Tims Wetsuit Initiation – Part 2

By Wetsuited.

The Story

Tim woke up, it was 6:45am, and he turned over and looked at the alarm clock and hit the button. He hauled himself out of his bed and into the bathroom and clicked on the shower. Tim was in good form, it was the second day of his new job at Pete’s Surf shop, and if it was going to be anything like his first day, he couldn’t wait to get there.

Tim showered and went back to the bedroom and chose his clothes from the wardrobe, a plain T shirt and Adidas hoodie, completed with matching Adidas tracksuit bottoms and trainers. He admired himself in the mirror, brushed his hair and made his way down to get some breakfast. He was thinking to himself as he made a cup of tea and threw on the toaster that he hoped he wouldn’t be wearing this kit for the major part of the day as he hoped he would get another chance to try another wetsuit from the store.

Tim gulped down the tea and munched on his toast and made his way from the house to the bus stop to catch the early bus into town.

Tim spent the whole journey dreaming of yesterday’s adventure and couldn’t believe his luck finding someone like Greg who was into the same things as him.

Tim arrived at the back of the surf store; it was quiet, he pushed open the staff entrance door and started to make his way through the back stockroom.

Again the aroma of new neoprene filled his lungs and aroused him.

As Tim made his way down one of the aisle’s he looked ahead and could make out someone standing there blocking the end of the aisle. It was dark and he couldn’t make out who it was, but it didn’t take long when a voice spoke out. “Hi Tim”, it was Mike, “How are you? He added, “err, ok?” Replied Tim, a bit startled and curious as to why Mike was standing there blocking his way, and he sounded very forceful.

As he came to a stop, Tim could hear something behind him, it was more footsteps, and someone else was approaching him from behind. “Hello Tim,” another voice came from the dark. It was Greg. “We thought we might get in a bit early today” said Mike, “oh yeah? Why’s that?” questioned Tim. We thought we might get you ready for your second day here continued Mike as a small grin started to beam across his face. Tim started to sweat, and thought what did they mean, get him ready? Mike stood broadside blocking the aisle which stopped Tim from going any further; Greg stood now behind Tim and was blocking his return path. “Remember what we told you yesterday?” Remarked Mike,“There are no normal clothes to be worn past this point, you need to get geared up”. Tim’s heart was pounding hard, his mouth was getting dry that’s what he wanted, and now the two guys were threatening him that he was now going to have to spend another day in the shop clad in neoprene.

Mike reached round the end of the aisle and was holding out a full wetsuit on a hanger and shoved it into the youngsters face. “Here, I chose this one for ya today, get it on quick” Tim got a smell of the rubber as it approached his face, and felt his cock in his pants stirring. Tim took the wetsuit from mike and just held it, it was full one piece suit, it felt like smoothskin rubber, but he couldn’t quite make out its make in the dark. “Come on boy, get out of those trackies and get geared up will ya, we have to be in the shop in a couple of mins.” Shouted mike, Tim hung the wetsuit hanger onto one of the shelves and immediately sank to his knees and started to undo the laces on his trainers, he kicked them off and then tugged at his two socks and stuffed them into his trainers. He slid down his trackie bottoms and boxers and then pulled the wetsuit down off of its hanger.

As soon as he touched the suit he started to get aroused, the smoothness of the rubber was awesome, he had never felt a wetsuit like this before, it was so smooth and smelt great, Tim lifted one leg and slid it into the suit and started to pull the material up round his calves and knees, “Go easy with putting it on” remarked Greg, “the smooth neoprene can get damaged easily”. Tim took greater care, as he slid his other leg into the wetsuit and started to pull it up to get it around his thighs and pulled it over his cute ass.

Tim could not stop getting more turned on as he continuously felt the wetsuit’s smooth material and eventually pulled the suit up over his chest.

As Tim was putting his arms into the sleeves he noticed that the wetsuit had extra material around the neck and it wasn’t long before he realised that the wetsuit had an attached hood as well.

The lads had given Tim a winter surfing suit complete with a hood, and it wasn’t long before Tim was wriggling his head into the smooth rubber enclosure. When he had got his head into the suit, Greg moved round to the back of him and started to pull the zipper up the back of the wetsuit. Tim felt the suit starting to tighten as the zip was pulled higher and higher, and with a bit of adjustment Greg got the hood zipped up. Time felt really horny now, he was completely covered in smooth neoprene and the tightness of the hood felt really great, apart from his hands and feet he was completely covered in smooth black neoprene!!!

