit story, I have spend around two and half hours on this story, this time I have made sure that more wetsuits is involved in the story since I felt that my other story ‘The Golden Chest’ did not involve much wetsuits in it. I hope you all like this story.

The Story

It is a beautiful and cool morning in Spain, 21 years old Greg soon found that out when he woke up, stumbling out of his bed and opening his blinds at the window wearily, then walking slowly to get a shower and had a long and refreshing shower, which soon woke him up more. He walked back to his messy room and dug out some clothes to wear for today, some white shirt and red short, complete with sandal, to keep his feet cool as it will be very hot day or so the weather forecast said so. He then noticed a scribbled note stuck to his mirror on the back of the door, it said ‘New wetsuit needed!!! Trip to the beach with friends on 13th August’, Greg remembered writing it and groaned, he has been hoping for a nice and relaxing day in front of the TV, but no he has to go and get a wetsuit.

Greg grabbed his keys and went out and locked the door behind him, jumping into his shiny silver porsche, taking the roof down and then drove off to find a shop that specialise in wetsuits. He checked in Shore, O’Neill, Fistral, and other top shops that would make Greg’s friends Gordon and Rob jealous of him, unfortunately he didn’t find any wetsuits suited to his taste. While driving, enjoying the cool breeze going through his hair, he then noticed a shop he has not seen before, it looked new, going by the name of Surfers’ Paradise. Being a curious man all his life, Greg parked in the car park next to the Surfers’ Paradise and stepped out, looking up at the shop, wondering if he have seen it before, if it is new, how come he never heard of it.

Pressing his car immoboliser, to automatically lock his car, before walking up to the front door, which is a double automatic door, made of glass, the doors slid open for him to step in. Hearing his sandals clicking on the blue and white marbles floor walking past the pay counter, he surveyed the area, looking up, seeing the sun pouring into the shop through the glass dome, hanging suspended from the middle of the dome is a glass chandelier, the chandelier looks as if it is full of flickering candles when it is actually the sun bouncing off all the diamond looking glass on it. Greg’s eyes followed the ceiling down until it landed on the long rows of aisles, there must be about 20 aisles in front of him, but Greg was too bewildered to count how many there are.

When Greg’s senses came back to him, he then realised the aisles are all packed full of wetsuits of all colours, brands, sizes, including the wetsuit boots, hood, anything related to wetsuits. He chosed an aisle to walk through and stared at all varieties of wetsuits that he passes, touching one or two, to see what they feels like, wondering how is it he never heard of this place, why is it so quiet, why is there no one in the shop to look and buy anything? The only people he could see are the staffs walking around… what the hell are they wearing?… Greg could not believe his eyes, because the staffs are wearing wetsuits with their name tags on their chests.

Greg felt a stirring in his pant when a very fit male staff sporting a black and blue wetsuit, with spiky brown hair with blonde tips walked passed him carrying some wetsuits to be shelved, Greg felt embarrassed and hoping it did not look obivious that he is turned on and held a wetsuit over his bulge, trying to hide it, lucky for him the guy did not see it. Greg decided to go and browse the Salomon section, after hearing they are the best wetsuit makes, he looked through some wetsuits of his size, but could not find any that he would like to have, so he moved onto O’Neill, they also did not have any, getting frustrated with not finding any wetsuit that he liked.

He searched until he ended up at the very back of the shop, getting more annoyed and annoyed that he could not find any that he wanted in the biggest wetsuit shop, he threw the last wetsuit back onto the shelve, sighing loudly, about to walk back to the entrance, when he noticed that the last shelves with the wetsuits is also part of the wall at the end of the shop, and one shelf is sticking out. Greg investigated and found that the shelf is also a door, how can a shelf be a door? Why would someone hide a door? He thought it is very weird to have a door camouflaged, unless the shop have something to hide? Greg thought it can’t hurt to look… well I did say he is a curious man!

Greg made sure that no staff were around, before pulling the door open and slipped in, shutting the door behind him quietly, blacking out everything, Greg searched the wall for a light switch. He felt something brushing on his face and got scared and grabbed and pulled it away when suddenly the room got lit up by a bulb, realising the thing that brush his face is actually the light cord, feeling embarrassed and stupid, Greg saw that he is actually in a tunnel not a room. Wondering where do the tunnel lead, Greg followed through the tunnel, after about five seconds walk, he came to a round room, which was dimly light by the 4 burning torches helded in brackets on the walls.

