The Council

When Gordon asked me to write this story, I was really excited, and now it gives me great pleasure to finally share it with you. The main character in the story, Steve Beil was a guy I went to high school with. He was two years older than me, and like most good looking jocks he was popular and mean to nerds like me. But after he wore a wetsuit to school one year for Halloween, I knew he looked amazing in a wetsuit, and thus was perfect for the main character.

The Story

The year is 2016. It has now been 2 months since the Wetsuit Council came to power. Under the new law set up by The Council, all boys once they reach 18 years old must go to The Council, where if The Council decides, the teen will be forced to wear a wetsuit with a Speedo underneath until they die. Today is Steve Beil’s 18th birthday.

At 7:30 a.m. Steve’s Dad Ben, woke his son. Steve was to be first to meet The Council that day and the two had a good hours drive ahead. Steve moaned and rolled out of bed like most teenagers would. He got dressed in jeans, a sweater and runners, ate and brushed his teeth. Then quickly did his hear before going with his Dad out the door.

It was now 8:00 and Ben & Steve were on their way. The car ride was quiet, as the two hardly talked the entire way in. Ben looked over at his son. For being 18, Steve could have easily passed for 20 or 22. Steve was also a major athlete, and his body showed it. Steve was 5’11” with the build of a swimmer, but his pecs were bigger, and stuck out to the side. Steve had been made of stone and so was his face. He had a pretty boy face with a dimple on his chin, short wavy black hair and deep brown eyes. A man few could resist and Ben knew that included The Council.

The two arrived at The Council Headquarters at 9:00 and went inside. It was entirely covered in stainless steel. Men walked around wearing only wetsuits and runners or bare feet. Steve & Ben were the only ones in street clothes. Steve saw a secretary at a steel desk, he went over to him.

“Hi my name is Steve Beil. I have an appointment.” The Secretary looked up. He was maybe 20, young, blonde, fit, very good looking and wearing a very tight O’Neil shorty wetsuit. He smiled at Steve.

“They’re expecting you.” he stood up “I’ll take you to them.” Steve looked to his Dad.

“I’ll be waiting.” Ben said “Good luck.”

“Thanks.” Steve said and went after the Secretary. Steve followed him down a hallway with double doors at the end. Steve was hypnotized by the Secretary and the wetsuit he wore.

“Do you like wearing that wetsuit all the time?” Steve asked.

“I love it! Don’t know how I lived without it!” he replied” So many guys think it’s the worst thing to ever happen to them. It was the best for me!”

“Did they force you into a shorty?”

“Yeah, they really liked my legs. But I got used to it. And I gotta keep my legs smooth too. But I don’t mind.”

They finally reached the double doors.

“Wait here, I’ll get you when they are ready.” The Secretary said and he disappeared behind the doors. Steve stood nervous pacing in the entry. He only waited 5 minutes but it felt like 5 hours. The doors opened and the secretary stepped through.

“They’re ready for you.” He said. Steve swallowed and looked into the dark room.

“Walk into the room and stand in the spotlight. Look at The Council, but don’t address them. Only talk to them when they address you with a question.” Steve took a deep breath.

“Ready?” the secretary said.

“Ready.” Steve replied and stepped in.

“Good luck.” The secretary said and closed the doors. Steve looked forward and could see the spotlight and the shadowy faces of The Council sitting in a row behind a table. He walked towards the light, his breathing became heavy. Steve stepped into the spotlight, it was bright and glaring, he squinted. The five men of The Council’s faces were shroud in darkness but it was evident they were young and also wearing wetsuits. They sat silently as if admiring Steve. It went on like this for awhile until the middle man spoke.

“Turn all the way around.” He said. Steve did so.

“Slowly.” He said. Steve went slower. He stopped when he faced them again.

“Take off your shirt.” The middle man said. Steve paused then did so, slowly taking off his sweater and dropping it to the floor, revealing his chiseled chest. The Council rustled in a pleasing matter. Steve saw two clearly move their hands to their crotches. Steve became nervous.