Mike threw him a pair of wetsuit boots and told him to get them on as they had to be in the shop soon for the start of the day, and he turned round and left the storeroom and went into the main shop.

Tim was left with Greg and Greg couldn’t resist turning round to Tim and giving him a long lingering kiss, his smooth young hands cuddled Tim in his wetsuit and he couldn’t stop himself from giving him a quick cuddle and feeling him up and down in the smooth wetsuit. “You look gorgeous” remarked Greg, Tim’s heart was racing, he felt great, and Greg was turning him on even more.

Greg turned, smiled and walked into the shop.

Tim hurried behind Greg and felt really strange now walking into the shop clad in a wetsuit, with all other staff in normal clothes he felt strange but yet so turned on by his predicament. He was getting warm and so turned on, he could feel himself getting hard and aroused beneath the smooth wetsuit.

Tim spent most of the morning tidying the racks and shelves in the store with Greg, together with joke comments from other guys in the store about his Wetsuit he was wearing. All the other guys in the store new Tim was new as he was wearing the wetsuit as they had had to endure the same initiation before.

Tim could see and sense they were up to something as they kept whispering to each other and laughing and smirking so he knew he was in for something but was nervous as to what they were up to.

Around 11am Greg suggested they go and have tea so they set off to the canteen for a break, they left the store together and made their way down to the canteen area and just as Tim was entering the door of the canteen a big shout went out and guys from every direction from behind the door jumped on Tim and started to grab at his body..

Tim was startled but within no time at all several of the lads had wrestled him to the floor. Tim was thrashing around but one lad sat on his stomach and pinned his shoulders to the floor with his knees and was staring into the eyes of Tim. Another lad was pinning his legs down to the ground whilst the majority of the others were laughing and filming the fun on their mobiles. Tim didn’t know what they were up to but it wasn’t long before another guy merged through the crowded chaos with what looked like leather belts to Tim.

One of the guys took the leather straps and then started to wrap it around one of Tim’s pinned wrists, whilst the guy holding him down took the other and similarly attended to tie the other wrist.

Greg emerged from the crowd and was holding more leather straps and proceeded to start applying them to Tim’s ankles. Tim scared but yet horny and was thrashing about all over the place and it now took more guys from the store to help hold him down whilst the guys finished strapping the leather restraints to poor old Tim’s now aching limbs.

Tim was getting warm in his rubber wetsuit from all the fighting and was starting to sweat, beads of perspiration starting to roll down his forehead from the smoothskin hood of the wetsuit and he could now feel the sweat building up in his wetsuit, added by the weight of the guys on his body he was now in no fit state to struggle. He seemed to like the feeling as the sweat was making the suit slippery inside but yet seemed to shrink the neoprene to his skin.

“Right come on, let’s get him to the stand” shouted one of the lads. With that several of the guys manhandled Tim’s wetsuited clad body and started to lift him and then they started to carry him out of the canteen towards the shops store. Most of the guys were laughing and screaming and the ladies behind the canteen counter were just laughing as if they had seen this all before. Tim was now getting concerned as he was being brought into the public part of the shop again and was worried what the boys had in store for him, especially now with all these leather restraints added to each limb. Tim was manhandled through the shop by at least six of the lads all seemed to know what was planned and where they were going.

Tim was finally taken into the wetsuit area of the shops close to the changing room area where the guys eventually carried Tim over to the wall between the hangers of wetsuits. Mike was standing there grinning and down on the floor between his feet was a bundle of rope.

Two of the lads slammed Tim’s body with his back to the wall, and Mike immediately dived to the floor and starting tying rope to one of Tim’s ankle restraints he tied it off securely and pulled the rope out to a fixture on the wall and immediately started to tie another piece of rope to the other ankle restraint. Mike kicked Tim’s ankles apart until his legs were quite wide and finished by tying the rope to a further fixture on the wall.

When he had finished he moved to Tim’s wrists while the two lads were still pinning Tim’s body to the wall and he repeated the same process which two bits of rope to each of Tim’s wrists. “Right that’s done” shouted Mike “Let’s see what we have” with that the two lads moved away from Tim and they all stood back laughing admiring there handy work.