Getting curious and curiousier, Greg sees a table in the middle of the room, which looks like a font that you see in a church, with water on the surface, he also sees a cupboard sitting at the back of the room, locked with a padlock. Greg decided to investigate the fontlike table first, he looked at the water on the top of it, at first it looked like normal water, Greg poked it and then the water started to spin and spin, and turning black starting from the middle spreading to the edge of the table until the whole water is black, then the water stopped spinning and then images appeared slowly in the water as if someone was using a dimmer switch.

Greg was mystified, he looked at the image which looked like watching a television, the image showed the shop exterior, the staffs walking around, going around their business, the image then changed again and again to show the shop exterior in different angles, it was like a spy camera. Greg thought that it must have been used by the staffs to spy on the shoppers, some images even showed inside the dressing rooms, maybe the staffs gets off on seeing the customers undressing and wearing wetsuits. Greg, disgusted with the thought, decided to leave the table and check out the cupboard, he took hold of the padlock, but it was a strong one, looking around, he finds a big stone and hit the padlock several times, until it gave away.

Taking a deep breath, thinking what he would probably find behind the doors, maybe something evil is behind it, waiting to grab him and eat him, or something even worst… Shaking away the weird thoughts, Greg slowly pulled opened the doors and saw a wonderful wetsuit hanging behind the doors, it was beautifully crafted, shiny, all in black with hint of blue on the right arm going onto the back, while hint of red started from the left leg going up to the chest and branched out, curling around a word ‘Sioux’, Greg thought it must be a new brand name wetsuit, but it look so cool and it is just right for him.

Greg just had to try it on, he took it in his hand, feeling it over… it feels so great, smooth, and flows through his hands, he started to strip naked, and then pulled the wetsuit on, pulling the zip up on his back, he has never felt so great like this before. He wished there is a mirror in this room, he then remembered that there is a number of mirrors in the main shop, but that meant he would have to risk being seen by the staffs in one of their wetsuit, he decided to the hell with them, he started to go back through the tunnel in the wetsuit when he felt a weird sensation starting at his feet going up his body. He decided maybe it wasn’t a good idea wearing this wetsuit, there could be a reason its kept shut up in this weird room.

Greg struggled to unzip the wetsuit, but he could not find the zip cord, he searched frantically with his hands behind his back for it, but still could not find it. Panicking, he ran through the tunnel, through the secret door and stopped in front of the mirror and looked at his back using it, he could not see a zip anywhere, it is as if the zip has dissolved, making the back in one piece. Greg tries to push his fingers down his collar to see if he could rip it apart, but he couldn’t find any gap. He studied the mirror, looking at his neck and wrists and ankles, finding the wetsuit has become part of his skin, he could not try to take it off without hurting himself.

He screamed for help, a male staff calmly walked up to him, asking if he could help? Greg told him whats has happened and how to take the wetsuit off? The staff chuckled and said well Greg should have not been so nosey and go and put it on in the first place, or this would have never happened. Greg got really pissed off with the staff’s smirking face and his attitude, he yelled at him to tell him how to take it off, but the next thing the staff said made his blood run cold… that he can’t ever remove the wetsuit, since he put it on, it has become part of him, and nothing he could do about it, to remove it.

Upset about this, Greg had to walk out of the shop in the wetsuit, drive back home in it, and live his life in the wetsuit, but after a few days Greg found that wearing the wetsuit fulltime could be fun after all, since he is so comfortable in it, it is great to show off his fit body, attracting fit guys, and of course great to wank off in. Greg enjoyed life so much more than he used to before acquiring the wetsuit, few years have passed now and Greg found something great about the wetsuit, that it stops him from aging at all, while years passed, he sees his friends grow old, they curses at him for being young and great looking, wishing they have got his wetsuit instead of him.

10 years have now passed and Greg is still 21 years old while his friends are in their 30s, he is still enjoying surfing and doing activities in his special wetsuit, but no matter how much fun Greg is having, he is always disturbed by something that he has found out a week after getting discovering Surfers’ Paradise… no matter who he ask, no matter where he looks… no one has ever heard of Surfers’ Paradise… its simply as if the shop has never existed at all… where the shop used to be, is just a deserted plain, used for car park.

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