The Wetsuit Model – Part 3

Inspired by and set in the universe of WETSUIT SENTENCE by sj_one


The Story…

Tim emerges from the room, being the last one to have his suit “fully equipped.” He, like Aidan and Alex couldn’t help but explode as the lubed up anal conduit and plug were slowly inserted into his ass and locked on to his suit. He walks out of the room stumbling and covered with sweat, he collapses into the couch where Aidan and Alex are already sitting.

“Ok boys, I know that was a bit much so why don’t you just relax here for a little bit? I’m not going to send you out to your first day’s assignments until 10:00am, so just enjoy this downtime. Also, the training office is equipped with your style of shower and toilet. You already know how to use the shower, but now that you’re fully equipped, you can also use the toilet. Just snap your new valve open, remove the plug, and plug the big hose down there in. It will flush anything you have out and give you a refreshing rinse. You can even hook both up at the same time and you’ll be good to go in no time!” Andrew says with a smile as he walks off to his office.

All three of the boys sit stunned over what just happened, Tim is the first to speak “what the fuck just happened to us? Did we really just have permanent butt plugs shoved up our asses!?” Aidan lowers his head and lets out a sigh “I need to clean up…” he says softly as he walks to the bathroom. “Look, it’s only a week and it can’t get any worse. Also, Andrew is right – what were we supposed to do, take a shit in our suits?” Alex says with a hit of defeat in his voice. The sound of the equipment flushing and sucking fluids though Aidan’s suit and body can be heard through the door.

“They could just let us out of these goddamn suits to do our business, did that ever occur to you??” Tim angerly yells back.

“They could, but they won’t. We just need to deal with it and get this thing over with” Alex replies.

“You’re right… I am sorry I popped off on you like that, I’m just so pissed. My life has been a mess and getting tied up in all of this over something a stupid as a little receipt falling out of my pocket has just put it all over the top.” Tim explains.

“It’s ok, I know this has been hard on you but we’re going to get through it.” Alex says smiling as he puts his hand on Tim’s thigh.

“Besides, you look super hot in that suit and I can’t wait to have some fun later!” Alex continues.

“Haha, thank you – you don’t look bad in it yourself. If I have to be stuck in this awful situation, I’m just glad it could be with someone like you.” Tim tells Alex with a smile.

The door of the bathroom creaks open, noticeably with no steam or odors thanks to their special shower and toilet apparatuses.

“So, how was it?” Tim asks curiously.

“Great. I feel like a drone who just had his batteries charged. On the bright side, you don’t need to worry about fogging up the mirror” Aidan replies sarcastically.

“I guess I’m up next.” Says Alex.

Alex steps into the small stall-like bathroom and like before, snaps his boots into the built-in drain connections on the floor. From there, he pops the cap off of the wash port on the back of his suit below his neck and plugs in the wash and lubricant hose. Then he reaches down and unlocks the waste port, pulls out his plug and puts it in the plug cleaning device. “Here goes nothing” he thinks to himself as he pulls the large hose out of the wall and connects it to his waste port. “God, he’s right. We really are fucking drones” he says silently.

After getting properly hooked up, Alex presses the button for the suit flush and waste flush. He doesn’t want to admit it, but he enjoys the sensation of the warm cleaning solution being flushed and sucked through his suit. He’s also happy to finally relieve himself after so long and loves the feeling of the warm water being blasted up his ass. After a few minutes, he hears three beeps indicating that the cycle has finished. He proceeds to disconnect both hoses and snaps his wash port closed. Before grabbing his plug, he curiously reaches back to his waste port and feels inside. It feels just like his asshole but lined with the rubber conduit. It’s a sensation he enjoys. He then proceeds to pull his plug out of the cleaning device and notices it already lubricated it for him. He gently shoves it back up his ass, getting noticeably hard in the process and then locks the port shut.

Feeling refreshed and quite horny, he quickly combs his hair in the mirror and steps out of the bathroom returning to the room where Aidan and Tim are still sitting. Tim immediately looks down at Alex’s raging hard on and blurts out “well, I can see you enjoyed it.” Alex blushes and tells him “you’re the last one, try not to have too much fun.”

“Aidan, you ok? You haven’t said much all morning.” Alex asks with concern.

“Yeah, I’ve just been thinking a lot about everything that’s happened. This has all been so quick and strange. I don’t even know how I got caught up in all of this. I’ve never been to jail before and I never had to do anything like this. I would give anything just to be back home in my warm bed and have something good to eat” Aidan responds.

“I’m sorry, I can’t imagine how you feel, you didn’t even do anything. But hey, there’s a bowl of those disgusting protein bars over here if you’re hungry.” says Alex.

“Haha, thanks. They are pretty bad but they kind grow on you” says Aidan as he reaches over and grabs one.

“You’re right. We should probably all eat, he hasn’t said anything about lunch or dinner yet” says Alex as he grabs one too.

The door to the bathroom opens once again as Tim comes out, he jokingly proclaims “one fresh clean gimp, ready to start his day!” as he slaps his chest and Aidan and Alex laugh.

“See? It won’t be so bad. You have to keep a sense of humor at times like this!” says Alex.

“You guys are eating more of those shit protein bars?” Tim asks.

“Yeah, we have no idea when lunch or dinner will be so we figured it makes sense to get something now.” Alex responds.

“I think I’ll pass for now; those things are disgusting” says Tim.

The three of them joke around and pass the time until the door to Andrew’s office opens. Out steps Andrew with a clipboard in hand and a determined look on his face. “Ok boys, looks like you’re all freshened up and ready to go. So, I have your zone assignments here, all three of you will be cleaning separate sections of the beach. You’ll work between the markers in your assigned zone.”

Tim interrupts “hey, not to interrupt, but we were wondering how lunch and dinner work?”

“Ah yes, I was about to get to that. So, it looks like your friends already found more of our PHI delicacy. I will restock your bunks every day with them and while you’re out on assignment, you can find a stock of them in the supply closet in your zone” Andrew explains.

