Tims Wetsuit Initiation

By Wetsuited.

The Story

Tim put his hand on the door of the shop and gave it a slight push; the smell of new neoprene that hit him was awesome.

Tim was only eighteen and had applied for a Saturday job at Pete’s surf store many weeks ago and today was the day he started.

His mum had told him to get out and find himself a job to feed his love for DVD’s and save for the motorbike he longed to own.

Tim had known Pete’s surf shop for a long time, he had been staring in the window of it for years, on many an occasion he walked the high street, and he loved water sports.

Pete’s shop was a typical surf shop and attracted lots of guys in the area and from afar to peruse the latest boards and equipment.

Tim’s love of water sports extended to spending many hours sitting on the promenade watching young guys out in the sea but especially he loved to see them arrive in their cars and vans and getting their gear together and plunging into the sea.

He loved to see the young guys assemble their rigs and dive into the boots of their cars and remove a wetsuit to put on. He loved it! He was always thought it was quite fun to guess what type of wetsuit they would remove from the car to put on, would it be a smoothskin full suit? a shortie? Black, or bright colours.

Tim knew he was gay from an early age, but hadn’t told his parents or any of his mates, but just loved to see the young guys changing at the roadside or in the car park. He loved to see them remove their normal clothes and struggle into a nice tight wetsuit ready to enter the sea.

Tim entered the shop, the familiar smell of new neoprene and equipment made him feel really horny, he couldn’t believe he had got a job in such a great store, he was excited to say the least.

A middle aged guy looked up from the counter, he was counting money into the till, he looked over his glasses and nodded at Tim “Can I help you?” he asked. Tim drew breathe and approached the counter, “um, I’m Tim, I was looking for Steve, I start working here today” Tim replied. “Ah yes”, replied the man, “good timing, he’s at the back of the shop you’ll find him there, catch up with you later, I’m Sam by the way”, Oh, pleased to meet you” Tim replied, he thought he’d better go and find Steve so he wondered off to the rear of the store.

Tim set off, and found himself drifting through the different sections of the shop, he went through the water ski section, with rows and rows of skis, all different makes, colours and sizes, ropes, buoyancy aids and loads of accessories, next Tim passed the canoe section, racks and racks of different shaped canoes, different colours and again loads of different makes. Tim was wondering how he could ever sell any of this stuff. He hadn’t a clue on skiing or canoeing.

Tim moved into familiar territory, he came into the windsurfing section, he knew a bit about windsurfing; he had a cousin into it and had often helped him rig up his board in the garage at home.

Tim then spotted Steve at the rear of the shop, he was busy stacking surfboards onto racks and shelves and reorganising the displays. He was knee deep in cardboard boxes and packaging. “Hi there” shouted Steve, “well, don’t just stand there, give me a hand” he continued. Tim moved in and started to help move the cartons and packaging to one side, and then started to help Steve stack some boards onto a stand.

“Oh, thanks” Steve replied, “I love when we get new deliveries, but putting them on display is a lot of hard work”. “I can imagine” replied Tim.

When they had finished Steve offered his hand out to Tim and shook hands. “Pleased to have you on board” he remarked, “Oh, great, I’m looking forward to it”, replied Tim. That was an understatement Tim thought, he couldn’t wait to see more of the store and was hoping his semi-erection wasn’t showing in his baggy tracksuit bottoms.

“Welcome to Pete’s Surf shop” Steve continued. “Let me give you a quick tour of the shop and then we can get down to some work.

Steve took off with Tim in toe and he proceeded to take Tim on a tour of the shop, just as they were completing the tour Tim wondered back into the wetsuit section of the store, “Right Tim,” Steve instructed,” I think you can start off in here for a while, we have a new delivery of wetsuits in and will you give young Greg and Mike a hand at unpacking and displaying the suits”? “Err, yes”, he replied, Tim couldn’t believe what he was hearing his favourite bit of gear and he was going be helping to get the suits on display.

With that they rounded the corner and Tim could see two young lads working around loads of cartons. They were cute young guys Tim thought.

