The Dilemma – Part 4

By alfiej_uk.

The Story

Gordon held his mouth closed for as long as he could, trying to take small sips of water. Every time he sucked the gag was pulled into his mouth and every time he swallowed he momentarily released his grip on the pipe and it slipped further and further out of his mouth. Gradually the pressure of the gag on his jaw increased, bit by bit, to force his mouth open. With one last effort Gordon managed to gulp down some water before the pipe slipped from his mouth.
The relief from being able to take a drink didn’t last long. This simple task, restricted as Gordon was, had taken a lot of effort and he was now sweating heavily in his rubber confinement. Getting comfortable was out of the question, in his bound state, so he tried to sit still and keep his breathing under control. He had no other choice. His cock was still bursting to escape its cage, but no matter what Gordon tried to think of to take his mind off it, he couldn’t.
Suddenly he heard voices outside his window, young voices laughing. He panicked for moment and remembered that the curtains were drawn. Fully, he hoped.
Not sure what was going on, he suddenly realised that it was Friday! The kids must be going home from school. He felt momentarily elated when he realised that despite his isolation he knew it must be about four o’clock. He didn’t know what time the schools finished in this area, but it must be about the same time everywhere. His elation didn’t last long as it dawned on him that he’d only been at Mark’s for 2 hours! He’d never spent much longer than this in a wetsuit, and certainly not in such restrictive bondage. He’d normally agreed a time limit beforehand, or if not gagged he would indicate that he wanted to be released when he’d had enough. This wasn’t going to happen now. He had absolutely no control over events. The thought resurrected the throbbing in his dick.
His shoulders were starting to ache and the cage grid was starting to hurt his behind.
The kids moved off, presumably to home, TV and tea and it became quiet again.
Gordon sat and waited.
Eventually the door opened again and Mark came back into the room. He picked up the back pack and pipe and took it out of the room, returning almost immediately.
‘I can see that we need to find a better way for you to take on fluids’ he said ‘I’m sure you’re aware that dehydration can be a problem. You’ve been sitting around long enough, let’s get you out of there’ Gordon’s hopes were raised only to be immediately dashed.
‘I’m forgetting something’ Mark left the room again only to return carrying a camera and tripod.
‘Evidence’ came the explanation.
Mark seemed to be in no hurry which increased Gordon’s frustration, but eventually he seemed satisfied that he had enough pictures of Gordon and move the camera to the side of the room.
He then released Gordon’s head and collar, then the leg straps and finally the lock attaching the handcuffs to the side of the cage. Unlocking the cage he helped Gordon out and to his feet. As much as the cuffs and collar allowed, Gordon stretched himself and tried to relieve his aches. Mark picked up the cage and moved to the back of the room.
‘One advantage of living in an old apartment is that it has features that aren’t normally found in modern flats’ he said. Gordon hadn’t really noticed but following Mark’s gaze saw that a thick wooden beam about 450mm high and 200mm thick bisected the ceiling about 1.7 metres above the carpet. There was an amount of metal attached to it, Gordon noticed, but what caught his eye were a couple of metal rings in the centre of the beam about a metre apart.
Mark had been watching Gordon ‘You know you’re very perceptive’ he commented, ‘Let’s not keep you in suspense’
Gordon had indeed worked out straight away what the rings were for, but didn’t know how Mark intended to use them. He made a silent note that if the tables were ever turned that he would make Mark regret his awful puns.
Mark undid the cuffs and allowed Gordon to rub his wrists and move his arms and shoulders to relieve the stiffness while he went to the table. He came back with a couple of thick leather straps and indicated that Gordon should hold up his hands.
Gordon saw that they looked like thick leather fingerless mittens with a thick strap covering the wrist. There was a large metal ring which sat in the palm of each hand and some more rings around the wrists. Mark quickly put each of Gordon’s hands into the contraption and tightened the buckles. He motioned Gordon to move forward under the beam and Gordon, understanding now what was required, lifted and spread his arms so that the palm rings and the ones in the beam were together.
‘Well done’ Mark commented as he padlocked the two sets together.
‘Spread your legs’ came the command and Gordon quickly found a wide leather strap around each of his ankles with a metal bar connecting to two. This increased the pressure on his arms, but he found he could just keep his feet flat on the floor. From being hunched in a cage, in no time at all Gordon now stood, spreadeagled, with his legs apart and his arms above his head.
Mark unbuckled the gag and removed it, being careful not to touch the ball. Gordon was surprised at this, but relieved. He wasn’t so sure when Mark went to the table and came back with a gas mask.
‘One of the British Army’s finest’ he said. ‘This beauty has a couple of very good design features. Then first is the drinking tube’ he pointed to a little lever on the front. ‘This positions a drinking tube in front of the wearer’s mouth and once the other end is connected to a water bottle it allows the wearer to drink without removing the mask. The other feature is the canister. When it is screwed on, the air is drawn in around a number of outlets around the outside of the canister and even if some are blocked the wearer can still breathe. This means that the user can sleep in the mask with little or no risk of suffocation’. He continued. ‘There are a couple of drawbacks, but we can discuss those later’.
I bet, thought Gordon as the mask was put over his head. He felt Mark adjusting the straps and suddenly felt the mask suck into his face as Mark put his hand over the canister hole cutting off his air supply.
‘The key to the effectiveness of this is the seal.’ Mark commented somewhat unnecessarily. Gordon understood. Mark released his hand allowing Gordon to breathe again. It was quite noisy wearing the mask, not uncomfortable but still hot. Gordon was now totally covered in tight fitting rubber and neoprene.
Mark stood back and admired his handiwork. The close fitting wetsuit looked amazing on his captive. Although there wasn’t a wrinkle or fold to be seen, Mark started to run his hands over Gordon’s body, as if to smooth the suit. He started on the arms, then the head, chest and back. He ran his hands over Gordon’s bum. ‘Nice’ he murmured, ‘Must be all that cycling’. Gordon didn’t trust himself to speak and nodded. Gordon’s cock was trying to burst. It was getting painful. Mark continued to massage Gordon’s bum with one hand and covered the gas mask intake with his other which intensified the sensation. Mark’s hand went down and stroked the inside of Gordon’s thigh, while the other still cut off his air supply. Gordon thought that his cock would split the cage.
‘Please’ he groaned. He would have done anything for release, both from his bonds and for his cock.
He gulped in some air as Mark released his hand, but as quickly felt his legs being pulled back as Mark stepped inside Gordon’s leg spreader and pressed his body up against Gordon’s. Gordon was almost hanging by his wrists. His air supply was cut off again, and Mark continued to massage the inside of Gordon’s wetsuited thighs.
‘Please what? Mark whispered in his ear.
‘I can’t stand this’ Gordon mumbled through the mask.
Mark stepped back outside the spreader bar and without a backwards glance walked out the door and closed it behind him, leaving Gordon slumped, almost hanging by his wrists……………………

To be continued… In part 5.

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