The Wetsuit Model

Inspired by and set in the universe of WETSUIT SENTENCE by sj_one


The Story…

Aidan is trying to make his way as a male model in London after dropping out of university, certainly not an easy career choice. He’s had a hard time finding work anywhere, so he’s happy for anything that comes his way. He’s attractive and 5’11” and about 12 stone with a slender build, just like mostly everyone else in his field. He works with his friend and agent, James, to try to find new gigs around the city.

After a night of heavy drinking and partying, his phone rings and he just ignores it. Whoever is calling is very persistent, they call two more times and he mutters to himself “ugh, someone had better be dying.” He picks up the phone and sees it’s his agent James and answers it immediately.

“Aidan, what the fuck? I’ve been trying to call you for the last hour! There’s a photo shoot happening down on Curtain Rd. in Hackney and the model who was supposed to do it never showed up, get your shit together, catch a ride on the Underground, and get over here now!” said James.

“Ok, ok, keep your fucking pants on, I’ll head down in a few. So, what exactly is the shoot for? Some department store or underwear company?” asks Aidan.

“No idea, I just got a call from a friend. It sounds like it’s for some government public service program, I’ll know more by the time you get here.” James curtly responds and hangs up before Aidan can even utter another word.

“Well, at least it’s a job. If it pays enough, I’ll be able to keep the flat for another week” Aidan thinks to himself. He quickly throws on a pair of jeans and a hoodie, grabs a cup of coffee, and dashes out the door. The trip down to Hackney is uneventful and he’s used to dashing off to new shoots at a moment’s notice. He finally arrives at the modern office building and approaches the receptionist in the big marble lobby. “Hi, I’m here for a photo shoot. My agent James said you’d be expecting me.” Aidan said with a bit of an exhausted tone from his hangover. “Ah, yes sir. Please take the lift up to the 14th floor and go to suite 14102 down the left hall.

Aidan proceeds up to the suite where the photo shoot is taking place and is quickly greeted by James – “come on, come on, there’s a room already set up for you! The shoot was supposed to start over an hour ago. Let’s hurry up and get you changed into the outfit!” as he’s whisked back to the changing room. “Uh, the outfit? We’re just doing one for the whole shoot?” Aidan asks sounding confused. “Yes, like I told you, it’s for a government thing, there’s only one outfit for the whole shoot but there’s a lot they want to do” James answers. Aidan couldn’t help but notice the usual smell of a modern office and the equipment slowly get replaced by a strong rubber smell as he approaches the dressing room.

James flings open the door and almost pushes him in. As the lights turn on, he sees before him a very shiny bright lime green wetsuit with attached feet resembling rain boots and a strange looking collar with some electronics and what looks like a lock on it.

“The fuck is that thing?! You can’t be serious – am I expected to wear that??” Aidan blurts out in shock.

“Oh shut up, like I said it’s for some government program, it’s weird but it is money and you haven’t had a job in weeks! Just get undressed and I’ll give you a hand putting it on.” James snaps back.

“Fine, whatever. Just try to find me something that isn’t weird or doesn’t have shit pay next time!” Aidan quickly pulls off his hoodie, unbuttons and slips off his jeans, and finally stumbles out of his underwear and socks. He stands in the room completely naked with the suit hanging next to him as James’s eyes wandering downward.

“Heh, you sure you aren’t into this more than you’re letting on?” James asks looking down and Aidan’s rock hard dick.

“Oh fuck you, let’s just get this over with. So how do I get this damn thing on?” Aidan responses.
“Well the material is heavy rubber so they told me you can’t just slip it on. Go over and stand on that towel while I spray you down with this silicon spray. This should make sliding it on a lot easier” said James.

Aidan begrudgingly walks over to the towel and allows James to start misting him down with the spray. He jumps and yells “hey, that shit is cold!” and James jokingly responds “aww, poor baby. Do you want me to warm it up for you? It’ll help get the suit on and take care of your hard-on!” as he slaps Aidan on the ass.
“Haha, very funny… I can tell you’re really enjoying this. But seriously, doesn’t this seem weird to you?” Aidan asks in a concerned tone.

