The Dilemma – Part 2

By alfiej_uk.

The Story

The door shut and Gordon was left alone. The room was light although Gordon could see by twisting his head that the curtain covering the single window was closed. Sensible, he thought, the room was on the ground floor. He tried to make himself more comfortable but this was difficult with his hands cuffed behind his back and the size of the cage. He could sit reasonably OK, but not lie down full length and could not lift himself more than a couple of inches before his head met the top of the cage.
It was similar to one he’d been before, made of a metal mesh rather than bars. He tested his gag and found that, with an effort, he could close his mouth so that his lips touched, but as soon as he opened it the ball filled the space. He tried to open his mouth as far as possible but the ball still managed to fill the whole space. He didn’t try the handcuffs, no point. He tried to settle but could already feel the metal mesh through the wetsuit.
This was a bit different from the last time he was in this room.
Mark, his key holder had contacted Gordon through his web site offering that service, after Gordon had floated the idea of wearing the CB 3000 for a month. As usual it had seemed like a good idea at the time, and had attracted a great deal of attention from the regulars on the web site. He wasn’t so sure now after nearly 4 weeks of absolute frustration.
Mark and he had agreed to meet at Marks flat, after an exchange of e-mails, which was just over 2 hours from where Gordon lived, to start the lock in period. Gordon had just bought a new car at the time and was anxious to try it out.
Shit, had he remembered to lock it? He hoped that his pride and joy would not get damaged in Mark’s car park.
He and Mark had chatted over how the locking session would happen and agreed that Gordon would provide the CB 3000 and fit it himself, Mark would provide the padlock, secure it and take a photo as proof.
That part had gone OK, although Gordon was very nervous. He’d tried wearing it at home and hadn’t managed a full day by himself without giving into temptation and releasing himself.
Things had changed almost immediately after the lock had been snapped shut. Mark’s attitude had become more dominating and he had shown Gordon a Flickr page he had set up called Gordon’s progress. He’d also posted, while Gordon watched, the photo of the device locked on with the link to the Flickr page on Gordon’s web site.
‘If you don’t see this through’ Mark had told him ‘I’ll make sure everyone knows about it and your reputation will be shot. You’ll be a laughing stock. Even if you take the link off your site, enough people will have seen it by the time you get home’.
It was then that Gordon had received the instructions which led to him being where he was now, and had realised that he had little choice but to see this through.
Gordon realised that he was getting warm. The only part of his body not covered in neoprene was his face, and he’d been wearing the wet suit since 11:30 that morning. He suddenly realised that he was also losing track of time. The instructions for his return visit had stated that he had to travel in his new Orca S2 wetsuit, with normal clothes over the top. Gordon had driven nearly the whole way with the windows down to try and keep cool, and had taken care not to drink too much as with the CB 3000 in place it was difficult to pee, and in any event standing in the gents was absolutely out of the question. The wetsuit made this simple task doubly difficult so Gordon had realised that he needed to avoid having to go to the toilet if at all possible. Now that he didn’t have the benefit of the wind to keep cool, he was warming up quite quickly. His mouth was becoming dry and his skin was starting to itch. The gag was starting to stick to the roof of his mouth. He tried to scratch himself against the cage but the wet suit didn’t let him. He realised that his cock was stirring again, but was crushed against the cock cage. The more he struggled the hotter and more frustrated he got and the more his cock strained against the cage. He didn’t realise it, but this was exactly what Mark had planned.

To be continued… In part 3.

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