The Wetsuit Model – Part 2

Inspired by and set in the universe of WETSUIT SENTENCE by sj_one


The Story…

Aidan sits in the back of the cruiser, his hands uncomfortably handcuffed behind his back and fully clad and locked in his PHI wetsuit. He can feel his sweat and the lube that got him into the suit coating his whole body and running down into his boots. He’s worried about the situation he is in, but also can’t help but feel turned on by the suit. He feels every bump in the road as the cruiser drives through the city and can hear the police chatter and codes over the radio. Finally, he hears the bobby radio in “10-95, I have a PHI awol-no information on the collar, looks like the subject wiped it. Return to the precinct to process?” After a brief pause, he hears an officer on the other end “10-74, negative on that. Return him to PHI processing, let them handle the paperwork” and he ends the communication with a simple “10-4.”

“Well, looks like you got lucky – the precinct doesn’t have time for your shit tonight so you’re just going back to PHI processing. If you haven’t skipped out before, they’ll probably just add a day or two to your sentence” the officer dismissingly tells him.

Aidan knows there’s no point talking to this guy after how things went so far, “at least those people will probably know who I am and get me out of this mess” he thinks to himself.

After driving another 20 minutes or so, the officer pulls into a back alley and a garage door opens for him to drive into. Aidan sees the bright lights of the garage with other cruisers and vans parked next to them. The officer opens the door and wastes no time grabbing him by the arm and pulling him out of the cruiser. They walk through a set of doors labeled “PHI Processing” as the security locks buzz them in. The plain brick walls of the building are painted white and lime to match the PHI’s notorious color and cameras are everywhere. As they traverse the hallway they arrive at a desk with a PHI officer on duty for processing.

As the last door closes behind them, the bobby tells the officer at the desk “he’s your problem now, caught him skipping out in an alley behind Curtain Rd. and he found some way to wipe his ID from the collar” as he uncuffs him. The bobby finishes some quick paperwork for the drop off and heads back out the door, Aiden couldn’t help but sarcastically shout back “thanks for everything!” as he rubs his wrists still red from being cuffed. He looks at the PHI officer, a fit guy probably in his mid-30’s with dark hair and dark eyes. He sees his name badge with the name “Lt. Beck” and tries to get off on a better foot with him than he did his friend in blue from before.

“Hey officer, I’m sorry but this whole thing has been a crazy mix-up. The guy that brought me in thought I was some kind of inmate of your PHI and wouldn’t listen to a word I said. I am just a model that was doing a photo shoot for you in the building by where he picked me up. I’ve really got to get this thing off and get out of here.” he calmly explains.

“Uh huh. You have any idea how many lads I’ve had come back through those doors and how many crazy stories I’ve heard? It’s amazing how many lads will panic and run from a week or two of work. I’ve heard everything from friends tricking them into a suit to someone who slipped and fell into one!” Lt. Beck dismissingly responds.

“Sir, I swear I am telling the truth… please, just call my agent or the agency. They’ll tell you I was there doing a photo shoot for them!” he continues.

“Don’t worry, we will get this straightened out. Luckily our new facial scan AI system will tell us all we need to know and get you on your way. Just step over here to the scanner.” Lt. Beck directs him.

Aidan reluctantly moves over to the scanner and lines his face up as the screen instructs him to. In just a moment the scan completes and the record comes through on Lt. Beck’s station.

“Seriously? You only had three days left on your sentence and you went on the run over that??” Lt. Beck asks with a surprised tone.

“Huh… what?? I told you I am not an inmate! I have no sentence and nothing to do with this program!!”
“That’s not what I’m seeing here, you were positively identified as Jason Roberts and you went missing from your assigned location just an hour or two before you were picked back up. Also, we don’t use the term ‘inmate’, they should’ve told you that on your onboarding and suit-up, you’re a ‘participant’.”