“Uh… are you serious? These things are all we get to eat for the entire week?” Tim asks with a disgusted tone in his voice.

“Yes Tim, I’m sorry but this is a public service diversion program and not a Michelin star restaurant. The protein bars are formulated to give you all the minerals and nutrients you need.” Andrew replies with a scolding tone.

“Well anyway, the work is simple. Just keep going over your zone and collect any rubbish, including what might wash up from the ocean. Also feel free to address any hazards like deep holes on the beach, broken glass, or anything else you find. Once you’re done with your day’s assignment, I will come around to your zone to pick up and bring you back to the bunk house.” Andrew continues.

After their morning of training, Andrew proceeds to lead the boys out to his cart and drives them along the beach, dropping off each in their assigned zone. The zones are quite large and spread out, so it’s unlikely they’ll see each other during the workday. They aren’t given much, just a trash bag to start with and a key to the PHI closet if they need anything else. Tim is the last one that Andrew drops off.

“Good luck Tim, I hope your work gives you some time to reflect and get a better outlook on things.” Andrew tells Tim before driving off.

“Fuck him, he can shove his reflection time up his ass with a pound of those disgusting protein bars!” Tim grumbles under his breath while he watches Andrew drive off.

Tim mostly wanders around his zone of the beach brooding while just picking up the occasional piece of rubbish he sees. He eventually works his way clear to the opposite end of his zone. He spots a bar on the beach just outside of his zone and gets an idea. He leaves his zone and starts to pick up some of the rubbish blown off the tables to the area around their beach patio. An older gentleman sees this and waves over to him. Tim walks down to him.

“Hey lad, thank you for picking all that rubbish up, but you don’t have to. That’s outside of the PHI’s beach zone, you see that post back there? You don’t have to worry about anything after that!” the man says.

“Oh, I’m sorry sir, I didn’t know. This is my first day on the job.” Tim tells him slyly.

“No worry at all. I’m glad you cleaned all of that up, I just didn’t want you to have to do any extra work! By the way, the name’s Arnie, I’m the manager here. What’s your name?” he asks.

“I’m Tim, it’s nice to meet you Arnie! Anway, thank you for letting me know, I’ll let you get to it!” says Tim and he turns and slowly walks away with a sly grin on his face.

“Hey Tim, have you had anything to eat today? Why don’t you have a seat and order something?” Arnie asks.

“Oh, thank you so much, but they don’t let us carry any money so we can’t really go anywhere” Tim explains.

“Don’t worry about that at all, your credit is good with me! After all, you did all that work for me, it’s the least I could do.” Arnie assures him.

Tim eagerly makes his way up to the patio and sits at a table that Arnie brings him to. “Heh, reflect on this you asshole” he thinks back on what Andrew told him as he picks up the menu and glances it over. He orders the fish and chips along with a pint of their house IPA. He kicks up his feet on the empty chair next to him and sips his beer while admiring his own cunning skill. A few minutes later, Arnie comes out with Tim’s order, and he immediately begins to chow down. Arnie has a seat next to him and they begin to talk.

“It’s so nice to meet a young lad like yourself that still has some idea of respect. You don’t see that very often these days.” Arnie tells him.

“Oh, thank you so much. I am just here doing my part to help keep our beaches clean for the week” Tim responds with a smile.

“Only a week? Wow, I don’t think I’ve seen any of the lads leave that quick before” Arnie says with a surprised tone in his voice.

“Really? I thought a week was the maximum they could assign for the PHI?” Tim asks curiously.

“I don’t really know how all that works but it seems like to me all of you lads are usually here for at least a month or two. Sometimes even longer, there was one that I swear he was here all year. Even out cleaning the beach in the winter!” Arnie tells him.

“Huh… that’s weird, I wonder what he did to get that?!” Tim thinks to himself.

“Also, I gotta say that outfit they have you lads wearing is something else. It’s a good thing they only do it for fit young lads like you, I’d hate to think what I’d look like in that getup! Haha!!” Arnie continues.

“Oh, really? I hadn’t really thought about it but thank you” Tim says awkwardly.

“Well anyway, I’m glad you’re here and if you have some time, please feel free to stop back. We always have plenty of food. Also, did you want another beer?” Arnie asks.

“Sure, that would be great. Thank you, Arnie!” Tim says as Arnie returns to the bar.

Tim sits with his feet up and is working on his second beer. He thinks to himself how strange it is that they’d have someone out here for a whole year. “Maybe the old goat is just losing it and was mistaken… but then again, he is right. You never see anyone but fit young men in the PHI” he thinks to himself. “Better not work myself up again, I am just going to relax and enjoy this time” he continues as he lets out a loud belch.

A waitress comes around as he finishes and asks “hey, Arnie told me you’re on his tab. Can I get you another beer?”

Tim thinks to himself for a minute “I probably shouldn’t, but eh… why not? It beats picking up shit on the beach and it’s not like Andrew will know.” He quickly response “sure, that would be great!”

A bit more time passes, and Tim continues to worry as he thinks of more things that just don’t seem to make sense. Just as he finishes his third beer, he looks up at the clock and realizes Andrew will be on his way to the pickup spot in minutes. “Oh fuck, how’d I let all that time get away from me? I need to get to the pickup spot before asshole is back” he thinks as he dashes off onto the beach and races to the pickup spot well on his way to being pissed. He dusts crumbs off his chest and frantically picks up a few pieces of trash along the way to fill his bag.

Alex’s day was a bit different. He decided to make the best of the situation and he carefully combed his zone, picking up anything he found. “Wow, it really is beautiful here. The ocean air, the calming waves of the ocean. It sure is less than ideal how we all ended up here, but maybe there is a silver lining.” He thinks to himself. He was quite hungry and then remembered that Andrew told them all the PHI closets had a stock of their protein bars.