Greg was dressed in white trackie bottoms and white socks and airmax trainers, nearly new, and they showed. He had a plain white Nike T-shirt on which showed off his nicely formed muscles in his arms.

Greg was blonde, had a cute boyish body, with smooth skin and similarly dressed in Navy Reebok trackies, white socks and Reebok classic trainers, and a grey Adidas hoody.

Steve introduced the two guys to Tim, he had never met them before, and they were from the college on the other side of town and were apparently long standing mates. However, they seemed nice enough and Tim was hoping they had not noticed his hard-on in his trackie bottoms.

Steve asked the two lads to look after Tim as it was his first day, and told them to show him where the restroom and toilets were.

Steve walked off to take a phone call, and Tim was left with Greg and Mike.

Tim started to pull some wetsuits from the cartons and instantly he was getting turned on, handling the gear he had always admired on young guys.

Greg winked at Mike.

“So hey Tim, are you from around here? Mike asked, “Yeah, replied Tim” Tim proceeded to explain to the young guys where he lived, it was the other side of town but Mike seemed to know it well from going to his grandmas.

Tim continued to unfold some more of the wetsuits and Mike and Greg continued putting them onto hangers and sliding them onto the rails. Tim was getting really turned on handling the wetsuits and was hoping his now really hard cock was not showing to the young guys.

“Hey, Tim have you ever worn a wetsuit?” asked Mike, “Nah”, replied Tim, never tried one, would love to though!” exclaimed Tim, “Well you have to wear one here for your first week! Replied Mike, “Did Steve not tell you?”, “No!” replied Tim “he never said anything”. “Oh he must have forgotten” Mike remarked.

Mike explained that Steve liked to have his staff knowledgeable on all gear for when guys came in looking for equipment, so one of his rules was that for the first week of employment any new staff member must wear different wetsuits whilst working in the shop. This enables them to be able to help customers make decisions on what suit is best and what it feels like.

Tim couldn’t believe his ears, “No, surely not, what? Wear a wetsuit all day at work in front of people” he questioned. He thought the two lads might be tricking him. “Sure” Mike responded, “Its not a problem is it? At least you won’t ruin your good trackie bottoms and trainers” Greg added. “Well I suppose your right there” Tim replied.

With that Mike turned to Greg and said “Right get the first suit for young Tim, Greg!”

Tim couldn’t believe this was happening to him, his first day in the best store in town and then also being told he had to wear a wetsuit for the first week of work was just too hard to comprehend, he felt so horny.

Greg disappeared but within minutes he had returned clutching a wetsuit in his hand.

“Here you are Tim” he said as he handed the wetsuit to Tim “go and change we’ll help you as you have never worn one before”. Greg winked at Mike.

Tim started to blush and felt the blood rushing round his body, his heart was pounding faster and faster and he could feel himself starting to sweat.

Tim moved towards the changing rooms, but as he moved towards them Mike put his hands out to Tim and pulled the waistband of his trackie bottoms down to his knees.

Tim was startled, “Oh come on man, and you don’t need to use the changing rooms you can change here!” Before even Tim could realise anything Greg had bent down and was undoing the shoelaces of his trainers and tugging at them to remove them. Tim started to get a bit panicky as he was now getting really turned on as two nice young lads were now even undressing him. Greg continued and pulled off Tim’s trainers and threw them to one side and then removed his socks one by one. “Get them trackies off then!” Shouted Mike as he yanked them down to Tim’s ankles and Greg finished them off by pulling them off his feet. Mike then put his hands at the waistband of Tim’s T-Shirt and with one pull lifted it up and over Tim’s head.

Tim was left standing in only his boxer shorts whilst Mike got hold of the one piece suit
and shook it out and held it out to Tim.

Tim was slender built and had white pure smooth skin he felt vulnerable but yet excited.

“Well you can’t keep those on”, remarked Mike as he nodded towards Tim’s boxer shorts. “You have to feel the material against your body”

Tim was stunned, he couldn’t take them off, and they would see his now tremendous erection.

Tim hesitated and finally put his fingers in the waistband of the boxers and slid them
down and off his legs and kicked them to one side.