Aidan feels the sense of panic from before returning to him, how could this possibly be happening? He pleads “Sir, please, I am Aidan Conner I have no idea why the system thinks I am this Jason guy. That photo is so blurry it could be anyone!”
“Look, without ID and without and ID’d collar, we have to go based on the AI system. These are the new rules. The PHI system however is voluntary, if you disagree with our determination you are always free to be released from the system and we will return you to the criminal justice system and transport you to the nearest jail for processing there.” Lt. Beck coldly replies.

“Wait… jail!? What did I do??” Aidan asks.

“You were picked up and charged with fleeing your PHI assignment. That’s an indictable offense and as such you’re subject to immediate arrest pending a court date. You can always take that option and fight it in the courts. Either that, or we can show you some leniency within the PHI system. I will add 4 additional days to your assignment after which time you’re free to go and nothing will be on your record.” Lt. Beck explains.

Adian sits for a moment and thinks to himself “my god, with how things have gone already, what happens if I take this to court? Who knows what I’d be thrown in jail with and what if I lost the case? This is all completely insane, but at least if I go along with this, I would be out in a week.” He knows that any criminal conviction would easily end his career or possibly even worse. “Fuck it, this is the fastest way out of this mess. I will just play this out and be done.”

“Ok, fine, I will take the PHI sentence. What do I need to do?” asks Aidan with a hint of irritation in his voice.
“Just have a seat, I will just update your records and sentence and then we’ll get you off to a PHI camp” instructs Lt. Beck.

Lt. Beck types away at his station and thinks “well, he did have a point. That was a shitty photo from before so let’s go ahead and update his PHI record with this new scan from today.” He continues “ok, looks like there’s also an ID mismatch on the name. They really fucked this system up, he might’ve been giving me his correct name.” After more typing “ok, the national ID system did identify him as Aiden Connor – we just need to update the PHI record to match now.” A few more moments pass, then Lt. Beck tells Aidan “ok, you’re all set. Let me just update your collar” as he holds a device up to it to upload the new information.

“Ok, so you’re going to be assigned to Shoebury Beach camp. There’s a bus leaving soon so if you just want to have a seat with the other lads headed out, we’ll have you on your way.” as Lt. Beck leads him through another set of doors after the processing desk.

He enters a cell-like room with a long bench and two other lads seated there. Unlike him though, they’re wearing street clothes. One has a plain gray hoodie with jeans and a pair of Nike trainers while the other is in gym shorts and a tank top. Both lads look to be in their 20’s and are fit. The lad in jeans speaks first “hey, I’m Alex and this is Tim next to me. So, I guess we’re going to end up suits like yours for the week?” he asks a bit surprised while starring Aidan up and down.

“Yeah, I guess so. So how did you guys end up here?” Aidan asks.

Alex explains “it was so strange; I was out by the London Eye and had tossed my water bottle in the rubbish bin. A bobby came out of nowhere and asked me if knew that could be recycled. I told him I suppose so then he demanded to know why I didn’t throw it in the recycling bin. I didn’t even see it there behind the rubbish bin and before I knew it, he had slapped a pair of handcuffs on me and started reading my charges. He explained I was being charged with some new littering law that could carry at least a month in jail and over 5,000 pound fine. The precinct explained there was an alternative program called the PHI that would drop the jail sentence and the fine. I had to take it, there’s no way I could be gone that long or come up with that kind of money.”

Tim jumps in “yeah. Something similar happened to me. I was just walking home from the gym and a crumpled-up receipt fell out of my pocket. A few steps later I felt a tap on my shoulder and a bobby held up the receipt and politely asked if it was mine. I said ‘oh yes, it must have fallen out of my pocket, it’s just rubbish.’ And a soon as I finished, he slapped on the handcuffs and said that I had confessed to littering. He gave me the same rundown and I too took the PHI option at the station.”

“Seriously?? You guys got this over a fucking water bottle and a receipt that fell on the ground? Are they crazy, a month and over 5,000 quid!?” Aiden says in shock.

“Yeah. I guess the new government is taking littering very seriously. Supposedly these crazy laws and the PHI initiative came from some beach town in Australia then spread across the country and eventually came here. I heard just the other day that even the yanks are looking at it. But don’t you already know this? How else would you be in that suit?!” Alex asks.