He makes his way back to the closet and grabs one of the bars off the shelf. He unwraps it and thinks to himself while eating “I really don’t know why Tim was so worked up about these. They really aren’t that bad once you get used to them.” He grabs another after finishing it “still have a good hour or two to go, I may as well fill up now” he tells himself.

Between that and what washed up on the beach, he easily filled several trash bags. He looked back at all the work he did and was proud he could have such a positive impact on the environment.

Aidan’s day went a bit like Alex’s, he accepted the situation and tried to make the best of it. Enjoying both his time and the beach and knowing that at least he was doing meaningful work that contributed to the greater good. He also didn’t mind the protein bars and had one shortly after filling his first bag. He grabbed a second bag about to work on the next section when he was suddenly interrupted.

*Bzzt* Aidan hears a radio noise from his collar “hey Aidan, I wanted to discuss your sentence reduction with you. Looks like you’re pretty close, can you stop back to my office?” said the voice.

“Huh… Andrew, is that you?” Aidan asks surprised.

“Yes, sorry – I must’ve forgotten to tell you boys, the collars allow us to communicate with you. It’s helpful when you’re out on duty.” Andrew answered over the radio.

“Oh, ok… I am on my way.” He replies a bit confused.

“So… he communicates through this thing and can hear me? Can he hear us all the time?” Aidan wonders to himself. “Oh, it doesn’t really matter I suppose, we’re here to do some work.”

Aidan makes his way back to the office with an unusual sense of calm he didn’t have before. “Things aren’t so bad and getting my sentence reduced would be great” He thinks to himself. He nears the end of his walk as he gets to the office and knocks on the door to Andrew’s office.

“Oh, hey Aidan, how’s it going? How is your first day out on the beach?” Andrew asks.

“It’s going well, it wasn’t what I expected. This really is a beautiful beach and I’m glad we’re able to help preserve it for everyone.” Aidan replies guardingly.

“Well, I’m glad to hear it’s working out! You know, the PHI isn’t just a punishment, it’s a way to bring awareness of keeping our environment clean both to the participants and the public that see you out on assignment. It’s supposed to be a positive experience for everyone, not to mention the new friends you meet while you’re serving!” Andrew enthusiastically responds.

Adian smiles and nods.

“So, you wanted to see me about something?” Aidan asks.

“Yes Aidan, like I said, I really do understand your situation. The good news is when they processed you at the PHI precinct, they didn’t add any additional charges to your record. They only extended ‘your’ sentence. This means that you’re eligible to participate in an enhanced training program, it will enable you to perform more advanced work for the PHI and could cut your sentence down by as much as 3 days. You could be home before the end of the week!” said Andrew.

“Oh, wow. That’s great, I really want to get back to my life and put this behind me. What do I need to do for this training?” asked Aidan.

“The good thing is it’s not much at all. Your section of the beach is pretty clean so we can start right now if you’d like.” Andrew says.

“Yeah, we can start now. What do you want me to do?” Aidan asks.

“Great! I already have the training headset ready to go for you, just follow me into the training room and we’ll get you set up.”

The two take a short walk down the hall, Andrew wearing his usual jeans and a snug blue polo with a slightly worn pair of white trainers and Aidan squeaking along in his skin-tight PHI wetsuit and boots that shine under even the slightest light source. Aiden can’t help but feel how submissive it makes him feel to Andrew, even though he’s been kind so far. Their outfits show the huge disparity in power between them, and the suit constantly reminds him that his smiling keeper is always in full control.

The door opens to a room with an exam chair complete with straps and some electronics along with a VR headset sitting next to it. “Okay Aidan, just hop up here and we’ll get you strapped in and started on the training modules” Andrew instructs.

“Uh… strapped in? Why do I need to be strapped in for a training??” Aidan asks with hesitation.

“Well, the training is our latest state-of-the-art VR experience. You’ll really feel like you are there, and we don’t want you to fall or be startled by anything you see in the simulation. We’re responsible for your wellbeing while you’re with us so this just makes sure you’re safe.”

Aidan cautiously walks over to the chair and hops into it, his rubber suit again squeaking against the padded surfaces and moving around to get comfortable. Andrew reaches over and fastens the seatbelt-like straps over his chest then the smaller straps around his arms and legs. He pulls them a bit tight, and Aidan can barely move.

“Ok, you’re nice and snug in there so I’m going to put the headset on you and the training will start shortly” Andrew says.

Andrew slowly and gently puts the bulky black VR headset over his head, the straps over top of his head and to the sides of his head tighten. As the headset is brought over him, all light from the room is darkened and he can smell the foam padding of the headset. Andrew adjusts the built-in headphones down over his ears so the little ambient noise that can be heard in the room goes silent. He can feel the heat of Andrew’s body up against him and smell the light scent of his cologne. The only senses he can experience outside what is about to be his new VR world.

The training program begins and his whole field of view becomes encompassed by a picturesque beach with the PHI logo overlaid on top of it. Some narration begins and spouts the usual propaganda about how wonderful the PHI is and everything that it does. This continues for a few minutes and Aidan is already getting bored and hoping this won’t be the entire training as it seems just like the video they had to watch earlier. Suddenly, he feels something like a USB cable being plugged into the headset.

The boring training immediately disappears and is replaced by odd patterns of light and sound. Aidan can feel himself being pulled into these strange patterns and tries to resist but can’t overcome the sensory overload. He starts to twist and thrash in the chair but can barely move with how tight he’s strapped in. Now he hears Andrew’s voice, he must be speaking to him through a microphone.

“Aidan, relax, it’s ok… this will help you concentrate.” Said Andrew

Now, he feels Andrews had on his rubber-clad arm. The warm sensation of personal touch eases him a bit as he continues to stare at the patterns and listen to the sounds. Andrew’s hand slowly moves up his arm and down to his chest. He caresses Aidan’s body with both hands and works his way down to his thighs. Aidan feels helpless in the VR world and can feel himself slipping away little by little. He tries to think back to his life before the PHI and his path out of this, but the memories slip further and further.

