The Dilemma – Part 6

By alfiej_uk.

The Story

Fuck, fuck, fuck. Gordon didn’t know which way to turn, mentally speaking of course as he couldn’t move much physically. The water was quickly up to his bottom lip and soon overflowed into his mouth. He took a big gulp of water and felt the end of the pipe against his cheek. Twisting his head as much as he could he was able to get his tongue on the end and managed to manoeuvre the pipe back into his mouth. Without thinking he blew hard into the pipe to try and stem the flow, realising too late this was exactly the wrong thing to do as the flow increased considerably. Fuck fuck, fuck. He swallowed us much as he could without letting go of the pipe. He suddenly remembered what Mark had said about the laxative. Fuck, fuck, fuck. He thought his stomach felt funny and immediately clenched the cheeks of his bum together. This had the effect of pushing his hips forward and intensifying the effect of the vibrators. Fuck, fuck fuck.
Mark suddenly appeared in his field of vision smiling broadly. ‘What are you like?’ he said, trying not very well to suppress a laugh. ‘You don’t know if you’re coming or going. Well you’re definitely not coming but you might be going soon.’ Gordon felt a rush of anger as Mark chuckled at his own joke. He dare not let go of the pipe but glared at Mark and pulled hard on his arms to show his anger and frustration.
‘Calm down, you’ll get used to my little jokes’ Mark said, putting down the camera, and, reaching for the water container, unhooked it from the beam and turned it upside down. Immediately the flow of water stopped. Gordon could still feel some in the bottom of the mask but one problem had disappeared. That left him torn between clenching his buttocks, or unclenching them and relieving the agonising vibrations attacking his cock and balls.
‘There’s no laxative’ Mark admitted a few moments later ‘Do you think I’d risk my carpet for that? Just my little joke, but it made for some good photos.’ It took Gordon a few moments to realise what had been said and he slowly and gingerly unclenched his buttocks, not quite trusting Mark. ‘You fucking bastard’ Gordon finally gave vent to his feelings, his rage overcoming the agony in his groin. ‘You fucking bastard’ he repeated. Mark laughed. ‘It’s a pity you’re wearing that mask, your face would have been a picture. Now if you’re going to lose your temper I’ll leave you there. I had thought it was about time for something to eat and for you to have a break, but maybe not’. Gordon’s temper subsided as quickly as it had started. He was desperate for the vibrators to be switched off. He suddenly felt tired. Without waiting for a further response Mark bent down, turned them off and pulled them out from under the leg straps.
‘Better?’ he asked. Gordon nodded. ‘OK then, finish your drink and then we’ll get you down’. He turned the water bottle upside down and held it up. Gordon took the hint and blew into the pipe. Mark stood patiently while Gordon finished the bottle. Gordon nodded to Mark to indicate that he’d finished and Mark removed the pipe from the bottle wound it round the front of the mask, pushing the end into place. He then twisted the lever and Gordon opened his mouth to release the pipe. It brushed past his cheek as Mark moved it to out of the way. Carefully Mark removed the tape around the mask. ‘You’ll need to keep this on for a little while longer, I don’t want water dripping out’. He released Gordon’s ankles and legs, removed the harness and then the collar. He stepped in front of Gordon and, holding the key where Gordon could see it, unlocked the cuffs from the beam. Gordon gratefully lowered his arms. He rolled his head around to relieve the strain in his neck and shoulders. ‘You fucking cunt’ he spat out the words. ‘What was all that about?’
‘Mind over matter’ Mark said simply. Gordon had heard that before. Mark continued ‘Just remember that I’ve got the key to your problem, so you might want to remember that when having a go at me. Anyway follow me and we’ll get you sorted’. Mark led Gordon back out to the front door but instead of going out turned right and went up some stairs. Even on his previous visit Gordon hadn’t seen these. He followed Mark upstairs onto a small galleried landing with 3 doors, tow of which were shut. Gordon noticed some more thick beams running across the width of the landing which disappeared into the walls above the doors. Mark led him into a large bathroom. Looking around Gordon could see a bath, a toilet and a walk in shower. He was impressed. He also noticed his bag against the wall. This was even better than the downstairs bathroom he’d used on his last visit. This was some apartment.
Mark motioned him to the shower. ‘Get in there and get out of those things. I want you to rinse everything out and then have a shower. Towels are over there’ he indicated the towel rail. ‘When you’re out we’ll hang the suit up to dry but you need to rinse the mask in cold water. Don’t take the mask off until you’re in the shower’. I almost forgot’ he knelt down and removed the tape and straps around Gordon’s ankles. ‘OK, in you go’. Gordon did as he was bid, and a short while later he was enjoying, well almost, a warm shower. The only fly in the ointment was the bloody cage. He washed his cock and balls as best he could, anxious not to cause himself further agony.
He dried himself off just as Mark came back in the room carrying Gordon’s bag and a coat hanger. ‘It would have been pointless telling you not to play with yourself. Let’s have a look’ Gordon had hidden the CB 3000 behind the towel. He lowered it. ‘Mmm, looks a bit blue, but I’m sure they’ll be OK’. He took the towel. Gordon was in another dilemma and didn’t know what to do. He was happy in rubber, wetsuits and lycra but had never done naked before.
‘Hang the wetsuit in the shower to drip, rinse out the gas mask and give it to me. It’ll need to be dried before we use it later’. Mark threw the line out casually. As intended Gordon picked up on it straight away. ‘Bastard’ he muttered. He suddenly knew why Mark had been so casual as his cock once again started to protest against its confinement. Mark, bent over Gordon’s bag, grinned to himself.
He stood up holding a white object. ‘Sparkasse skinsuit, I think. It’ll show off your predicament quite nicely’. He threw it to Gordon who carefully put it on. Mark checked the zip on the suit and held out the suspension cuffs that had secured Gordon to the beam downstairs. ‘I think we’ll have these back on’ he said ‘If you get too lippy it won’t take me too long to string you back up’. He quickly strapped the cuffs around Gordon’s wrists, making sure they were tightly secured. ‘I did think about getting the locking ones, but these are just as good. Oh and this’. He showed Gordon the collar. ‘Just so you don’t forget who’s boss’. He carefully buckled the collar around Gordon’s neck . ‘OK, a couple more pictures and then something to eat and drink’. He stood back and without further instruction Gordon led the way back downstairs.

To be continued… In part 7.

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