“Oh my god, don’t even get me started on this… you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Suffice it to say though, I’ll be spending the week with you guys. It’s nice to meet you, well, at least as nice as it can be under the circumstances.” Aidan says with an exhausted tone in his voice.

“So… I heard about the suit but I never saw one in person before. What does it feel like?” Tim asks curiously

“Haha, weird. I couldn’t believe the thing when I saw it myself. You have to get lubed up with this silicon spray to get into it and the boots are completely sealed to the suit. There’s also this electronic collar that they can track us through and it keeps the whole thing locked on. Not to mention you get to smell like a tyre from all of the rubber it’s made out of” Aiden jokingly tells him.

“Uh, wow. I didn’t know we’d be locked in this thing. Also, I couldn’t help but notice it seems pretty tight and it doesn’t really leave much to the imagination” Tim says as he casually glances down at Aidan’s crotch.

“Yeah, it’s very tight.” Aidan responds while blushing slightly.

A knock his heard at the door, it’s Lt. Beck from earlier. “Ok boys, the bus is ready to go. I guess it will just be the three of you.” He holds the door as they slowly walk out of the room. They walk through the maze of a building until eventually they’re back out in the garage and boarding the bus. They sit in the back and continue their conversation as they get further from the city get closer to the ocean.

“So here we are, one government gimp and two soon-to-be government gimps” Alex says jokingly.

“Seriously though, that suit looks crazy. It’s so shiny, it shows off every part of your body. Would you mind if I felt it? I just want to see what it’s like.” Alex asks cautiously.

“Sure, go ahead. Don’t worry though, you’ll have your own soon enough.” Aidan says jokingly.

Alex moves his hand towards Aidan and feels his leg “wow, it’s so smooth.” Tim joins in on the other side and start to feel his thigh “oh yeah, my hand just glides over it.” The outline going down the inside of Aidan’s thigh gets noticeably larger and they continue to stroke his leg and thigh. Aidan grabs their hands and while blushing says “hey guys, relax or I’m going to blow a load here” as both Alex and Tim shy away. After an awkward moment, Alex shifts the conversation.
“So, I wonder what we’ll be doing at this camp? We can’t be working the whole time so maybe we’ll get lucky and get to explore the place a bit” says Alex.

“Well, I’ve never been to Shoebury so it should be interesting to see what’s out there” Tim responds.

“Not to mention once you two are suited up, I won’t be the only freak decked out in a lime green rubber suit, haha.” Says Aidan

“Yeah, I hadn’t thought about that. It’s gonna be weird to go out in public dressed like that, isn’t it?” Tim asks concerned.

“Not like we have much of a choice, we’ll be out with the public all day in those suits” says Alex.
As they continue to talk and muse about what awaits them at Shoebury Beach, the bus moves closer to their destination. Before long, they arrive. The moonlight lights the ocean as they listen to the gentle waves and breath in the ocean air. “Wow, I never imagined how nice it would be at night” says Tim. “Yeah, we’ll just think of it as a mandatory vacation” jokes Alex.

The bus door opens and in comes an athletic build guy “hey everyone, I’m Andrew and I’ll be your PHI supervisor for your sentence. Welcome to Shoebury Beach!” he says with some enthusiasm. “So, it looks like we already have a returning visitor, but we’ll need to get you two suited up. Let’s get this out of the way tonight so you’ll have some time to get acquainted with your new suits and be ready to go for training tomorrow, follow me!” he instructs them.

They follow Andrew into the brick building that has a number of rooms and like Aidan’s suit, reeks of rubber. Eventually they end up in a room full of racks of wetsuits just like the one Aidan is wearing. “Oh man, here we go” Tim says under his breath as Alex takes a big gulp. “Aidan, you can help since you’re already suited up to go” says Andrew. “Ok, so Alex I think you’ll be a size M1 and Tim, you look like an S3. Aidan, can you go ahead and grab those suits? You two, go ahead and get undressed as he gets those for you” Andrew instructs them all. “Uh, so how far do we strip down?” asks Tim concerned. “The whole way Tim, you’re not going to want anything under this – trust me” says Andrew.