“No, not really. I know you’re used to doing normal photo shoots but a lot of work for the government, aerospace, and other stuff can involve odd outfits like this. At least it’s giving you the chance to do something new” James responds.

A quick knock is heard on the door – “hey, are you ready yet? We need to get moving on this now!” a guy is heard saying on the other.
“Just a minute, we’ll be right out!” James responds.

“OK, you’re ready to go” James tells Aidan as he hands him the suit. Aidan finds the zipper on the back only zipped up ¾ of the way and proceeds to unzip it fully as he opens the suit and slips his first silicone lube covered leg into it. His leg slides smoothly through the suit as he feels the rubber almost pop into place molding itself over his foot, his calf and his thigh. He can feel how heavy, yet flexible the strange electronic collar of the suit is. His dick is also getting noticeably hard again after sliding his right leg in. “Ok, now for the next one” says James. He again pushes his left foot deep into the suit and feels the sensation of the suit hugging his leg with every movement, his dick is now rock hard again.

Aidan stops to look down at himself for a moment, seeing his rubber encased legs shown in perfect detail inside the suit and its attached boots. His rock-hard cock rests against upper half of the suit hanging down by his waist. He grabs his cock and quickly shoves it down his right leg as he pops his first arm into the suit. As soon as the suit’s first shoulder is in, he can feel it tug on the entire suit now hugging his legs, his cock, and his ass. He takes a deep breath, and pops his other arm into the suit, which now covers his chest. Only his back remains exposed as the suit is still unzipped. James is stares at his dick for an awkwardly long time as he worked his way into the suit, he tells Aidan “I have to give you a hand here, there’s no pull cord on the back zipper.”

James rests his hand on Aidan’s shoulder as he stands behind him and slowly begins pulling up the zipper on the suit. With every click of the zipper, Aidan can feel the suit tighten around his chest and the rest of his body. The zipper also feels much heavier duty than those you find on most wetsuits. Finally, James brings the zipper up to his neck where it snaps neatly into a small compartment below the collar’s clasp. He snaps the collar in place and hears a click as he closes the clasp. As soon as the clasp locks in place, the small screen on the collar lights up and some quiet electronic noises can be heard for a second.
“Huh, what the hell was that?” asks Aidan.

“Don’t worry, it’s just a built-in security mechanism. The people that wear these for their sentence aren’t supposed to take them off. They need it fully operational for the photo shoot, after that, we have a guy from their PHI office here to unlock it.”

Aidan stands for a minute looking at himself in the mirror. He cleans some of the excess lube off of his hands with a towel and rubs down the suit to work out any creases. He can’t help but feel a strange sensation almost like a second skin as he slowly works his hands over the suit. He notices the suit has “Property of PHI” written in bold on the chest. “So, what exactly is this PHI?” he curiously asks.

“Well, as I understand it is called the Public Humiliation Initiative. It’s an alternative sentence option for litterbugs, it gives them a way to avoid jail or a big fine. They do some time in the suit, and then they’re free to go.” James responds. “You had better get out there, we’ve kept them waiting long enough already.”
As he walks to the door he can feel the suit moving over his body with every step, making it hard for him to concentrate and keeping his cock rock hard. The suit seems to make him much more sensitive to everything, he can feel the very subtle change in temperature as soon as the air from the outside rushes in when he opens the door. The scent of rubber now lingers around him and he walks toward the brightly lit photo set.

The photo shoot started pretty normal, all things considered. Aidan struck the usual poses over and over again and the camera clicked away. Eventually though, they asked him to do something a little out of the ordinary. They wanted him to show embarrassment, a feeling of entrapment while gripping his collar, and looking down at his suit in shock as he sat on his knees. He complied with the direction and they took many different shots and angles of the requested poses. The hours slowly moved by and James watched with a smile. Finally, it came time for a quick break.

“Hey man, I know it’s a weird ass outfit, but you really make it looks great!” James says with a smile.

“Heh, thanks, I do what I can. So I’ve really got to take a piss, can you get this thing unlocked for me?” Aidan asks a bit urgently.