Tim now found himself tied spread-eagled to the wall of the wetsuit area, he started to pull at his restraints but they were held firm and the guys started to laugh. “Let’s see ya get out of that!” remarked one of the guys. “Poor Timmy” remarked one of the others as he stroked his smoothskin wetsuited chest. “What the hell are you doing?” shouted Tim. “We thought you might want to be part of the display stand Tim” answered “Mike”

Tim was still tugging fiercely at the restraints trying to free himself, but the lads had done a good job and he could hardly budge at all.

Time felt exposed and vulnerable, now tied spread-eagled to the shop wall, “I get you back!” shouted Tim, the lads simply laughed as the crowd started to break up and most of the guys started to move back to their other positions in the shop.

Greg was left alone in the area with Tim, he winked at him, “Will you let me go Protested” Tim, “No way!” replied Greg, your part of the display stand today, exhibiting our latest line and style in Winter smoothkin wetsuits. “You are there for the duration of the day” With that Greg turned on his heels and went over to the counter and started filling in stock sheets and paperwork, and started writing on his notebook.

Tim was feeling nervous, what would happen if customers came into the store and saw him looking like this he thought.

Greg came back over to Tim and then ripped a sheet of paper off of his notebook, and started to stick it to Tim’s stomach with some sellotape. “There we go!” he remarked and walked off again”.

Tim looked down at the bit of paper Greg had stuck to him and was trying to read it upside down what he had written on it and he could just make it out.

Greg had written “See our NEW Winter wetsuits, feel the quality of our latest smoothskin wetsuit, free trial and comes complete with surf slave boi”

Tim Shouted at Greg”Your funny, get this thing off and let me go, you’ve had ya fun!” Greg at first pretended he hadn’t heard him but then came over, “Oh no”, replied Greg” we mean what we say here”.

Tim was startled he wasn’t sure whether Greg was mucking about or being quite serious, but then everything else they had done to him was carried out so he wasn’t quite sure.

Tim rested back against the wall, and kept looking around the shop to see if there were any customers in the store, there were a few, but not many had come over to where he was, so he was relieved at that, but he still had another five hours to go until the store shut, surely they wouldn’t leave him there all day?

Time went by and occasionally customers came by and into the wetsuit area, Greg approached them as they did, some laughed some grinned and wet on and others came and stood and laughed and joked with the other guys in the store.

It wasn’t until about 3pm that afternoon when a middle aged guy came into the store and moved into the wetsuit area, he spent a few minutes looking at the wetsuits and pulling them off and on the hangers until Greg approached him and started chatting. Tim couldn’t make out what was being said to the guy but he immediately the guy looked over in Tim’s direction and grinned, Greg must have said something to him.

The guy started to walk over to Tim; he felt his heart race faster as the man approached him. He was an attractive guy, tall, casually dressed; he moved closer to Tim and looked at him up and down but didn’t say a word. This made Tim scared and curious and he smiled at the guy, Tim thought he better say something “Hi” uttered Tim, the guy didn’t respond, he kept looking up and down Tim’s wetsuit clad figure, and took a look at the note written on Tim’s stomach, with that, he read it, chuckled and pulled the note away.

The guy put his hand flat out and put it onto Tim’s chest, and started smoothing it out over his chest and stomach, Tim uttered “What do you think sir? Nice wetsuit?” the guy still did not respond, Tim could hear his breathing deepen, the guy moved his hand down from his stomach and started to advance towards his neoprene clad groin.

Tim gulped and drew big breathes as the guy started to rub his hand over Tim’s wetsuited crutch and gently groped at his balls and cock through the smooth neoprene, he felt him for a few seconds then squeezed Tim’s cock and patted his crutch and turned and walked to the till where Greg was working.

Tim was speechless and motionless; he couldn’t take his eye off the guy as he was talking to Greg. Who was this? Why did he not speak? But yet he got the feeling he seemed to know Greg.

The guy handed Greg a bit of paper they both shook hands and chatted more and advanced to the main shop door. Tim watched them further as they parted company and the guy left the shop.

What was all that about he thought? He wanted to ask Greg but Greg walked off and into the back stockroom.

Tim tried to relax on the wall of the shop, his arms and legs were getting very tired, and he wanted to be released. More and more customers came into the shop that afternoon and he was getting fed up with being the butt of jokes from some of them and the guys in the store kept coming round and making silly comments and teasing Tim about his predicament. “Wait till you see what happens tomorrow” one of the guys joked, Tim’s heart raced again, surely not more? He thought.

