The Playroom

By Robert.

The Story

It is in the evening, very warm night out there, meanwhile I am in my small bedroom, cluttered with posters of sexy fit guys in wetsuits, either posing or surfing. Lying sprawled on my bed, typing on a laptop, looking at websites, seeing if I could find any new photos of a guy in wetsuit that I have never seen before. I guess I should describe myself, I’m around 5″8 foot tall with short spiky blonde hair, bright blue eyes and a cheeky grin, guaranteed to make guys falls at my feet, did I forget to mention I am also slim, tanned, and I have a six packs? Looking up from my laptop, eyeing a poster of a fit blonde guy in a wetsuit, surfing in a big wave, dreaming of being that guy. Doorbells ringing in my ears, I frowned, ‘who can be visiting at this time of night?’ I thought, walking to the front door, I tugged open the door opened.

My mouth dropped, literally, he was a beautiful guy I have ever seen, finely shaped chin, smooth tanned face, nose not too pointed, not too curved, just perfect, shiny brown eyes, lips that looks good to kiss, looking at his hair, also blonde like me, but a bit longer, also spiky in a crazy sexy way, looking down at his body, a baseball shirt, all white with blue arms, his strong tanned arms poking out from them, further down, a light brown shorts, his legs, also strong and tanned, and a bit hairy, comes out of the shorts holes, into pair of white socks and finally ending in bright pair of trainers with blue lines on both sides.

“Hello Devon” spoke the guy, with a strong sexy accent, “Err, hi..” I replied, feeling my cheeks burning, I was getting shy! “Come in then..” I invited him in, and walked back to my room, he followed me, I sat on my bed, and Neil just stood by the door. After a while pause, I plucked up the courage to ask him “Who are you?” the guy looked like he had been jolted by electric, “Oh sorry, forgot my manners there! I am Neil, I heard there was someone who lives there, that is into wetsuits..” his eyes trailing around the room, taking in the posters on the walls, “Am I right, no?” I sat there, with my mouth open, it took me a while to snap back to my senses, “um, sorry… yes.. I do like wetsuits; I am not a pervert or anything! It’s just I.. ah…” I stuttered, Neil grinned, “Don’t worry! It’s normal to like wetsuits, I am a big fan of them, that why I came to see you!”

I don’t know how much time have passed, here I am still sitting on my bed, talking to this gorgeous guy, also sitting on the other side of my bed, chatting openly about wetsuits, bondages, god know what else. “Let’s go to my house.. I’ve got something that I would like to show to you..” Neil asked which cut me short, I didn’t expect that at all, I was lost for words, here, right now, a guy in front of me, very handsome and sexy, is asking me over to his house! “Um, that is if you don’t mind.. You don’t have to.. I am not forcing you to do anything you don’t want.. I am sure you would like it?” he stared into my eyes, looking nervous.

“Yeah, sure” I agreed, hey what the worst that can happen? I thought to myself, I slid off my bed and found my black trainers and tugged them on, with the laces inside, to save me the bother of doing them up. I led Neil out of my room, down the stair and called to my parents that I was going out for the night, and slid out of the door into the cool night, the cold wind blowing onto my face. “This way.” Neil reached out and pulled my hand, he guided me through the roads to where he lives. I felt electricity running up my hand, the one holding Neil, the electricity reaching out from the hand through the arm to my heart, making it miss a beat.

After what seems like hours, we’ve finally reached the destination, Neil walked into the garden, in front of a semi-detached house, painted all white with brown wood window frames and front door. Neil reached into his back pocket of his jeans, tugged out keys and opened the front door, “Come on” Neil called out, while going in the house, I followed without a pause, but nervously. Neil shut the door behind me, and then led me to the kitchen, “You want a drink?” he asked me, I didn’t feel like a drink at all, I was dry as a desert but too nervous to swallow, I shook my head, “sure?” Neil asked again, I nodded. “Ok, if you’re sure, right well..” Neil trailed off, “You were going to show me something?” I reminded him, “Oh yes, so I was” Neil grinned, remembering the reason I was brought here.

Neil, again took hold of my hand and pulled me back to the hall, and then up the stairs, gripping the wood handrail to stop myself from stumbling on the steps while making my way up. We reached the top in no time, “This way” Neil said, taking me to the left, passing a door, and stopped in front of a door, “I am going to blindfold you now Devon” Neil grinned, is he for real? I thought to myself. Neil pulled out a blindfold from his pocket and covered my eyes with it, pulling the straps over my head to hold it in place, I was totally blind, I heard the door being tugged open, a pull on my right hand indicate I was to go forward, I moved slowly, as not to bump into anything, tempted to peek. “You better not be peeking” said Neil, damn; he saw through me, I thought to myself.

Neil lead me to what feels like a wall and putting my back flat onto it, each of my arms lifted, my shirt being pulled off over my head, then I could feel something cold and metallic slipping around each of my wrists, with a quiet sound of click, again I wanted to peek but couldn’t. Feeling a movement around my feet and my shoes being tugged off, and then my socks were gone too, and to my horror, my shorts were being tugged off, “Um, what are you doing?” I whispered, nervously. “Don’t worry, I am not going to do anything bad.. You will like it, I promise.. Just keep calm” Neil assured me, feeling my boxers being pulled down, my face burning hot while feeling my 5 inches flaccid penis popping out and slapped against my pair of balls.