Tim was left stark naked, Greg looked at Tim’s erect penis and said”I think you like this don’t you?” Tim didn’t answer. Tim was about average endowment for his age but was embarrassed that the two lads would detect his excitement.

Mike held out the suit for Tim and he began to insert one of his legs into the suit.
The cool feeling of the neoprene as it slid up his leg was a great sensation as he tugged at the suit and gradually wiggled his toes out of the leg of the suit and then proceeded with the other leg. Once he had both legs into the suit he pulled the suit up over his thighs and then pulled the suit over his crutch and by now large cock.

Tim had never felt anything like this before it was great; the pressure of the suit against his skin was really horny.

Tim arranged the suit around his waist and then with the help of Mike and Greg they fed both his arms into the suit and pulled it up around his chest and adjusted the suit so it was comfortable. Mike pulled up the zipper at the rear of the suit with the strap up to the neck.

Tim felt the suit tighten around his chest and stomach; and he couldn’t believe the sensation of wearing the complete suit. His whole body was encased in the rubber wetsuit and he felt fantastic.

Greg produced a pair of wetsuit boots from the shelves and tossed them to Tim to put on, “There you are” he said as he threw them down for Tim to put on.” Now you are complete.”

Tim bent down and slid his foot into the boots, they were difficult to put on as the neoprene was tight, but he managed to wriggle his foot into the boot and then started on the other boot.

When Tim had finished Greg told him to stand up and let them view there new staff member.

Greg and mike moved over to Tim and started to run their hands over the material of the wetsuit, Tim started to get really turned on more as the guys were rubbing their hands over his body admiring the wetsuit on him.

Greg moved his hand down over Tim’s crutch his now large erect cock was showing clearly through the wetsuit and the heat generated could be felt by Greg’s hand.

“My you are enjoying this aren’t you!” remarked Greg, “Er, I like the suit” Tim sheepishly replied.

Mike was standing behind Tim admiring the suit and was also caressing Tim’s arse when from his trackies pocket he produced the Stanley knife he had been using to open the cardboard cartons. With one swift movement he cut-off the strap to the rear zipper and then with the other hand he produced a small padlock, and quickly snapped it onto the rear zip pull of the wetsuit and fed it through a small loop attached at the neck of the wetsuit.

With that Tim turned round startled”Hey! What you doing?” “Just preventing you from removing the suit that’s all”, replied Mike.

Tim was now left locked into the suit, he couldn’t even reach the zip pull now being as Mike had removed the strap and even if he could, with the padlock now holding the zip he couldn’t remove the suit at all.

Tim couldn’t believe it, he was now left locked into this wetsuit, his whole body was encased in neoprene and he still had three quarters of a days work to do.

Tim felt really horny, his hard erect cock was still evident, “Come on we need to finish getting the rest of these suits out!” shouted Mike. Tim moved over to help Mike and Greg remove the rest of the suits and spent the next couple of hours unfolding and helping displaying all the suits.

Tim was well horny now he had spent the last couple of hours in the wetsuit, he was getting hotter and the feeling of the suit encasing his body was a great feeling, in a strange sense he felt naked as he only had the suit on but yet felt great he was wearing something which he loved and found very horny to wear. What made it more exciting was handling all the different suits, and thinking of the guys that could be in them.

Tim assumed that Mike and Greg must both be gay as they would have never felt him all over in the wetsuit if they were straight; he had also caught Greg several times eyeing him up and down and so assumed he had a soft spot for him.

Tim spent the rest of the day at work in the wetsuit, he found it really strange, walking around in the soft neoprene boots and even didn’t seem to care when customers drifted into his section in the store and saw him dressed that way. Steve the manager had even called into the department during the late afternoon and gave his congratulations on the way he looked.

Five o’clock came round quick, time to go home, in some respect it had been a short day but Tim was exhausted but in a funny sense couldn’t wait until tomorrow to try another wetsuit on again.

