The Golden Chest

Gordon asked me to create a wetsuit story. So I have tried my best and spend about 3 hours on the story, possibly longer. I have introduced a hint of Charmed theme into the story. So I hope you all like the story. If you don’t, then I am sorry, but like I said, I have tried my best at creating a story for your enjoyment.

The Story

It is a hot and dry day at a coast of Florida, the sun is cooking a stretch of long and golden beach, full of sunbather, the beach is completed with a long wooden pier hanging over the sea. Standing atop the pier is three normal men, well actually 3 very fit men, all are topless, showing off their beautifully tanned chests, lower down they are wearing very tight speedos. The first guy named Fred, is wearing a blue speedo, the second guy, called Clark, is wearing a black one, the third and final guy named as Rick is wearing red, they have recently discovered a small golden chest at the bottom of the sea by the pier, and recovered it.

One hour have now passed while they surveyed the small chest, it looked in perfect condition, no rusts at all, which is weird since it looks like it has been in the sea for a long time going by the amount of plants and debris covering it. All three guys are pondering whether to open it or not, whether it contains something dangerous in it, sometime they would decide to go ahead and open it, and then stops again to think about it. Five minutes later, they all decided what the hell, and to go ahead and open it, all stopped again, thinking who should open it, eventually they decided that Clark should open it, since he is the only brave one enough to do so.

Clark was surprised to see it was not hard to hope, it simple opened as if it has been oiled, the other two were standing a while away, expecting bad things to happen. When they hear nothing happens, they crept closer to stand alongside Clark and they all looked in the chest, a gold orb is hovering in the very center inside of the chest, the three guys looked confused, and realises the gold orb is moving up, out of the chest of its own will. The guys watched the orb fearfully, expecting it to blow up, killing them all, the orb slowly hovered higher and higher until it is directly above them and stopped there, suddenly, the orb started to come apart, sprinkling golden dusts over the three guys.

The sprinkling continued until the orb is completely gone, nothing happens for a few seconds…the guys stood staring at each others, then all of them began to glow brightly of gold… Rick started to feel tingly all over his body, he asks the other guys if they can feel it, they say they do… then they all noticed that their skins is getting dark and darker. They are confused and getting scared of what is happening, Fred realised that not all of them have the same colour, Fred’s body is developing black all over his body with blue down one of his arm and leg, meanwhile Clark is all black with few grey and whites on the right shoulder and arm, lastly Rick is getting black all over as well as Fred but colour of bright red at the top and then turning black on the way down to mix with the black arms and legs.

The changes stopped, all three guys looked shocked, gobsmacked at what has happened, all of them were now wearing wetsuits with some colour that matches their speedos. The guys are unsure whether the changes is a good thing or not, sure they love wearing wetsuits and always wished they could wear it all the time, but they would look ridiculous walking in the town, or travelling to the main city like New York, or some place like that, also it would sure get very very hot for them to wear wetsuits considering they live in Florida. While they thought about it, they felt that they were getting cooler and found the wetsuits were disappearing… turning them back into what they were like before…

The three guys looked bewildered, and decided to go home and relax, and try to forget that it all happened, maybe it all was a crazy dream. They all sorted out to meet again the next day to do some scuba diving, and then set off their separate ways to their home. All guys walked to the car parks near the beach and Fred asked if Rick would like a lift since he was a young 18 years old and not yet learned to drive, Rick looked glad and agreed, they both got into Fred’s convertible Mazda MX-5 and Fred pulled the roof down to let the wind blows through them, making them cool. Clark watched them go off, obliviously jealous since he really liked Fred and his cool car, when they gone out of sight, Clark got into his own convertible Volkswagen Golf and also took the roof down and drove off home.

Clark started cooking once he got home, he decided to do a cajun chicken and chips, so he set his oven and left it to preheat and went to watch a bit of television, about ten minutes passed and Clark went to the kitchen and then popped the chicken into the oven and turned on the grill to prepare to put in the chips in five minutes. Clark then let his mind wandered, he thought how wonderful it would be to be with someone like Fred, thinking of Fred, Clark is reminded of Rick with him and started to frown, grumpily dumping chips into a tray and pushed it onto the grill, mumbling angrily how he wish Rick would go away and leave him alone with Rick, maybe something would of happened between them.

He then hears a beeping noise, realising the chips are burning, he grabbed it forgetting to use the oven gloves, getting burnt and drops the tray, he panicked, thinking his food is going to be ruined, his body instantly changed colours like it did earlier in the day and the black wetsuit appeared again on his body while he threw his hands up, instantly the tray and the chips froze in the air as if someone has pressed the pause button on the remote control. Looking really confused and mystified by whats happening, he observed the tray and the scattered chips frozen in the air, he touched a chip and then everything collasped as if someone has pressed play to unpause the event, while this happened, the wetsuit also disappeared slowly as if it is linked to what is happening. Clark has now lost his appetite and stumbled to bed, worrying about whats happening to him, is he going mad, is he becoming a freak? While Clark struggled to sleep, things are going through his mind, making it difficult for him to get to sleep, he eventually got to sleep in the end.