Unable to move my arms, but determined to keep my eyes closed.

More of the cold feeling and clicking sounds occurred, this time around my ankles. “Are you feeling comfortable?” asked Neil, “Yes.. I am” I whispered, “Good.. nearly done..” he replied, sound of what sounded like a drawer opening and shutting, reached my ears, then sounds of footsteps coming up to me, I knew he was next to me. A warm feeling came upon my crotch, I realised that my manhood was being handled, of all the guys in the world; a gorgeous guy was handling it! I felt something slipping over my penis and balls so it was at the base, something else slipped over my penis shaft and then a sound of more clicking came to me.

Finally I felt Neil’s hands pulling off my blindfolds, the first thing I looked at was down at my manhood to see what he has done, oh boy, I thought, a Chastity Belt! So that clicking sound was a padlock being locked! I have never worn a chastity belt before, but I have always wanted to try one for years, looks like I got my wish! I glanced at my feet and wrists, I didn’t have to guess what is the cold metallic thing on them, I knew already, handcuffs to the walls, so here I am, cuffed to the wall with my arms up, my legs wide apart, all naked with a chastity belt. The idea of that sounded great to me, I felt a stirring in my torso, I knew I was very turned on by everything, I looked down again at the chastity belt, my penis was struggling to get hard, but the plastic covering refuse to let it get hard, kept it down.

“I can see you are enjoying this a lot! I told you that you would” Neil smiled at me, he then started to pull off his shirt, shoes, socks, jeans, and lastly his boxers, before I knew it, he was totally naked, seeing him naked is making me horny like crazy but still the chastity belt refuse to let my penis to do as it pleases. Neil walked closer to me, putting his arms around me and embraced me in a hug, his huge erected cock which looked to be 7 inches, poked my tummy, his balls rubbing against my trapped crotch, he lowered his lips to me and we snogged as if there were no tomorrow.

Neil pulled back, leaving me craving for more, and walked to a wardrobe at the opposite side of the room, opened it, I gasped, there must be about 20 wetsuits in there, Varities of different colours and makes! Oh god.. I am so lucky to be here! I thought to myself. Neil reached in and pulled out a black and navy colour full suit wetsuit, which looked like an O’Neill make, he unzipped the back and then sat down onto a chair, putting his legs one by one into the wetsuit, pulling it on, then pulling the wetsuit to cover his chest, and putting each of his arms into the sleeves, and then using the long cord to the zip at the back, he tugged it up, zipping himself in it. He turned to me; I could see the massive bulge of his hard cock, throbbing beneath the rubber neoprene of the wetsuit.

Neil again came to me, he reached up and unlocked the cuffs around my wrists then he unlocked the ankles ones, after I was free, apart from the chastity belt, Neil took me to the centre of the room and made me stand, “wait there, and don’t try to remove that belt” Neil said with a wink, before going out of the room, leaving me to stand there, butt naked. After some minutes, he returned, holding something folded, I could not see what is it, before I could ask, he pulled a blindfold over my head again, again I was blind, hearing him unfolding the thing, wondering what is it, well I will find out in a minute, I thought to myself. I felt my arms being lifted to in front of me, and then something was tugged over my arms, and the edges flapped on my back before being tightened together, then something pulled my hands so they are folded, something that felt like two straps was pulled under my legs, tightened to squeeze each of my bum cheeks.

Neil removed the blindfold, I looked down, and recognised the straps on the garment, oh god, so I am in a straitjacket, I thought to myself, feeling more horny. Neil grinned at me, knowing that I am very turned on, he guided me into a chair in a corner and then went over to the same drawer that he got the chastity belt from, and this time the drawer produced two ankle cuffs, and approached me, he clamped each of the cuffs to my ankles and clamping the other ends to the chair legs. Neil then found a belt and wrapped it around my chest and clamping it together behind the chair back so I am bound to the chair, unable to move. Neil then reached in the drawer again for the last time and pulled out a rubber materials, before I could ask, he rammed it over my head, I realised that it’s a rubber hood, that you can’t see through, and have mouth hole, which makes it easier to breathe.

I heard the door shutting, everything went very quiet, deathly quiet, I am all alone in this room, I don’t believe it.. Neil left me all alone.. and I am so horny.. I thought to myself, excited. I never felt so powerless in my life, all turned on and I can’t do anything at all! I waited and waited, needing to cum, but couldn’t, after what felt like an hour or two, noise of a door opening and shutting, the rubber hood was pulled off, I found myself staring into Neil’s eyes, oh boy I was glad to see him back. He was still in the same wetsuit as the last time I saw him, he released me from the chair and removed the straitjacket off me, after taking it off, he walked to the wardrobe and opened both doors, “pick a wetsuit” he ordered, I shuffled to the front of the wardrobe, looking through the wetsuits, finally deciding on a black and red coloured of Salomon full suit. “Now put it on” Neil ordered again, I tugged the wetsuit on, it was a tight fit, but fitted me nicely, it was actually comfortable for me while wearing a chastity belt in the wetsuit.