“Take off your pants.” The middle man said.

I am sorry?!” Steve said surprised.

“Take off your pants.” He repeated. Steve undid the belt then the button and fly of his jeans. He kicked off his runners then pulled off his pants and put them with his sweater. Then he stood before the council in his boxer briefs and sport socks.

“Looks good.” Said the middle man. “Mr. Fitzgerald you may do your inspection.” The man to the right of the middle man stood up, went around the table and stood in front of Steve. He grabbed Steve’s buldge and began to massage it. Soon Steve was hard and Mr. Fitzgerald returned to his seat.

“Drop your drawers.” He said. Steve, this time, did it right away. His solid cock popped out and The Council seemed to like it.

“Turn around so we can see your backside.” The middle man said. Steve did, only to hear pleasing sounds from The Council.

“You can put on your drawers again.” The middle man said.”We have some questions for you.” Steve put them on then waited for the questions. The farthest on the right spoke first.

“Do you own a wetsuit?”

“Yes, one” Steve replied.

“What do you use it for? And please, tell us everything you use it for”

“Wakeboarding once, but mostly for surfing or diving with my Dad.”

“When did you first wear a wetsuit?” asked the one on the far left.

“Two years ago. I bought it for my birthday.”

“What type is it?”

“Black O’Neil full suit.”

“Do you wear it for anything other than sports related?”

“I wore it last year for a Halloween costume, I dressed up as a superhero.” Steve said laughing. The Council seemed pleased by this. The one to the left of the middle man spoke next.

“Do you enjoy wearing your wetsuit?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“What about it do you like?”

Steve thought about this for awhile. He didn’t really know. The smell, the feel of it on his skin, the tightness, the odd fact that every time he put it on he got a hard on! He didn’t know.

“I donno, I just do.” Steve answered. There was a long pause as The Council made notes and talked among themselves. The middle man looked up.

“Let’s make comments.” They all turned to the one on the far right.

“I knew right away he’d have an athlete’s body, I am glad you did.” He said smiling.”Your one of the best specimens to come in here.”

“Your cock will look and feel right at home in a suit.” Mr. Fitzgerald said.

“This might sound dumb but your hair will match and look great in a black full suit.” The far left man said.

“I think deep inside you, you long to wear a wetsuit all the time. You want us to accept you but you can’t admit it yet.” The left man said.

“I agree.” Said the middle man. He looked at Steve.”How would you feel if we accepted you?” Steve paused he readjusted his feet into a stronger position.

“I wouldn’t fight it.” Steve said”I might even enjoy it.” The middle man stirred.

“I think that’s an answer were looking for.” He said”And I believe were all in agreeance.” He paused, Steve squirmed.

“The Council accepts you.” Steve smiled.

“Thank you.” He said. The left man smiled.

“I told you, you would want this.” He said, then turned to the middle man.”What suit should he get?”

“Black, full suit….an Orca Speed suit.” The middle man said “It’s tight, form fitting, it’ll show off every detail of his body great.” He paused”We’ll enjoy watching the process.” Steve looked confused.

“Please step aside Steve.” The middle man said. Steve did. Just then the middle man pressed a button on the desk. The room began to shift. From the floor below the spotlight came a table made of steel. Then from the ceiling surrounding the spotlight came four metal claws which came down and surrounded the table.

“Please lay down.” The middle man said.

“What is this? Steve asked. The Council sat there staring at him.

“Please lay down.” The middle man said.

“WHAT IS THIS?” Steve yelled at the council.

“No reason to get angry.” The middle man said. “Do you want this or not?”

“I do”

“Than lay down.” The middle man said. Steve took a deep breath, than layed down on the table. It was cold and hard on his skin. Suddenly hand cuffs came up at his wrists and leg cuffs at his ankles, locking him in place.

“What is this!?” Steve asked “What are you doing?”

“Try to relax Steve, it’ll be a lot easier on you. “The middle man said, then smiled.”But then if you don’t the better we’ll enjoy it!” Steve tried to see The Council.

