The Dilemma – Part 3

By alfiej_uk.

The Story

‘What’s all the noise in here?’ Mark demanded. ‘I’m supposed to be working from home this afternoon and can’t concentrate with you in here enjoying yourself’.
Having been rendered physically speechless by the gag, Gordon was now mentally speechless as well. Enjoying himself?
As if reading his mind, Mark continued ‘You are enjoying this aren’t you?’ He made a show of looking at Gordon’s crotch. ‘Oh I see, no hard on. You’re not enjoying this then. OK, let’s see what we can do about that. Some better restraints might do the trick’.
Gordon mmmpphh’d into the gag. He was already uncomfortable enough, the real problem was the cock cage. His whole groin was starting to throb and it wasn’t helping the temperature in the wet suit either.
Mark knew perfectly well what Gordon was trying to say. Ignoring what was obviously a protest he commented ‘Oh it’s no trouble, you’re my guest and I have to look after you. If you just put each leg down the side of the cage then that would be a great help’.
Gordon couldn’t help but notice the sarcasm. On impulse he decided to rebel, pointedly pulled his legs together and put them in the middle of the cage.
‘Well there’s gratitude for you. You try and help people out and they throw it back in your face. I suppose you don’t want a drink, and won’t want any food either?’ he asked.
Gordon thought quickly. He’d had very little to eat and drink since leaving that morning, he had no idea of the time but suddenly realised that he was desperate for a drink. He mmmpphhed again.
‘Waste of time, I can’t understand a word you’re trying to say, nod or shake your head’. Mark’s tone had changed.
Gordon nodded.
‘Yes you’d like a drink and something to eat?’
Gordon nodded again.
Gordon hesitated for a moment then separated his legs and laid them along side the cage.
In no apparent hurry Mark went over to the table and picked up some straps. These were soon fastened round Gordon’s ankles and thighs, strapping each leg against the opposite side of the cage.
‘Mmm, still no hard on’ Mark commented, ‘this might be harder than I thought’.
Mark unlocked the cage and Gordon’s head was forced upwards as Mark fastened a wide collar around his neck. The collar was fastened to the sides of the cage and Mark also tied a cord between the top of the gag harness and the cage roof. Gordon couldn’t move his head, it was firmly held looking slightly up and forwards. The cage was left unlocked as Mark left the room, but it was irrelevant, Gordon could not get out of the cage now even if he had tried. Mark returned holding a small back pack. He put it down outside the cage and threaded a small tube through the side. Reaching around Gordon’s head he threaded the end of the tube into his mouth, down the side of the gag.
‘Not convinced you deserve this’ he said, ‘You forgot to say please, but if you suck on the tube you should get some water. I suggest that you keep your mouth as closed as possible to get suction and to stop the tube falling out. If it falls out I’m not putting it back. I’m not your slave.’ He added and laughed.
Mark closed the cage door and relocked it. Reaching through the mesh he pulled the chain separating Gordon’s cuffed wrists and pulling them back, secured them with a small padlock to the back of the cage.
‘I can hear my phone ringing, don’t go away I’ll be back soon with something to stop you getting bored’. The door shut and Gordon was alone.
Gordon was starting to dislike Mark and his clichés, and he hadn’t heard the phone ring. He remembered Mark’s words about the water and started to suck. He quickly discovered that the best way to get water was to close his mouth as much as possible which gave him the best suction.
The water tasted like nectar, but he was sufficiently aware to realise that if he drank too much and needed to piss, he couldn’t rely on being released and would probably have to piss himself and sit in it for God knows how long. He opened his mouth slightly to relieve the pressure on his jaw from the gag and the tube started to slip. He quickly clamped his mouth shut and managed to save the pipe. He started to suck more water up in case the lost the pipe.
He suddenly realised what Mark had done. The bastard! He knew Gordon needed a drink. He also knew Gordon wouldn’t want to piss himself and that Gordon would succumb to the pressure of the gag and release the pipe at some point. He’d also manipulated Gordon in a way that Gordon himself made sure that the gag was as effective as possible. The bastard!
Drink and piss himself, don’t drink and go thirsty or don’t drink, lose the pipe and still go thirsty. What to do? This was the first of Gordon’s dilemmas, but there would be others……………………..

To be continued… In part 4.

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