Now, he feels Andrew reaching down to grab his cock. He gasps and can feel his dick becoming rock hard. “That’s it, just relax, let the feelings guide you and don’t worry about what doesn’t matter. Live in this moment” Andrew says softly. Andrew’s grip through his rubber suit is the most amazing feeling he’s ever had, his memory clears and all he can think is how much he wants Andrew to jack him off. “You like that a lot I can see… I want to help you” Andrew says. He slowly begins stroking his cock up and down through the suit. Aidan is now sweating and breathing heavily, his muscles tense as Andrew moves faster and faster. “Do you trust me Aidan?” Andrew asks. “YES, YES, Andrew! Please, finish me!!” Aidan screams with spit coming out of his mouth. “Not Andrew, you will address me as Sir, I am your master” Andrew commands. “YES SIR, please, please fucking finish, I am going to explode!!!” Aidan screams. Andrew listens to his request and moves even faster. Suddenly he can see Aidan’s entire body throbbing as cum explodes out of his cock up against the suit.

Aidan lets out a massive gasp of air and falls back into the chair from his tense position. His rubber clad body lays limp in the chair, as he pants heavily and sweat beads down his drenched hair dripping down on his suit. He feels himself getting very tired and nods off.

Andrew gently lifts the VR headset off his head and grabs a towel to wipe down his face. After a few minutes, Aiden wakes back up to Andrew unfastening his straps.

“So, you did great – you finished up all of the advanced training so I can put you in for your sentence reduction!” said Andrew enthusiastically.

“Oh, that’s great, to be honest I must have dozed off at the end. I don’t remember all of it but I’m glad I finished.” said Aidan.

“Yes, so getting back to the sentence reduction, you originally had a 7-day sentence. I went ahead and reduced that to 30 days. Depending on what else we accomplish, we might even be able to reduce it more. How does that sound to you?” Andrew asks.

“Oh, that sounds great! I knew you could help me out. But to be honest, I don’t even remember why I wanted to reduce it in the first place.” Aidan says sounding completely normal.

“Hey, I’d do anything for you – you know you can trust me. Also, can we keep this just between the two of us for now? I’d rather Alex and Tim didn’t know about your reduction yet; they may get jealous.”

“Oh, yes… sir!” Aidan says enthusiastically.

“Great, thanks Aidan. You can go ahead back and finish up your assignment on the beach.” Andrew instructs.

“Yes sir, I can’t wait to get back to it!” Aidan says and wanders off without a second thought.

Aidan continues to clean the beach, picking up right where he left off. He grabs another bar to munch on as he feels his stomach growl, probably from the ‘workout’ he just had. He enthusiastically runs around his zone picking up trash and filling bags. Finally, he realizes it’s time to meet at the pickup spot.

Andrew rolls around once again with his cart and picks up Aidan first. “Hi sir, I managed to fill 5 bags from my section today. I hope that’s enough!” he says with enthusiasm as his hair drips with sweat and he sits up front next to Andrew. “That’s great Aidan, I am really looking forward to your time in the PHI” Andrew tells him as he puts his hand down on Aidan’s dick for a moment. “Ok, off to get Alex, and let’s stick with Andrew while we’re around them, ok” he tells Aidan. “Sure, thing sir… I mean Andrew” as they both laugh.

They roll up to Alex’s pickup spot and Andrew waves over to him and shouts “all aboard!” Alex hops in the back and tells Andrew he was able to fill 4 bags today. “That’s great work Alex, I can tell you were busy. Well, we better not keep Tim waiting.” They roll off on their way to Tim’s pickup spot. “Uh… where is he?” wonders Alex. Off in the distance, Aidan sees him running towards the cart. “Oh, there he is.”

Tim finally makes his way to the cart huffing and puffing from exhaustion and has a faint smell of alcohol and piss on him. “Tim, nice of you to join us” says Andrew. “So, how many bags did you pick up in your zone?” he asks. “Uh, just one for today. The beach was clean already” Tim responds. “Really? We passed a bit of rubbish on our way here. Also, have you been drinking? I smell something on you” Andrew asks accusingly. “No! You’d smell weird too if you were wearing this fucking suit on a hot beach all day!” Tim snaps back. “Uh, ok then. Let’s try to be a little more thorough on tomorrow’s assignment, ok?” Andrew tells Tim as he hops in the back next to Alex.

The four of them ride along until the end up back at the PHI camp. Andrew gets out first and goes up to unlock the door, leading the four of them back to the bunk room. “Ah, home sweet home” Alex jokes. Aidan and Tim don’t respond, Andrew breaks the awkward moment with “ok boys, you still have an hour or two until lights out so feel free to have dinner or enjoy the entertainment. You can find a stash of protein bars over there on the shelf along with a few books, a deck of cards, and a few board games. Have a good night!” before walking out and closing the door behind him.

Aidan is quiet and just lays down in his bunk looking up. Alex walks over to the protein bars and picks one up for himself and hands the other over to Alex. “No thanks, I’m good” he tells Alex.

“You really should eat one, you’re going to have to sooner than later.” Alex tells Tim.

“Hopefully not, I think I might be able to get some real food for this week. If you can make your way over to my section, I think I can make it work. There’s an old man running a bar right at the end of my zone that was more than happy to feed me.” he tells Alex.

“Really? I don’t think we’re supposed to be going outside our zones… and he was right, you do smell like alcohol. Were you drinking too?” Alex asks.

“Yeah, who gives a shit? I just knocked back a couple pints while doing this mind-numbing work.” Tim says.

“I’m just worried, I don’t want you to get in any kind of trouble.” Alex says to Tim as he smiles and hugs him.

“Hey, we have some time before bed. You guys want to play a few hands of poker? Aidan, are you still awake?” Alex asks.

“Oh… sorry, I was just thinking. Sure, that would be fun.” he says with a vacant-looking smile.

“Why don’t you go ahead and set up? I’m going to use the gimp cleaner to flush all the piss and sweat out of my suit.” Tim says as he walks to the bathroom with a noticeable swishing sound in his boots.

