The Fete – Part 2

By Joe.

The Story

At about 8 that evening, the door bell rang.  Joe put down the cup of tea and went to the door.  It was Mark, the neighbour who had lent Joe the wetsuit for this time in the pillory.  Joe was glad that he had taken the suit off half an hour earlier.  He didn’t know how he would have explained if he was still wearing it.  Joe invited Mark in for a beer or three.

The evening passed.  As would be expected, Mark asked Joe what he though of having been locked in the pillory for the afternoon.  Without thinking, Joe said he enjoyed the experience, and was glad that he had been able to wear a wetsuit.  No sooner had he said this, then he regretted  it.  He did not want anyone to know that he rather enjoyed the feeling of the tight fitting suit and the vulnerability of being restrained.  Oh well, too late now.  He hoped that Mark would not notice what he said.

Joe was wrong.  Mark noticed, but did not say anything.

The evening passed, and it was time for Mark to leave.  Just before doing so, he invited Joe round the following Friday night.  Mark was having a few friends over, and thought that it would be good opportunity to widen Joe’s circle of friends.  Mark left, but did not take the wetsuit with him.  Joe failed to notice, until the following morning when he saw it still sitting on the chair in the living room.

After discovering the wetsuit, Joe lost no opportunity to put it on again.  He wore it for most of the day.  Because he had to go out however, he put ordinary clothes on over it.  Not surprisingly, Joe soon broke out into a sweat.  What fun! He particularly liked the though of being in public with the suit on, and nobody knowing.

The week soon passed.  Joe wore the suit at every available opportunity, though he did resist the temptation to do so while at work.  The Friday of the party arrived.  Although Mark had not mentioned that Joe still had the wetsuit, Joe felt that he had to return it that evening.  This caused him some sadness, though he decided that he would buy his own at the earliest opportunity.

Joe walked up Mark’s garden path.  He had never noticed the fine display of pampas grass by the gate before.  In fact, he noticed that it seemed to be quite a popular choice of plant in the village.

Mark opened the door.  Joe was the first to arrive.  He could not but help notice that Mark was wearing a wetsuit!  Joe was left speechless, but was quickly beckoned in.  Mark explained that he had been windsurfing earlier that afternoon.  Joe muttered something about not having to explain.  His mind was racing.  Mark finally decided that his assumption must be right – Joe liked wetsuits.  After all, he had not hastened to return the one ’forgotten’ the previous week, and he had said that he was glad to have worn it.  Mark bit the bullet – he suggested that Joe put on the wet suit that he was returning, so that Mark could see what it looked like.

Joe was rather shocked.  Did he hear correctly? He muttered something along the lines of ’OK then’.  Mark showed him into the bathroom so that he could get changed.  Joe quickly put on the wetsuit.  He had become quite used to doing so over the last week, and it took him no time at all.  He looked at himself in the mirror.  He liked what he saw – a body covered in tight fitting black neoprene.  He still found the feeling of being confined in the suit enjoyable.

He came out of the bathroom.  Mark said he was pleased that his hunch had been correct, and that Joe was ’into’ the wetsuit thing.  He put his arm over Joe’s shoulder.  Joe heard a click.  ’What was that?’ he asked.  ’Only a padlock’ replied Mark.  ’I just want to make sure that you do not change your mind about coming to my wetsuit party!’.  Joe found himself rather excited by the thought of not being able to get out of the suit, even if he wanted to.

Shortly, other guests began to arrive.  They all bought wetsuits.  Some thick, some thin.  Some full length, others only shorties.  Joe could not believe his eyes.  He was glad that he had moved into this village!

The beer flowed freely, and the music played.  Everyone became rather merry.  It was lucky that the garden was not overlooked, and backed onto a field.  Joe wondered what anyone would have though if they had seen a garden full of people in wetsuits, without a pool in sight!  Joe felt that he belonged in this new group of friends.  The party was certainly turning into quite a memorable evening.

The time passed, and it was starting to get dark.  All of a sudden, Joe found him self being surrounded by the others.  ’Initiation time!’ shouted Mark, and Joe found himself being pushed to the ground.  All of a sudden, Mark produced a rope.

With plenty of people on top of him, there was little that Joe could do.  Before he really new what was happening, he found that his arms were being tied behind his back – hand to elbow, with plenty of rope wrapped around the lower arm, binding them together.  More rope tied his ankles together.  Finally more rope ran from his wrists, between his legs, back over his shoulders and running to his ankles.  This formed an effective hog tie.  Joe found that is he struggled too much the rope between his legs pulled taught.

Everyone should around and laughed.  Joe lay there on his stomach, unable to do much else.  He was enjoying this!  A wetsuit and being tied up.  All in the same evening.  What would happen next?  Not much actually.  Everyone was soon talking and drinking again, leaving Joe in his predicament.  Mark explained to Joe that it was quite usual for newbies to get this treatment.  Joe did not mind in the slightest! He was enjoying every minute!

Well, he enjoyed every minute for the first half hour or so.  After this however, he found that time was beginning to drag.  Being hog tied there was not anything that Joe could do except lie there, and it did start to become rather boring.  He made conversation with others.  This made quite a funny sight – one wet suited guy hogtied on the ground, another standing holding a beer with both chatting as if this happened every day!  Joe thought that he rather preferred being in the pillory.  Having things thrown at you at least gave you something to think about.  Still, he was not going to complain – he rather liked what had happened to him.

After two hours or so, Mark took pity on Joe and released him from his bonds.  Mark explained that this had happened to everyone at some point, and he hoped that Joe took it all in the spirit that it was intended.  He needn’t have worried.  Joe did not mind, after all he had enjoyed being tied up in a padlocked wetsuit.

Finally the guests started to drift away.  Joe wandered back to his house – remembering to put the normal clothes on over the wetsuit that he was still wearing.  He could not be bothered to take it off just yet.  For a while, he sat in his living room thinking about the events of that evening.  It was time for bed.  Joe went to take off the wetsuit.  It was then that he remembered – the padlock!  He had forgotten everything about it.  Despite trying he could not pull down the zipper.  He laughed quietly to himself.  For a moment he thought about cutting the cord on the zip – after all, that was all that was holding the lock in place. However, he decided not to do so – it was not his suit, and he did not want to damage it.  Well, there would be nothing for it – the wetsuit would have to stay on for the rest of the night.  He would think about what to do about it in the morning.

To be continued…

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  1. An interesting story – shame it’s not my riverside village – looking forward to the next instalment(s) – Peter

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