“Oh, yeah. Sure thing, just give me a minute and we’ll get you take care of.” James reassures him.
A few minutes pass and James comes back with a somewhat worried look on his face. “Hey man, I am sorry but something came up and the PHI officer had to step out. They told me the photo shoot only has an hour and a half to go, they almost got everything they need. Is there any chance you can hold it? He should be back by then” James asks apologetically.

“Ugh, seriously? I’m locked in this government gimp suit until then?? I guess can manage.” Aidan responds slightly annoyed. “I’m going to head out and have a smoke before we start again.”

James hands Aidan a cigarette and lighter and Aidan proceeds down the elevator and heads out to the back alley. He can’t help but feel very strange as the suit continues to caress him all over as he listens to the gentle squeaking of the rubber as he walks down the halls. It also feels as though everyone’s watching him. “Man, this thing actually feels pretty hot but being in this thing out in public just feels so weird, I can’t wait to be out of it” he thinks to himself. He finally walks over to a dingy door that creaks open and leads to the back alley where he can light up. He leans against the wall with his arms folded and smokes his cigarette just thinking about the day.

He thinks back to how much James was looking at him in the dressing room and throughout the photo shoot. He’s always been pretty cheeky but he really seemed to enjoy how Aidan looked, Aidan also couldn’t help but notice a bulge in his pants as he was sliding on the suit. James was a bit older than him, but he always found him to be fun and attractive. They were business associates and somewhat close friends, but never anything more than that. Aidan couldn’t help but wonder if there might be something more there. Then, out of nowhere…

“Hey, freeze right where you are!” an angry voice from down the alley commands.

“Oh, what the fuck now?” Aidan wonders as he looks down the alley.

A older overweight police officer with a bad attitude comes running towards him and once again screams “freeze, don’t move! What the hell do you think you’re doing!?” Yells the officer.

“Smoking a cigarette, what does it look like you dumbass?” Aidan responds visibly annoyed and completely forgetting his unusual attire at the moment.

“That’s enough shit out of you! You lads think you can just run off from your work and no one will catch you. We’ll see who you are and what you’re sentenced for!” the officer says as he grabs Aidan by the collar and holds a reader device up to up.”

“Hey man, what the fuck!? Get your hands off of me – I’m doing a photo shoot for you assholes and just stepped out for a smoke! I didn’t do anything!!” yells Aidan.

“Bullshit, I’ve heard every excuse in the book. You damn lads can’t take responsibility for anything!” retorts the officer.

Beeps are heard from his reader as it looks up the information from his collar.

“Huh… unassigned? So, how did you manage to wipe the collar you little bastard?? I’m sure the PHI would love to know you or your friends did this!” says the officer.

“Look officer, I am telling the truth, my name is Aidan Connor, I live on Langley Way in Watford, and I am here for nothing but a photo shoot” Aidan pleads with the officer looking visibly shaken.

“Uh huh, so you got some ID on you? A mobile and someone we can call??” asks the officer accusingly.“No, I don’t… all of my stuff is upstairs. I don’t have any pockets or anywhere to put my stuff in this fucking suit!” proclaims Aidan.

“More bullshit, you’re just looking for another chance to get away. Don’t worry, we’ll sort all of this out. Put your hands behind your back, you are under arrest” says the officer coldly as he grabs Aidan’s rubber-clad arms and snaps a pair of handcuffs on them tightly. The officer then pulls out his device again and puts it up to the collar “we’ll make sure to fix this, you’re back on the tracking grid” as a few more beeps are heard from the collar.

The bobby walks Aidan, suited and handcuffed, out to his cruiser in the street as everyone looks at him and throws him in the back forcefully. “Jesus Christ, how could this day possibly get any worse? This dickhead bobby won’t believe a word I say as long as I’m in this suit. Best to just keep my mouth shut and let them work it out down at the station” Aidan thinks to himself.

To be continued… Part 2

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  1. That story is soooooo hot. It truly left me very hot and excited. Having that happen to me would be a dream come true. Aidan is the luckiest boy ever.

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