Alex sits at the small table with Aidan and begins counting out chips and shuffling the deck. “So, you’ve been pretty quiet, how was your day?” Alex asks Aidan.

“Oh, it was fine” Aidan responds.

“That’s all, just fine?” Alex pushes.

“Yes… was there something else?” Aidan asks with the same smile on his face.

“I guess not…” Alex says in a confused tone.

Tim wanders out of the bathroom “hey, can you grab me a protein bar on your way over?” Alex yells to him.

“Geez Alex, you’re going to turn into one if you keep eating these fucking things” Tim responds.

“Oh, I’ll take one too” says Aidan.

Tim walks over to the table and tosses both of them their protein bars. Alex begins dealing cards and the boys talk about their day. Alex explains how he enjoyed the beach so much more than he thought he would and that he may actually enjoy the week’s assignment. Aidan continued his strange almost silent behavior, only responding with the bare minimum to any conversation. After a while, the conversation started to take a bit of a darker tone.

“So, guys, have you ever wondered why there have been nothing but only fit young guys doing the PHI?” Tim asks.

“Actually, I never really thought about it, but now that you mention it, I can’t remember seeing anyone else do it.” Alex responds.

Aidan just stares at his cards awkwardly. “Aidan, are you awake over there?? The hand isn’t that complicated!” Tim says with ab it of irritation.

“Sorry, I never noticed.” said Aidan.

“Well not only that, but when I told the old guy at the bar, we were doing the PHI for a week, he seemed surprised, he never saw anyone have a sentence that short. Not only that, but he said he has seen some lads do this over a year!” Tim said.

“A year!? What the hell??” said Alex.

“Guys, don’t worry, we can trust Andrew. There’s no reason to get yourselves worked up like this, everything will be ok” Aidan assured them.

“Uh… really? Where did you find all this newfound trust in that asshole all of a sudden? Did you forget having that butt plug rammed up your ass by him and being kept in these suits??”

“You shouldn’t talk about our master like that, he’s going to help us, I just know it!” said Aidan.

“Master??” Alex asks him confused.

“I mean Andrew, you guys know that. I am going to head to bed now” Andrew says with an irritated tone and lays in his bunk rolled over towards the wall.

“Hey, maybe we can head to bed too” Alex tells Tim as he slides his hand up his thigh and on to his dick.

“Oh, I’d like that… but the bunks are so small” said Tim.

“That just means we’ll be extra close together” Alex says with a smile.

Alex and Tim snuggle up in the bunk together, their rubber-covered bodies up against each other. Tim can feel Alex’s cock growing behind him as Alex reaches over to him and slowly rubs him. They wrap their legs around each other and feel their smooth tight rubber boots. “That feels so good, don’t stop” Tim says with a smile. Alex works his way to Tim’s ass and snaps the port open. He pulls Tim’s plug out and slowly pushes it back in over and over again. Tim groans as his cock continues to grow “this will have to do until we’re free” Alex says in a soft voice. Tim can’t take it anymore; his body contracts and he blows his load all over the suit. Alex, already rock hard, doesn’t take much more as Tim reaches around and grabs and stokes his cock through the suit “I can’t wait until I can have you inside me “ says Tim. He moans and releases too. They both lay there in each other’s arms in their suits full of their own cum and sweat.

“Oh fuck, that was amazing” Tim says as he breaths heavily. “It was, who’d have thought we could have so much fun like this” Alex says with a smile, as he strokes Tim’s blonde hair. He rolls over and they share a passionate kiss as they hug and feel each other through the suits. Tim rolls back over as Alex continues to spoon him.

“Hey Alex, what is going on in this place? I’m not crazy, am I? None of this seems normal at all.” Tim asks seriously.

“I don’t know, I mean everything is weird the first time, maybe that’s all it is. The whole year sentence thing sounds weird though” Alex responds.

“I know… and old man had no reason to lie. Not to mention, what the fuck is up with our friend over there?” Tim whispers. “He’s been like a statue all night, the only talking he ever did was to jump up and defend Andrew” he continued.

“Let’s just keep an eye on him and see what he does… maybe he had a bad day. Also, I really wish you’d eat something. I know you hate them, but they’re the only food we’re getting” Alex tells Tim.

“Fine, if it will make you happy, I’ll down one of Andrew’s shit bars” Tim says with some annoyance as he gets up and eats one. “I guess the taste isn’t so bad if you hold your nose.”

“Thanks Tim, now let’s get some sleep” said Alex.

Tim hops back into bed with Alex and wraps his arm around him. They both drift off to sleep, then an hour later Tim is awoken by a horrible feeling in his stomach.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck…” as he jumps up and dashes to the bathroom.

He immediately vomits into the sink and frantically works to unlock his ass plug and shove the waste hose in. He stands at the sink with the hose plugged in and continues to wretch and vomit like has never done before. His face drips with sweat and his eyes are bloodshot.

Alex leaps out of bed and pounds on the door. “Tim! What happened, are you ok!?”

“The fucking shit bar” as he tries to say through the bouts of vomiting. Finally, after an agonizing half hour, he has a break and disconnects and stumbles back to the bunk. “Mother fuck, I feel horrible. Something is wrong, I am going to call Andrew to see if he can take me to a doctor.” he tells Tim while reeling.

Tim stumbles to the emergency phone and hits the button to call Andrew. It rings several times and Andrew clearly just woke up as he answers.

“Andrew here, it’s 2:00am, what do you need?” he asks.

“I need to get to a doctor; I think one of the bars made me really sick” Tim explains.

“Tim, I asked you when I brought you back, did you drink any alcohol?” Andrew asks accusingly.

“Yes, yes, I just had a couple pints… it wasn’t that I felt fine.” Tim tells him.

“Tim… if you had listened to me and you were honest, I could have told you that the protein bars cannot be mixed with alcohol. They are specifically designed to have this effect. While you are on them, any alcohol will make you incredibly ill. All you can do now is drink a lot of water and let it run its course” Andrew tells him.