Reluctantly, the two lads strip down and put their clothes neatly folded on the bench next to them. “Ok, not bad. Tim, you’re nice and smooth so we don’t have anything to worry about there, but Alex, I think you’re going to need a shave before you get suited” says Andrew as he grabs an electric shaver and begins to shave Alex’s chest and back. After a minute or two, Aidan returns with their suits. “Ok great, here are two spray bottles, go ahead and spray each other down, neck to toe.” Instructs Andrew

“Hey, do we really need to lube up like this, can’t we just put the suit on and get this over with?” asks Alex uncomfortably.

“Look, I know it’s weird, but trust me, it makes all of this go a lot easier. You’ll appreciate it later” says Andrew as the two start to slowly spray each other down with the silicon lube. Just as they finish, Aidan hands them their suits. The suits have been worn many times by many different lads serving their PHI sentences. They almost mold themselves to the body standing in the outline of those who wore them before.

“Ugh, this thing stinks!” yells Tim with a disgusted look on his face.

“Sorry man, we have to reuse suits. Don’t worry, we sanitize all of them and you won’t smell it once you’re suited up” Andrew assures him.

Alex starts first, pushing his lubed up left foot down into the suit. The stench visibly bothers him but he pushes forward. Once his left foot pops into place down in the boot, he proceeds with the right foot, pulling up the suit and letting it slide up his body. He, like Aidan, is now visibly hard as his dick hangs to the side of the bunched-up suit. He takes one big gulp and quickly puts one arm in followed by the other. Tim dances around struggling to get his other leg in and Alex steps over to help support him as he suits up. He also notices Tim’s raging hard-on as he suits up too. Before long, both are fully suited up and just need to zip up.

Aidan is about to step in and help them, but Andrew tells him “thanks Aidan, but I have to do this part. Not saying you’d ever do anything, but I have to make sure these lads are secured in or I’m in big trouble.” He first goes over to Tim and slowly pulls up the zipper of his rubber prison for the week and snaps the zipper into his collar and finally clasps the collar in place. Next he moves on to Alex and repeats the process. “Awesome, now that you boys are locked in we’re all set. All we have to do is handle the tech now. I’m going to grab my handheld and we’ll program your collars.”

“Uh, program them?” asks Alex curiously.

“Yes, we program the collars of your suits with your ID and some other information used for the program. The collar also makes sure you’re staying within your assigned work area.” Andrew responds.

He holds his device up to each lad’s collars and with a few taps, programs all of the required information in. “Let me just check yours to make sure everything is ok too” he says as he moves over to Aidan. “Ok, your’re all set. Looks like it’s time to turn in for the night. I don’t know if they told you, but there are bunks here in the camp that you’ll be using” says Andrew.

“Hey Andrew, I just had a quick question… since we’re locked in these things, how do we go to the bathroom??” Tim asks.

“Oh, your friend Aiden over here can answer that one!” Andrew responds.

“Uh… actually, I have no idea. I wouldn’t mind hearing that too, I have had to piss all day!” says Aidan.

“Oh wow, how the heck did you make it this far? They didn’t tell you that in orientation after you got your suit!? Ah, never mind… so the suits are a lot more advanced than when we did this way back in the day in Australia. If you have to piss, just go in your suit and if you look at the bottoms of your boots, you’ll see there is a small port. Just snap both feet into the special slots in the bottom of your shower to drain the suit. You can also connect the hose in the shower to the port in your back right under your neck. It will flood the suit with a special cleaning and lubricating fluid. It’s like taking a shower in two minutes. Unlike before, you never need to leave your suit!”

“Ok, so what about a #2?” asks Aidan.

“Haha, I think we can wait until tomorrow for that one, we’ll cover it in your orientation!” said Andrew as he leads them to their bunks.

The lads look around the bunk room to see what they have, and it isn’t much. The room has 4 bunks along with a special bathroom in the corner that Andrew had mentioned. The shower is nothing more than the slots for their boots to drain and the hose connection for their suits with a push button to activate.