The next day started very slowly, the sun rising heavily, as if it has got some weight attached to it, while it struggle to rise up. Few sunbather arrived at the beach, hoping to grab some early cool sun before it gets too hot for them to get some cover. A Mazda MX-5 pulled up in the car park with Fred… and Rick in the car, Clark is already there, waiting for them, sees them together again, once more the feeling of jealously welled up inside him, its oblivious that Rick had stayed over at Fred’s, no doubt about it. Fred and Rick were smiling and looking pleased, but once they saw Clark’s face, they knew something is up, Clark asked if anything weird has happened to them since yesterday? They both denied that anything weird has happened to them, wondering why Clark asked?

Clark explained of the weird event that happened to him the night before, the other two guys were skeptical and did not really believe him, Clark was annoyed, but told them to forget that he ever mentioned it. All of them went to the pier again, loaded up with the scuba gears, while walking along the pier, the two guys were having a laugh about Clark’s ridiculous story, when a scuba mask of Fred’s fell out of his arm, aiming for the sea, Fred tried to grab it and felt a tingly going through his body, the other guys stood watching him, with their mouth open, Fred almost caught the mask but it bumped his hand and still is dropping and he flicked his hand at it and to his amazement, the mask changed the course of the way it was going and flew onto the pier, bumping and rolling on the wood surface… without him touching it at all… Fred and his friends stood there, looking confused and shocked, Fred started to feel cooler and looked down at his body, just in time to see his blue and black wetsuit fading away, all three men are lost for words.

The three guys are now sitting outside of a cocktail bar, on the balcony with a view to the beach and sea, they are discussing of what have happened, also of last night too. They all are wondering if the gold orb had anything to do with it, it did make the wetsuits appear on them after all and things were normal before they found the gold chest. They then started to talk about the powers that the two guys have found they possessed, its obliviously that Fred have telekinesis, the power to move things with his mind, and Clark have temporal statis, the power to freeze time. Rick complained, that he has not experienced anything weird happening, that he thinks that he does not have any powers at all, as Rick reached to grab his glass of water, he suddenly got flashes of images playing in front of his eyes of the bar tables being smashed, people being thrown around by something big and evil looking, Rick came back to reality, seeing his friends staring at him with weird expression on their faces, Rick felt embarrassed, knowing they have seen him gasping and making noises while seeing the vision happening.

Fred and Clark were also looking at his body, Rick knew what they were looking at… the wetsuit that had appeared on his body, all nice and sexy. The friends asked what had happened and why were he making noises and what did he do to make the wetsuit come? Rick explained that he saw images playing in front of him, also it felt like he was actually there when the event happened, Clark came up with the notion that Rick have premonitions, the power to see the past or future. Rick said that the images that were happening felt like it will happen soon… sure enough they all heard a crash from inside the bar, all three rushed inside and saw a big red demon thing with small pointed horn on his head, the guys thought he looks like a devil from hell, but scarier. People were screaming, trying to get away, the demon grabbed a man and threw him through a wall onto the beach, the three guys were shocked, then they all felt the familiar tingling feeling and realised all of them have the wetsuits on again.

Fred aimed his power at the demon and made him hit the drinks behind the bar, the drinks shattered and the wall cracked under the demon’s impact. The demon bellowed and ran at them, the guys got scared and huddled together, not knowing what to do, the demon got close and Clark panicked and put his hands up and the demon instantly frozed, using this to their advantage, they ran a safe distance away from the demon, and then realised this is their destiny, they have been chosen worthy to wear the wetsuits and have its powers to fights the demons, them finding the gold chest was by fate, maybe someone planted it there for them to find and have the powers. Fred decided to end the demon once and for all, to protect the people around then, he aimed his power at a broken glass and threw it at the demon’s heart while he still is frozed, the demon screamed and exploded in a flame.

The three guys sighed in relief, the people around them looked surprised, but thanked them for what they did to save them. The guys then walked back to their cars and talked there, about the chest and the orb, maybe its what they were destined for, that they should use their powers for good, even the power costume is so sexy and suit them. Rick suggested that they could use the wetsuits to their advantage… with a cheeky grin on his face, the other two caught on what he meant and instantly agreed they should, with that they got into Clark’s Volkswagen car and drove back to Clark’s house, to make a lot of use out of the wetsuits, for fun, which means Clark finally got what he always have wanted in the end… Fred, also with added bonus of Rick. All the three guys got to Clark’s bedroom, complete with a double bed, all of them made their wetsuits appeared again knowing in the end how to control it, even without using their powers and got onto the bed and had the time of their life… halfway through they stopped when Clark disappeared to the other room for a minute and then came back with handcuffs which made the night even more fantastic than they even had in their life…

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