“What the fuck do mean ‘on them’, what kind of other shit did you load these fucking things up with!?” Tim demands to know.

Before Tim can speak another word, he hears a click as Andrew hangs up the phone. “You fucking piece of shit! Goddamn this fucking place, I can’t deal with this anymore!!”

“Be quiet and go to sleep” Aidan tells him while laying in bed without moving an inch from where he started.

“Tim, I am so sorry, but try to calm down. Just have some water and try to relax.” Alex tells him as he wraps his arms around him to comfort him.

Tim lays down only to be woken back up every hour or so by his PHI-induced sickness. When he finally manages to get a little bit of sleep, the door swings open and Andew yells “Good morning!!!” at the top of his voice. “Ok boys, it’s a bright new day and the first day of full assignments for you! Go ahead have your breakfast, get freshened up, and meet me outside in 20 minutes” he commands as he slams the door behind him.

“Tim, how are you doing? Do you feel any better??” Alex asks concerned.

“I’ll live… seriously though, we can’t live a week on this shit.” Tim looks over at Aiden stretching and whispers to Alex “I’m serious, meet me in my zone and we’ll get some real food from the bar. Just work your way over on your assignment and meet me around noon” he continues.

“Ok, I’ll meet you there” said Alex.

The boys make their way out to meet Andrew. “Ok this is great; everyone is ready to go so we’ll have a perfect start to the day. I bet you all can’t wait to get going so let’s hop onboard and get right to it.”

Just as they did the morning before, Aidan is dropped off in his zone first, followed by Alex, and finally Tim. “Tim, I really hope you learned a valuable lesson last night. The PHI was built to help lads like yourself, you must allow it to guide you.” Andrew lectured.

Tim, reeling from what felt like the worst hangover of his life, couldn’t take it anymore. “Oh bullocks! Save your holier than thou shit for someone else, you really think you’re helping us by locking us in fucking gimp suits, shoving butt plugs up our asses, and makes us sick as dogs if we have a single drop of booze? Go fuck yourself!” Tim yells back at him.

“Well, I can see we’re not going to have a civilized conversation. Please stick to your assignment today and try to pick up as much as you can. I know this probably doesn’t mean anything to you, but this work preserves this environment we see, some of us appreciate that” said Andrew as they pull up to Tim’s drop-off point. Tim grabs his bag and closet key and walks off without a word.

The day begins uneventfully for the boys. Aidan continues to dutifully do his job without a care in the world after Andrew special “training” and while disturbed about last night’s events and revelations, Alex continues to find calm and fulfillment in his work. Tim, however, isn’t feeling much better and miserably walks the beach just doing the bare minimum that he is required to do. He knows that he won’t be able to do this for the whole week and is thinking of ways out. He looks forward to his lunch with Alex, hoping they might be able to hatch some scheme together.

Alex walks along his zone too thinking about their upcoming lunch. He knows they shouldn’t do this, but he loves Tim and wants to support him. “It will be fine; I won’t have anything to drink and I’ll be sure to work extra hard in the morning and afternoon to make up for the lost time.” He tells himself. As 11:00 rolls around though, plans change.

*Bzzt* “hey Alex, I see you’re near the office. There’s a training opportunity I’d like to discuss with you” said Andrew radioing to his collar.

“Andrew?? Can you hear me?” said Alex, confused.

“Yes Alex, your collar has a built-in radio we can communicate with. Please head to the office so we can talk” Andrew demanded.

“Ugh… I told Tim I’d be there at noon, hopefully this is quick, and I can get over there after” Alex thinks to himself without any idea of what awaits him with Andrew’s training.

As the day grinds on, noon finally arrives. Tim anxiously looks down towards Alex’s zone but can’t see him anywhere in sight. “What the hell? I told him to be here at noon…” he thinks to himself. Tim continues to wait; a whole hour passes and he’s nowhere in sight. “He wouldn’t stand me up like that, would he?” Tim wondered as he gave up and headed to the bar himself.

Arnie greeted Tim once again at the bar and offered him a free lunch on the house. Tim decided to go with an order of bangers and mash today, hoping it would be enough to fill him up for the day and not have to eat another one of those disgusting protein bars. As his food arrived though, he experienced a strange sensation. His food tasted unusually bland, and he started to crave the PHI protein bar. He sat there deep in thought and couldn’t help but think something was very wrong.

“Ugh, fuck this. Just look what he’s done to us so far, what else will happen if I stay here for the whole week?” Tim thinks to himself. “That’s it, I am talking to Alex tonight and we’re getting the fuck out of here. Even 30 days in jail can’t be any worse than this shit!”

Little does Tim know that as he’s planning his escape, Alex is already undergoing Andrew’s VR reprogramming. Unlike Aidan, he showed no resistance and happily complied with Andrew’s training instructions. Just as Aidan did, he sat there with his dick throbbing until Andrew finally released him and he gave himself to his new master.

Just as Alex finishes his training, Andrew summons Aidan to the office. “Hey Aidan, have a look – Alex is with us now!” he says cheerfully.

“Hah, that’s great. So how do you feel Alex?” Aidan asks.

“I feel great! I had no idea our master’s training would be so intense!” Alex replies with a smile.

“Ok Alex, enough chit-chat, you can head back to your zone and finish up the day” commands Andew.

“Yes, sir!” Alex says enthusiastically as he returns to his assignment.

“Aidan, I have something else for you to work on and I have a feeling I may need your help later” Andrew cryptically tells him. “Follow me.”

Andrew leads Aidan to his office and sits him down in front of his computer. “Have a look at this” said Andrew as he opened his PHI Manager app. The app shows three dots representing all three of the boys at their locations in real time. He clicks on Tim and the screen shows all his vitals along with a number of buttons. Andrew clicks on the history button and shows a full transcript of everything Tim has said, recorded by his collar along with a map of everywhere he has been.