“What do you mean?” Steve said, The Council ignored him. Just then two of the metal claws came down, one with a pair of scissors. The other claw grabbed onto his boxer briefs making them hang lose around his legs.

“What’s happening? WHAT’S HAPPENING?” Steve asked as the claws cut up and then ripped off his boxer shorts. They pulled off his socks.”Please stop this!” Steve struggled to free himself from his restraints. Then the claws came down with wax strips and began putting them on his chest and legs. Then they began to tear them off.

“AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!” Steve screamed as more strips were ripped off.”DON’T DO THIS TO ME! PLEASE DON’T!” Soon they finished, leaving Steve’s body completely hairless. But it wasn’t all over. The claws returned with wax strips and placed them on his crotch.

“Oh God no! Please don’t ! Please.” Steve begged. And then they ripped them off. Steve screamed in agony. Then the claws went back up and returned carrying a blue Speedo. His leg cuffs were unlocked and Steve stretched his legs. The claws pulled the Speedo onto his body, pulling it as high as possible. The claws went back up and Steve’s leg cuffs were put back on.

“How does your Speedo feel?” The middle man asked.

“Good.” Steve paused”Tight, almost too small.”

“It is, that’s the point.” The middle man said.”From now on you’ll only wear a tight blue Speedo, no underwear.”

“But what about the wetsuit?” Steve asked.

“Were getting to that.” The middle man said and pressed a button. Motors ran above as the claws readjusted. Three claws returned. One carried heavy duty tread and two more returned carrying two cut pieces of neoprene, one of which had”Orca” printed on it. The two claws placed them on Steve’s hairless legs.

“What are you doing?” Steve asked. Just then the other claw began to sew the two pieces together. Then the claws went and got two more pieces and they were sewn onto Steve’s body. The process of sewing the neoprene onto Steve’s body went quickly but Steve resisted.

“Please! Somebody help me! Please! Anybody! HELP ME!” Steve pleaded as his body squirmed for freedom. His arms and leg cuffs came loose and the table went parallel standing Steve up. The claws grabbed him and continued sewing together the suit over his upper body. Steve struggled to get the claws to release him.

“STOP PLEASE! FREE ME! SOMEBODY!” Steve shouted as his arms were stretched to glue the shoulder to the back. Then they zipped up the back and let Steve go.

He fell to the floor, exhausted, gasping for air. He could smell his sweat and a new smell, the indescribable smell of this soft smooth rubber skin that now surrounded his body. It was tight and every inch could feel it. Every movement would cause the suit to slither over his hairless skin. Steve struggled to stand but fell. He looked up at The Council.

“Your transformation is complete.” The middle man said.”Now under law, all you can wear is that wetsuit. Currently officers for The Council are at you house removing all your clothes.”

Steve raised himself from the ground and continued gasping for air. He stared at The Council.

“Thank you.” Steve said, kneeling, still gasping as his hand slowly went across and down his abs to his crotch. He began to rub.

“We were right.” The middle man said. “You do enjoy it.” Steve looked up.

“I do.”

“And we like it too.” The middle man said.”So we want to hold onto you.”

“What?” Steve asked.

“You’re the best specimen we’ve had.” The far left man said. “We can’t let that go.”

“What do you want from me?” Steve asked.

“We want you to be The Council’s private sex toy.”

“NO! You can’t do that!” Steve shouted.

“Oh yes we can!” The middle man said. He pressed a button and ropes came up tying Steve to the floor in spread eagle.

“NO! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO ME! THIS IS INHUMANE!” Steve violently pulled and struggled at his restraints. The Council rose and walked toward him.

“We’ve been waiting a long time for a guy like you.” One said.

“What are you going to do to me?” Steve asked.

“What ever we want.” The middle man said. The five men surrounded Steve.

“How long will you hold me?”

“Judging from your body, a very long and enjoyable time.”

So Steve’s fait was sealed, for as long as he was held captive by his wetsuit, he would be held captive by The Wetsuit Council.

To be continued… In part 2.

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