Tim met Greg at the storeroom door, he was ready to leave, “Have you seen my clothes?” asked Tim. Greg held out a carrier bag, “They’re in here! “Tim went to grab the bag and Greg moved it away, “I thought you liked wearing the wetsuit Tim? Why don’t you wear it home? Tim was taken back, “Er, I don’t think that would be possible” remarked Tim, he was thinking of having to wear the wetsuit on the bus and certainly what people would say, supposing he met somebody he knew.

“Its just you really seemed to like wearing the wetsuit Tim” Greg remarked and winked at Tim, “I do” replied Tim but, “No Buts” said Greg “Why don’t you put your tracksuit on over it, then nobody would know you are wearing it, and then you are still wearing the wetsuit you love to wear!” Tim thought for a moment, it sounded really horny, why not he thought, it would be fun.

“Okay then, I’m game” he said. Greg smiled and winked at Tim and they both moved over to the back of the storeroom. Greg pulled out Tim’s tracksuit bottoms and top from the bag and handed them to Tim; Tim pulled them over the wetsuit and adjusted them. “How do I look then?” Asked Tim, “You look great as ever” came the reply from Greg, with that he lent over and gave Tim a kiss, Tim couldn’t help himself and within seconds they were in a wild embrace tongues exploring each others mouths. They pulled away to take breath. Tim was overwhelmed he’d got a new gay mate and he was into wetsuits! What more could he ask.

“Come on then, lets get out of here”, Greg shouted as they headed towards the rear door of the store.

Tim and Greg left the store, the cool air hit upon them and Tim felt strange with the rubber wetsuit on close to his body underneath his tracksuit. He felt horny, and was excited that nobody would know he had his most loved piece of kit on under his clothes.

Mike was waiting at the gate and wished them a good evening and winked at them both, “Have a great evening now lads! And I’ll see you both tomorrow!” He added.” Don’t be late now!”

Greg and Tim set off towards the bus stop on the high road, Tim felt great, but as Greg gave him a few pats on the bottom every now and again, he was conscious though he still had the wetsuit boots on and to the trained eye someone would detect his different footwear, but he felt what the hell, he was doing something he loved and didn’t care what other people were thinking about him.

Greg and Tim didn’t wait too long at the bus stop for their bus and they both got on when it arrived and went up to the top deck. They both sat down together and chatted about their day and how Tim had really enjoyed working in the store with Greg and Mike.

Greg explained that he loved working in the store and he also had a passion for wetsuits as well, and it turned out he had been into it from an early age when he also would stroll the promenade as a kid looking at the wetsuit clad surfers heading towards the waves.

Just as they were coming to Tim’s stop Greg turned to Tim and asked him to come back to his place, Tim was hesitant and declined and got up to get off at his stop.

Greg turned to Tim and held out his hand and shook a small key into Tim’s face
Tim stopped, he had now remembered he was still locked into the wetsuit he had on under his tracksuit

“Oh shit,” remarked Tim, “I think I’d better come with you then” he uttered to Greg.
Greg smiled and Tim sat back down on the seat next to Greg they both looked at each other and they both fell into fits of laughter.

Greg and Tim got on really well together, and before long they came to Greg’s stop.
They both got off the bus walked off towards Greg’s house. Greg still lived at home and as they arrived his mum was in the hallway.

Tim acknowledged Greg’s mum and Greg explained that they were going to go up to his room to listen to some CD’s.

Both guys ran up the stairs and entered Greg’s room.

Greg’s bedroom was a typical students room CD’s and DVD’s lined the walls and magazines and clothes lie around the floor.

Greg and Tim couldn’t wait to be alone together and without any hesitation they were both kissing each other and groping each other in a mad passion of excitement.

“So lets see your wetsuit collection then” demanded Tim, “Oh right let me show you” replied Greg.

Greg pulled open his wardrobe door and from the end of the rail produced three wetsuits for Tim. “Oh Wow, you are an enthusiast Greg” Tim was amazed

Greg had an O’Neill Winter suit, a summer Gul suit and an Orca Triathlon suit.

“Come on then put one on “shouted Tim. Greg needed no more persuasion and with that he started to shred his clothes and donned the O’Neill full suit.

