The Dilemma – Part 5

By alfiej_uk.

The Story

With some difficulty Gordon struggled back to a standing position but eventually managed to regain his footing and started to recover his breathing. It sounded really loud through the gas mask, almost like one of those TV hospital programmes where the patient is having surgery Gordon thought. He looked around, his view restricted through the two perspex lenses of the mask, by the collar he still wore and by his raised, outstretched, arms. All in all he couldn’t see very much apart from his arms, the leather mittens and padlock which secured them to the ring in the beam. He studied the mittens. They were heavy duty and hadn’t given that much when he had been almost hanging by them. If they’d have been handcuffs his wrists would be in bits by now. He realised that they weren’t for 5 minute games, they were the real deal and designed to be worn for a lot longer than that. The thought made his cock stir. He groaned and pulled at his bonds in frustration. At least he wasn’t gagged, for the moment, he thought ruefully. He licked his dry lips and wished he’d managed to take in more of the water. He was starting to get uncomfortable and almost wished that he was back in the cage.
The door opened again, and Mark came back in. He was carrying a load of stuff which Gordon, even by straining, could not make out. He went behind Gordon and put it on the floor. Gordon heard some clanking, metal on metal but that didn’t give him any clues, apart from the realisation that he would soon be wearing whatever it was.
‘All in good time’ came the comment. It wasn’t difficult to read Gordon’s mind. Mark reappeared in front Gordon and held up the camera.
‘Smile, time for some more photos’. Gordon cringed. Mark started snapping from all angles. He suddenly put his hand between Gordon’s legs and squeezed Gordon’s balls and started to massage them. This caught Gordon by surprise and he started to struggle against his bonds. Mark quickly moved away and started snapping again. ‘Very good’ he said. He put the camera on a tripod and stood it in front of Gordon. ‘The good thing about these new cameras’ he informed Gordon ‘is that they can also take HD video. Let’s try that one again’.
Even before Mark went behind Gordon, he started to struggle and move to try and escape. It was pointless. Mark grabbed Gordon’s balls again and squeezed. ‘Don’t try and get away from me, you can’t’ he said flatly. He started to massage Gordon’s balls again and reached up and blocked the intake to the mask. Gordon struggled as much as he could, but his arms and legs were stretched too far apart for any meaningful movement. His cock was back to bursting point against the CB3000 and he couldn’t breathe. Not for the first time he wished he’d never started the experiment.
Mark removed his hand and gradually stopped the massage. Gordon slowly recovered. Sweat was running down the perspex lenses and Gordon’s breathing was heavy and ragged. Mark reappeared holding a black plastic container. ‘Time for a drink’ he informed Gordon. He unwound a plastic tube from the front of the mask and pushed it into the container. Putting the container in a small net, he proceeded to hang it from a hook on the beam. Going back to the front of the mask he twisted a small lever and Gordon felt a pipe brush his cheek.
‘Get that into your mouth’ came the instruction. With difficulty Gordon complied. No water came out. Gordon heard a ripping sound and saw and felt Mark sealing the outside of the mask to the wetsuit hood.
‘Don’t want any water getting out onto my carpet’ he informed Gordon. ‘OK’ he stood back ‘the way this works is that you need to blow into the pipe to increase the pressure inside the water bottle. That will allow water out and when the pressure inside is the same as outside, the water will stop. Normally you can stop the flow of liquid by turning the bottle upside down, but that might be a little difficult’ Gordon still found Mark’s understated comments annoying. ‘What you have to do is only blow a little at a time. If you blow too much and can’t drink all that comes out it will fill up the mask, if it goes above your nose you’ll really be struggling. It can’t get out of the mask as I’ve taped it up so you need to be very careful. You do need to drink and I’ve added a mineral supplement so it might taste a bit funny. Enjoy’.
He left Gordon’s field of vision and Gordon could hear him rummaging around behind him. Gordon, very gingerly blew into the pipe. Water started to trickle out and he swallowed gratefully. It did taste a bit funny, but not unpleasant. After a short while it stopped, so Gordon repeated the exercise. His previous dilemma was till in the back of his mind. He didn’t really want to piss himself as he didn’t know how long he was going to be kept in the wetsuit, so he stopped drinking.
He felt the bar between his legs being removed, but the collar prevented him from seeing what Mark was doing. He felt Mark lift each of his legs in turn and something rubbing his legs as it was pulled up to the tops of his thighs. He felt a belt being fastened around his waist and got a brief glimpse of some straps as they were passed over his shoulders.
His curiosity got the better of him. ‘What’s that?’ he asked.
‘That is a climbing harness’ Mark answered ‘Normally you can just use the waist and leg straps, but, just for you’ he mocked ‘I’ve got the chest rig as well’. Gordon felt uneasy as Mark tightened the chest straps which pulled the whole harness upwards until the leg straps were tight against Gordon’s bum. As Gordon closed his legs and straightened up after having had them held forcibly apart for some time, he realised that the leg straps were touching the CB 3000. He again felt a little uneasy but wasn’t sure why. Mark tightened the waist and shoulder straps until Gordon was held tightly in its embrace.
Gordon started to panic when Mark produced two large vibrators. Mark knelt in front of Gordon and pushed one vibrator up the inside of Gordon’s neoprene clad legs underneath the leg straps. He then tightened each leg strap so that each vibrator vas securely held in place touching the CB 3000. Gordon could feel them through the wet suit.
‘No, no, no….’ he protested. ‘Yes, yes, yes’ came the swift response. Gordon felt something being wrapped round his ankles and then his legs were pulled together. He resisted. Mark squeezed his balls and Gordon was forced to allow Mark to connect the ankle straps together. This had the effect of pushing the vibrators further up into Gordon’s groin and make better contact with the cage. Mark quickly strapped Gordon’s legs together above the knee and added a further wide strap above his thighs.
‘OK, we’re ready’ Mark looked through the perspex into Gordon’s eyes. ‘You’ve been in that wetsuit for some time and have lost an awful lot of fluids so you need to drink. You couldn’t manage the first time, or didn’t want to in case you pissed yourself, so I’ve had to take action. I’m going to turn on the vibrators in a minute and they will stay on until I think that you’ve had enough to drink, which might mean a refill. I’ve taped up the joint between your suit and the boots so if you do piss yourself it won’t get on the carpet’. He knelt down and switched on the vibrators. Gordon gasped, jerked in his bonds and lost his balance. He was hanging by his arms. It felt like he’d received an electric shock. The whole of the cage was vibrating with an amazing sensation. Mark helped Gordon regain his balance. ‘Don’t forget’ he said ‘I’ll turn them off when you have had enough to drink’. He checked that Gordon still had the pipe in his mouth and stood back. Gordon was still wriggling and writhing, his cock was starting to hurt again. With difficulty he blew into the pipe and started to take in water. He could glimpse Mark out the corner of his eye, camera in hand and a smile on his face.
He came behind Gordon and, as the captive drank as fast as he could, obviously anxious for the torture to end, waited for a few seconds and whispered in Gordon’s ear ‘Shouldn’t be too long before the laxative takes effect’.
Gordon went rigid as he realised what Mark had said, the pipe slipped out of his mouth and the mask started to fill up.

To be continued… In part 6.

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