“As you can see that argument you boys had last night isn’t all that’s happening with Tim. He’s having a hard time with our program, and I think we’re going to need a more forceful approach” he tells Aidan. “Also, look at this – his dopamine level is still normal. This is because he hasn’t been eating his proper PHI diet.”

“Yes sir, he’s very independent-minded but I know you’ll be able to help him, just like you helped us” Aidan says with a smile.

“Thanks Aidan, that means a lot to me. I know you boys will all be very useful” Andrew replies. “Anyway, I’d like you to hang out here in the office until later. You can go in the back and organize the suits and other equipment until I need you” he continues.

Aidan goes to the back and begins organizing the gear as he was instructed. As soon as he opens the door, he smells the strong odor that fills the room coming out of the suits from their former occupants. The smell immediately makes him hard as a rock and he smiles as he reaches down and begins rubbing his cock.

“Ugh, no… my master gave me a job to do. Maybe if I do a really good job, he might even help me with this” Aidan thinks to himself as he stops.

As he continues to work, he wonders about last night’s events and what Andrew showed him. He can’t understand why anyone would ever want to leave the PHI. He looks down at his suit and smiles as it shines from the dim overhead lights and shows off all the best details of his body. The suit fits so tight and keeps him warm so that he’s always sweating, and the collar reminds him that Andrew is always with him and in full control. It gives him a warm and secure feeling that he’s never experienced before.

As the sun begins to set, Andew sets off on the beach cart to pick up the other two boys. Andrew happily jumps onboard as soon as Andrew rolls up and they simply exchange a smile without any words as they set off to pick up Tim. The cart rolls up to Tim and he immediately sees from a distance that it’s only Alex and Andrew.

“Uh, where is Aidan??” Tim asks curiously.

“He’s doing some other work right now; he’ll be back with you later” Andrew replies vaguely.

“What other work? I thought the beach cleaning was our work??” Tim continues to interrogate.

“Tim, there are many tasks you can be assigned in the PHI. I determine what those are and when they are assigned” Andrew replies with an irritated tone in his voice.

Tim looks noticeably concerned but doesn’t push the issue any further, he jumps in the cart with his arms crossed and purposely avoids any eye contact with Andrew. “Ok boys, we’re here. You have a few hours to relax, but don’t stay up too late. We have a lot of work to do tomorrow!” Andrew says with a smile as he drops them off and leads them back to the bunks.

Andrew walks down the hall and grabs Aidan from the equipment room, and they walk down to his office once more. Andrew sits down at his desk as Aidan stands behind him looking over at the screen. Andrew activates the microphone in Tim’s collar and listens in to what is being discussed in the bunk room.

Alex stands by his bunk as Tim paces around the room nervously. He knows something is wrong, Aidan’s strange disappearances and sudden change of attitude, the strangeness of the whole program, the suit that he’s locked in with a collar that Andrew seems to have full control of. “Alex, you’ve got to listen to me, something is wrong, none of this is normal. I don’t know what the fuck he did to Aidan, but we’ve got to get out of here before we’re turned into some kind of slaves like him!” says Tim.

“Tim, I know it’s a little weird, but I think you’re overreacti…” replies Alex as he’s immediately cut off by the door swinging open.

“Tim what was that you were saying? Maybe you and Aidan can talk about this, we’d like you to come with us for a little training this evening” Andrew says in a calm voice.

“No, fuck you, I don’t care if you send me to jail, I’m getting the fuck out of here!!!” Tim yells as he dashes by them and out the door.

Andrew just stands there for a few seconds next to Aidan without even reacting. “Boys, could you go after him please and bring him back home? Don’t worry, we will help him” he says with a smile.

“Of course, sir, leave it to us!” Alex says enthusiastically as Aidan nods in agreement.

They dash off after Tim into the night as he’s running down the road. Tim runs further and further away, just hoping he can find a bus stop or someone he can convince to give him a ride anywhere. His thoughts are quickly interrupted as he hears a radio noise from his collar. “Silly boy, where are you going? Just look at your shiny body. You’re covered from neck to toe in a suit I control, I can hear every word you speak and track you anywhere you go. You already became my toy the second zipped you up and snapped your collar shut.”

“Fuck you! I don’t belong to anyone!” Tim screams “I knew this whole thing was fucked up from the start! So how did you do it, what did you put in those shit bars you’ve been forcing us to eat!?” he asks.

“Oh, nothing really. You already discovered one of our special ingredients last night. Other than that, we just have a few things in there to boost testosterone and make your mind more open to our special training. Don’t worry though, they taste better the more you eat them, but they are kind of hard to stop once you start” Andrew said playfully. “Don’t worry though, we’ll talk more soon.”

Suddenly, a bright electric spark comes from Tim’s collar as he screams in pain and falls his knees. “Ugh, of course that fucker had something like that in this thing” as Tim reels in pain and grabs his collar. He’s quickly tackled by Aidan and Alex.

“Ugh… fuck. I can’t even move. C’mon, guys, please… don’t do this to me” Tim says in pain as he pleads with them.

“Tim, you never should’ve disobeyed our master. Don’t worry though, he’s going to make you better as soon as we get you back,” said Aidan.

Aidan and Alex throw Tim over their shoulders and hold his arms as he stumbles on his way back to the PHI camp with the two of them. As they make their way back, Andrew radios both “good job boys, bring him right into the training room as soon as you get back. He really gave you two a good run – if I hadn’t shocked him, you might not have caught up!”

“Yes Sir, Tim is very athletic – we sure had a hard time catching up, not to mention our suits are super sweaty after that chase!” Aidan says as both him and Alex laugh.

“I think I need to start working you boys out, maybe I’ll have Tim build you boys up at the gym once he’s back with us” Andrew muses.

“That would be great sir, thank you so much!” Alex says with enthusiasm.

“Uuuggh… I… I don’t want… ugh…” Tim mumbles incoherently, still out of sorts from the shock.