“Well, I guess it’s time to give this a try” says Aidan as he starts to piss in his suit. The stream is visible running down his leg and both of his boots are also swishing full of sweat from the whole days ordeal. The other two lads watch him curiously. After his piss, he works his way over to the shower “now to figure out how this fucking thing works.” He snaps one boot in place and it fits almost like a ski binding, then he proceeds with the second boot. He can feel this piss, sweat and lube drain from his suit. He grabs the hose and tries to plug it into his back, but can’t quite reach it.
“Hey, can one of you give me a hand here and plug this hose in for me?”

“Sure thing” says Tim as he walks over still getting used to the weird sensation and squeaking of his own suit. He grabs the hose from Aidan then looks at his back and tries to figure out how the port works. “Oh, I think I see now” as he pushes it directly in then twists to lock it in place.

“Thanks man” says Aidan as he presses the button and feels the solution rush through his suit and out his boots. “So I guess that’s how us gimps shower now, I suppose it will have to do” he remarks as Tim comes over and disconnects his hose and he snaps his boots out of the ports.

While Aidan and Time are exploring the shower, Alex is feeling his suit and trying to figure out how it works. “There’s more hardware here than just the collar and the boot ports, have you guys felt your asses?” he asks.
“Huh??” Aidan and Tim both respond confused but start to feel theirs.

“Yeah, there’s something here. It is some kind of plug??” Tim follows up.

“Uh… if this is how we piss, how are they going to have us shit? Now I’m nervous, why did he make us wait until tomorrow to tell us?” says Alex

“Well, it can’t get much worse than this. I guess all we can do is wait and see. It’s late, I’m going to turn in for the night, it’s been a really long and crazy day” says Aidan

Alex and Tim agree so the lads all turn in for the night. As they struggle to fall asleep in their new suits, they sit awake smelling the rubber and the BO of their past occupants. They can also hear every move they make by the squeaking of their rubber and the very quiet electronic buzzing of their collars. Eventually, they all fall asleep.

Aidan tosses and turns throughout the night, but he eventually falls into a deep sleep and has a dream of him and James talking about a possible new gig and just enjoying each other’s company. The dream brings him closer to home and away from the craziness of the last day. After a bit, he wakes up as the sunrise shines through the window and he stretches. He lays his hands down and feels his rubber-clad body and looks down at his feet fully encased in the suit and is quickly brought back to the reality his current situation.

“GOOD MORNING – time to rise and shine!” Andrew gleefully proclaims as he bursts into the room. “I bet you guys are starving so I went ahead and got breakfast ready! Here’s some of the PHI’s finest – an all-day energy bar packed full of protein and calories to last you throughout the day!”

“Great… it looks delicious.” Aiden responds sarcastically.

“I’ll give you boys a few minutes to eat and freshen up, then meet me outside and we can start your orientation and training” Andrew directs.

Alex and Tim both decide to relieve themselves and use the bizarre shower for the first time before heading out. Alex uses it first and Tim helps him hook up to it as he did Aidan. After Alex is done, Tim is up next. Alex notices some clogging noise as his suit drains “hey Tim, is there something else in your suit?” Tim responds “uh… this thing really rubs me a lot throughout the night, I may have gotten pretty excited and let out a load or two.”

“Heh, I know how you feel, I almost did too. Next time, I might be able to give you a hand with that.” Alex jokingly says as he slaps Tim on the ass.

After showering and eating their “breakfast”, the lads head outside to meet up with Andrew and start their orientation.
“So guys, the good news is there isn’t much to this. We need you to watch a video that’s about an hour long. It will cover the history of the PHI as well as what you’re expected to do and the rules that you need to follow to remain in good standing with the program. The important thing to know is that any violations can cause additional time to be added to your sentence. The worst violations can expel you from the PHI, at which point your charges will go into the criminal justice system. With the current political climate, this isn’t something you want. Now, after the video you will take a short test. After the test is complete, come see me for the remaining installation procedure.” Andrew instructs them.
The video is your typical government and PR-laden crap, talking about how horrible littering is and how it destroys the environment for native species and such things. It talks about how a solution was found in the South Coast of Blightly with a new program designed to both punish and instill a better civic sense in young lads. It goes on about how it expanded across all of Australia and then New Zealand until eventually making it’s way over here to the UK. At one point in the video, the lads are shocked to see one of the original managers of the program was none other than a much younger Andrew. They completed the video and started to work on the test. Aidan finished first and went into the next room to meet Andrew as instructed.