Neil went to the drawer yet again, and produced a ball gag, walked over to me and forced it into my mouth, clipping the straps together on the back of my head to secure it in place. “Follow me” Neil ordered to me, I obeyed without hesitation, he lead me out of the door, into the door next door to the room we were previously in. Once stepping into the room, I could not believe it when my eyes laid on an object in this room, a cage big enough to fit a man, I knew what was coming next, Neil walked to the cage and opened the cage, the door creaked on the hinges, “In you go Devon” he ordered again. I obeyed him again and walked in the cage. Neil walked to a chest of drawers in this room, and pulled out handcuffs from the top drawer, came over to me and reached in the cage to cuffs my wrists to the ceiling of the cage and then he reached down to cuffs my ankles to the floor of the cage, he stepped out and closed the door and padlocked it. I was so turned on you would not believe, I believe that I have precummed as I could feel a bit wet down there.

Neil left the room again like the last time, and I stood there in the cage for a long while, about two hours or so passed, actually I am not sure how long it has been, Neil returned and unlocked the cage and got in with me, it was a tight fit but it also felt nice, pressed up to a gorgeous guy. I felt turned on again, my cock straining at the chastity belt, Neil closed and locked the cage door again, this time with him inside with me. He began to embrace me in his arms, rubbing his hands all over my body, making me more turned on than before, he then released my arms from the cuffs but leaving my ankles cuffed, and ordered me to unzip him, I did so, by putting my arms around him and pulling the zip cord, I tugged the wetsuit down from his body so his chest were bare, “further down” Neil said, I pulled the wetsuit down further, passing his knees, his huge hard cock popped out in front of my face.

“Now suck me” Neil ordered, I grabbed his cock for the first time, feeling it on my hand was incredible, smooth and hot, I opened my mouth and shoved his cock into it, sucking and rolling my tongue over it, god, this tastes so incredible! I pushed it deeper into my throat, hearing him moaning in ecstasy, I knew he was enjoying it so much; it really turned me on so much seeing him enjoying it. It wasn’t long before I felt warm cum filling my mouth, I swallowed wad by wad while Neil shot into my mouth each time, after Neil had finished, he pulled his wetsuit back on and told me to zip it back up, I did so. Neil embraced me again and moved his lips to mine and we kissed, which soon turned into a snog, after a minute he pulled away, he unzipped my back and pulled the wetsuit down to my feet like I did to him previously, and then removed the chastity belt.

At last, my cock was free to get hard, which it did just then, my cock went up very quickly and got harder than I ever have been in my life. Neil pulled my wetsuit back up and zipped it again. He unlocked the cage and went out of the room, returned a minute later with the straitjacket again; he strapped it onto me once again and got in the cage, locking it behind him again. He started to rub my bulge outside of the wetsuit, getting harder, harder, furiously until his hand were a blur, and it felt so good. He stopped as soon as he had started, he removed the straitjacket off me and then unzipped the wetsuit once again, pulling it down below my knees, then he freed my ankles from the cuffs and removed the wetsuit totally and then cuffed my ankles again, and put the straitjacket back on.

He grabbed hold of my hard penis and wanked it furiously, it felt so good that I let out a moan, resting my back on the cage’s bars, Neil stopped after a while and got out of the cage and got a tube of lubricant out from the same drawer as the handcuffs were, he came back to the cage and pushed the door shut, locking it, do it was me all alone in the cage this time, Neil squeezed some lube onto his hand, whispering “I am going to give you the time of your life”. He was not kidding at that, after closing the tube, he reached in through the bars and grabbed hold of my hard cock again with both hands, he stroked all over of my cock with lube which made it so intense, that I could not hold back any longer as one of his hand fondled my balls, I let out a loud groan and let shot long wad after wad of cum through the bars onto Neil’s chest, he just kept wanking me off.

My cock then finished shooting, but Neil wasn’t finished yet, he wiped the cum off his chest onto his hands and then continued to wank me off, I could not do anything since I was in a straitjacket and my ankles cuffed to the floor, I writhed in the cage, unable to stop Neil, something that felt like electricity going through my cock. It would stop if Neil released me, but still he did not, after a while when my cock had stopped generating electricity and gone a bit soft, Neil stopped and then opened the cage’s door, “Did you enjoy that then?” Neil asked me with a grin, I panted hard and nodded, I was too exhausted to speak. “Good, good” Neil was pleased; he released me from the straitjacket and the ankle cuffs.

I was prepared to walk out of the cage, “aha!” Neil halted me, I stopped, “where do you think you’re going?” Neil asked me, “to get dressed and go home?” I replied. “No, no way, you’re staying here,” Neil said with a silly grin, I didn’t know what to say, except the idea does not seems too bad, so I said nothing. Neil forced me back into the wetsuit and cuffed my ankles and wrists in the cage; he then left me like that and walked out of the room. “Uh.. how long exactly will I be staying?” I called out to him; he stopped and turned to me, “Oh until I get bored of you! But I doubt I would for many years to come” He then grinned at me and left. I was left speechless.

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