Tim thought Greg looked fantastic, the figure hugging suit showed off his fit body he still couldn’t believe this was all happening.

The two guys sat around chatting and touching and feeling each other and discussing in length their passion for wetsuits when Greg mentioned to Tim he had had some photographs done of him in gear and posted them on the internet. Tim wanted to see them so Greg switched on his PC and they both settled down to have a look.

Greg brought up his website and when he opened it Tim could immediately see that in the majority of photographs Greg was in some kind of bondage.

“Oh,” explained Tim “are you into being tied up as well?” He added “Oh, god yes!” he replied Greg “I love being tied up and also like tying guys in gear” Tim was a bit taken a back he thought it looked a bit dangerous but surprisingly he thought Greg looked horny.

“Wow, I’ve never done anything like that” remarked Tim. “Do you want to try” Greg quickly answered. Tim thought for a minute and then thought why not he’d love to try the experience, its not as if they could get up to anything wild as Greg’s mum was downstairs. “Yeah I’d liked to give it a try”. With that Greg leapt up from the stool and went to his bedside cupboard and pulled out a few bits of rope and some leather looking belts. Tim got hard again.

“Come on, I’ll tie you on the bed first, see what you think” Greg excitedly patted the mattress for Tim to join him. Tim moved over to the bed. “Put your hands behind your back first “Greg instructed. With that Tim offered his hands behind his back and Greg started to feed the rope around Tim’s wrists before long Tim’s wrists were securely held, Greg manoeuvred Tim onto the bed laying face down and then proceeded to tie up Tim’s ankles. Greg explained to Tim that tying him with the wetsuit on was better in that the ropes would not mark his skin. After he had completed tying Tim’s ankles Greg added further rope around his knees and again around Tim’s elbows.

Greg then got additional rope and tied his ankles to his wrists in a tight hogtie.

Tim felt really horny and vulnerable under the hands of Greg. He was now locked into the wetsuit and now totally restrained and couldn’t hardly move. He certainly loved the feeling.

Greg rolled Tim onto his side; the large bulge in Tim’s wetsuit showed how much he loved the experience. He started to massage Tim’s bulge.

Tim groaned he loved it and called for more. Greg knew when to stop he didn’t want Tim to cum he had more plans for fun.

After a while Greg started to release Tim from his hogtie but as Tim thought they were going to finish Greg applied more rope to Tim’s wrists and suggested he would love being tied to the bed.

Greg completed the rope ties around Tim’s wrists and fed the two ends of the rope up around the headboard of the bed, stretching Tim’s arms up above his head. He secured them tightly and gave Tim a gentle kiss, He then moved down to Tim’s wetsuit clad feet and tied similar ropes around Tim’s wetsuit boots and tied off the loose ends to the knobs on the end of his bed.

Tim was left stretched out on the bed and was held really firm, Greg stood back to admire his capture.

He moved back to the bed and began again massaging Tim’s large erection through the wetsuit. Tim was writhing on the bed and loved his cock felt through the neoprene. It wasn’t long before he exploded and Greg smiled as his body jolted against its restraints.

Greg leant over Tim and gave him a long lingering kiss, and started to untie Tim from his ropes.

Tim was exhausted and couldn’t stop telling Greg how much he had enjoyed the experience. Greg unlocked Tim’s wetsuit and helped him remove it. It had been nearly 8 hours since he had been made to wear the suit and he was extremely sweaty, the suit was damp with his perspiration.

Tim and Greg couldn’t stop chatting about how they had made a new friendship through their love of wetsuits and how excited they both were.

Tim suggested he’d better go and Greg suggested that he would get his mum to drop him back to his house as it was getting late.

Tim put his tracksuit back on and they both went downstairs.

Greg and his mum drove Tim back to his house, Tim got out the car and said goodbye to Greg, and both of them couldn’t stop grinning. “See you tomorrow!” shouted Greg from the car window, “Yeah” replied “Tim can’t wait”!

Tim turned and set off up the path of his house and turned round to wave goodbye to Greg and couldn’t help but feel to himself what tomorrow had in store for him, he had to wear another wetsuit!

To be continued… In part 2.

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