“Hey Andrew, was that really you in the video?” he asked.

“Yeah, it was a long time ago but when the program continued to expand, I went along with it. These days I tour the various PHI camps over the UK and help them keep things on track. Things sure have changed a lot since then and the laws have become so aggressive” said Andrew

“Tell me about it… I am not even supposed to be here but somehow I was swept up in all of this. They wouldn’t even listen to anything I had to say and just shipped me off to this place” Aidan explained.

“Wow man, I’m sorry to hear that, but it’s not the first story I heard like that. We never intended the program to be used like that, and based on how the laws work, you did the right thing just going along with the PHI sentence. Things could’ve turned out a lot worse otherwise, and I will do what I can to work you through this. I may even be able to get you a reduction in your sentence and get you out sooner.”

“Wow Andrew, thank you. You’re the first one that’s listened to me in this whole ordeal. Anything you can do really means a lot to me” said Aidan.

“Anyway, I guess we should get to it then… so like I said, things have changed a lot since I started this. We used to take you out of the suits once a day, but the powers that be determined there’s a better way to do things. You already saw the shower system we use. Well, for the other business there’s something else we need to install. The rear relief valve goes inside of you and locks to the suit. If you can go ahead and lay down on your stomach on that table, we’ll get this in and done with” Andrew explains.

“Wait, you’re going to shove something up my asshole just to connect me to the suit??” says Aidan in shock.

“Yeah, there’s no other way. Don’t worry, it’s quick and easy. I’ve done this a lot so it’s painless” reassures Andrew.

Very reluctantly, Aidan inches his way up onto the table, his rubber squeaking against the padded leather surface. He rolls over on his stomach with his ass facing up toward Andrew. He can hear Andrew getting some things ready from the table behind him and snapping on a pair of rubber gloves. He uses a special tool to release the cover on the ass of the suit that the lads felt last night leaving an opening by his asshole. Andrew dips into a jar of anal lube and begins working it into Aidan’s ass as he initially jumps but then begins to relax. Andrew works closer to his hole and says “hey, I need you to loosen up a bit, it will make this go a lot easier. I need to make sure you’re lubed up good.”

“I am not used to this, I’m doing the best that I can” says Aidan.

“Here I have something here that might help” says Andrew

Andrew moves back to the table and grabs an oxygen mask, it has a special compartment to hold a small amount of liquid that Andrew pours in as he holds it over Aidan’s face for a minute. Aidan releases a loud moan and his asshole opens up as the poppers take effect. Andrew pushes in deeper and lubricates his hole. He then grabs the attachment for the suit, rubs it over with lube and slowly shoves it in Aidan’s asshole until it’s flush with the suit. Aidan moans and groans louder. He then gives it a quick turn to lock in place. Finally, he screws in the attached relief valve and takes off his gloves. Aidan’s cock was throbbing the entire time, blowing loads of cum all over his suit. He laid there for a minute just to catch his breath.

“Hey man, see that wasn’t so bad! We’re all done – now you can do everything without ever taking your suit off” says Andrew enthusiastically as Aiden lays there with his face dripping with sweat and his suit full of cum.
“You’re good to go – on your way out go ahead and send Alex in next!” said Andrew

Aidan stumbles to his feet and back out the door, his face is beat red and dripping with sweat. He simply gestures to Alex to go in next and sits down slowly.

Andrew and Alex start off much the same way that he and Aidan did. Alex explains how such a minor infraction ended up getting him in the PHI and now in this room. Just as he did with Aidan, he promises to do whatever he can to make his time easier and possibly even get his sentence reduced. Then he moves into the procedure…

To be continued… Part 3