Tim is helpless to resist the two of them as he is taken back to the PHI office where Andrew stands in the lighted doorway waiting. “Ok boys, you know where to bring him” Andrew says as he stands aside, and the boys carry Tim into the training room and put him in the exam chair. He continues to mumble and move his body with weak movements as Aidan and Alex quickly strap him into the chair. Andrew slowly walks in as Tim is beginning to recover from his earlier shock.

“Urgh… fuck, what are you going to do to me??” Tim asks.

“Tim, I am going to give you the training that you need to succeed in the PHI. You’re very disobedient and we need to fix that. This really would have gone much easier if you had stuck to our diet” Andrew replies. “I’m afraid I am going to need to take some extra precautions, given your current state of mind.”

Andrew reaches into the drawer and pulls out what looks to be some sort of electronic gag. He signals to Aidan and Alex to come over and force Tim’s mouth open as he thrashes and resists. Andrew quickly shoves the gag into his mouth and buckles it around his face. Now unable to move or speak, Tim just sits strapped into the chair and barely mumbles through the gag.

“I’m sorry it had to be this way Tim, but don’t worry. I am going to make you better. This will take a lot longer though since you didn’t follow our plan” Andrew tells him as he straps the VR headset around his head. He continues to mumble and thrash his head until Andrew places a head restraint around him and straps him in. As he continues to mumble he is shocked by his mouth gag and is left to stare into the strange patterns of the VR headset.

“Good night, Tim, we will see you in the morning” Andrew tells him as he turns off the lights and the three of them walk out of the room.

The three of them continue to walk down the hall towards the bunks. As they walk, Aidan interrupts “sir, I reorganized all the equipment like you asked me to. I think it looks really good; I hope you like it!” as he rests his hand on his visibly hard cock. Alex then jumps in with “but sir, I also completed my training today and that was hours ago!” as he looks down at his rock-hard cock.

“Haha, I can tell you boys did a lot today and you’re excited. Our training and the protein bars tend to have that effect! I’ll tell you what, there’s still time before lights out, why don’t you boys have some fun before bed?” Andew tells them.

“What? You’re not going to be with us??” Aidan asks concerned.

“No, I want you boys to bond, and I think this is a great opportunity to” Andrew says as he slaps them both on the ass.

Aidan and Alex walk into their bunks slightly disappointed as Andew closes the door behind them. They both stand and look at each other, seeing their cocks rock hard and outlined perfectly through their suits. They lay down in Aidan’s bunk and press themselves against each other and slowly begin to rub each other through the suits. Aidan wraps his legs around Alex as he moans. He can feel the heat of Aidan’s body up against him and smell the scent of his sweat steaming up from his suit. Aidan’s rock-hard abs slide up against his back as he humps him.

“I can tell that you used to be a model, you keep your body in great shape” Alex tells Aidan.

“Yeah, you’re pretty good yourself. You’re uncut, that must feel so much better inside your suit” Aidan tells Alex breathing heavily as he continues to stroke him.

Alex moans louder and releases inside of his suit, he collapses for a moment then gets back up and works on Aidan.

“Thanks Aidan, I really was hoping to suck our master off tonight though” said Alex as he rubs Aidan’s cock.

“Yeah, I would have loved that. I’m glad he’s letting us release now though. You have no idea how hard I was back in the equipment room, surrounded by all those suits. These pieces of rubber that transformed us” Aidan says moaning at the end. “Oh fuck, keep going!”

Alex speeds up on Aidan as sweat beads down his face and cum sloshes around inside his suit leg. Aidan explodes and collapses down in his arms. “Thanks Alex, I feel a lot better.”

The two boys sit there drenched in sweat and their suits full of cum and wonder what tomorrow will bring. They hear very distant moaning from Tim down the hall and imagine what kind of reprogramming he’s undergoing. “You know, he really did resist a lot. I know you have a thing for him, but he really did defy our master a lot.” Aidan tells Alex.

“Yeah, he’s very independent and he couldn’t see all the good our master has to offer. I hope the master can help him the way he helped us. There’s no reason to want anything besides him and the PHI” Alex replies.

“True, well, maybe that and some protein bars, I’m starving!” Aidan says with a laugh.

Aidan and Alex share a laugh as Aidan gets up to grab them some protein bars before they head off to bed.

“Hey Aidan, I noticed master didn’t lock our door tonight, did you see that?” Alex asks curiously as he munches down on his bar.

“Well, why would he? He has nothing to worry about with us!” Aidan replies.

“I suppose that’s true, well, I can’t wait to see Tim in the morning. Let’s get some sleep.” Alex says as he lays down.

Aidan and Alex both wake up at the same time as the sun rises in the morning. Both wonder if their newfound ridged sleep schedule is a result of their programming or their diet, but they don’t really care. One after another, they hook up and shower and flush, getting ready for the day as if there’s nothing unusual about it and they’ve done this routine their entire lives. After they finish getting ready for their day, the door swings open and Andrew yells “good morning boys! I hope you had a great night!!”

Aidan and Alex both look at each other and smile, Alex replies “we did, thank you sir!”

“Well, we had better go check on your friend Tim and see how he’s doing” said Andrew as he leads them down the hall back to the training room.

Andrew flips on the light and there Tim sits with a pool of sweat around the chair and drool running down his mouth from around the gag. Tim lifts off the sweat-soaked VR headset to reveal Tim’s bloodshot and vacant eyes. He works his way around and undoes Tim’s gag and pulls it out of his mouth as spit drips everywhere. He breaths heavily as Andrew carefully undoes his straps and releases him from the chair. “So, Tim, how was your training?”

“Ugh… I… I… I am so… hungry” Tim struggles to speak.

“Haha, I bet you are! You had quite the intense training last night. Here, why don’t you have a couple of these?” Tim replies as he hands him a PHI protein bar.

Tim looks at the bar awkwardly for a few seconds before grabbing it and devouring it. He then grabs another one that Andrew has ready for him and begins to devour it before looking up at Andrew “thank you sir, thank you so much!!!”