It was getting near 5pm and soon several of the guys came into the area and they started to undo Tim’s restraints, Greg also appeared, Tim was so glad to be let out of his restraints, he had no energy to get his own back, he rubbed his ankles and wrists they were hurting from being secured to the wall for so long. “You want a shower and freshen up?” Greg asked, “Yeah”, replied Tim, and they left the shop and went into the back toilets of the store.

The shop had showers for some of the young lads who cycled into work, it was a great advantage to them all, Tim had previously seen some lycra clad guys turn up and shower in the toilets on his first day.

Greg helped Tim get part way out of his wetsuit and then left him to remove the suit and take a shower. Tim was so happy to feel the warm water on his body, his body had been sealed in the wetsuit all day and the fresh warm water made him feel good as he showered and soaped himself down and stepped out of the shower to towel himself dry.

Greg came into the changing room of the toilet and was carrying Tim’s clothes that he had removed earlier that morning, “Here’s ya clothes” he remarked as he put them down on the bench next to Tim. “Thanks” replied Tim. Greg winked at Tim, you look tired? He said, I’m ok replied Tim “that’s good he said as I thought we would hit the town for a bite to eat and drink you must be hungry being tied up all day. “He laughed” Tim agreed, and Greg left the changing room whilst Tim finished off drying himself and got dressed.

They both met at the back stockroom door of the shop, they walked out of the yard and got a bus into town.

Greg and Tim sat together on the bus and couldn’t stop talking about the day’s events. Greg was laughing as he knew Tim loved what was happening in the store and it was fun to initiate new guys especially ones that were as good looking as Tim.

The bus queued through the town and eventually Greg and Tim got off and went into the local burger bar for some food. They sat chatting and Greg got round to showing Tim a piece of paper he had in his pocket.

He explained that the guy who came into the store earlier that day had given it to him, he was a local scuba diver instructor in the town and that he was opening a new store off the high street and that he had seen the two guys in the surf shop and wondered whether they were interested in working for him part time in his shop. The paper had the address and the guys name on it.

Both guys discussed the proposal in length and were concerned that they already had good jobs, but at least this would be only part time and the chance to work with more gear and wetsuits which they loved.

Tim and Greg agreed they had nothing to lose by going and seeing this guy so they agreed that they would call round and see this guy at his shop before they got the bus home.

Both guys finished their meals and left the bar and set about to the high street to find the guy’s premises. It wasn’t long until they came into the high street but the address the guy had given them was a side street off of the main square so they both set off down the road and found it. The shop was in complete darkness but Tim could make out a light was on in the back of the store so Greg knocked at the door to see if anyone would come through and answer.

Greg thumped several more times on the door but there was no response, they both agreed that they would call back another time and were just about to go when they saw movement in the shop and someone came through and started to unlock the shop door. The door opened, “Hi guys” came the response, a guy was standing there completely dressed in a black wetsuit, “come on in, I didn’t know if you was gonna call round tonight?” It wasn’t the guy Tim and Greg had seen in the shop, but they were also amazed that he was dressed in a wetsuit.

The guy let them into the Shop, “err, we came round to see Phil, is he around?” Greg asked, “Yeah, he’s out the back with me” the guy replied, “come on through, we were just sorting out some new suits for the club dive at the weekend” Oh wow, that’s good Tim thought. Tim and Greg followed the guy through the shop; both their eyes looked at each other and grinned as they followed the wetsuited figure through the small store. The guy pushed open the door to the back office and ushered the two boys through.

With that, the door was slammed shut from behind them and immediately Tim and Greg were both pounced on, bags of some description were forced over their heads and both of them were wrestled to the ground.

Tim and Greg had been jumped on by several guys, they could tell there was quite a few of them as they were each held very firmly by many pairs of hands. Both their hands were forced behind their backs and tied together firmly, whilst other hands were adding more rope to each of their ankles leaving the guys rolling around on the floor securely tied with each having a bag over their heads. Tim and Greg were both thrashing around until Greg heard the familiar voice of the guy he had spoken to in the surf shop.

“Hello bois, nice to see you” remarked Phil the owner, “what’s your game? Tim Shrieked from inside the bag, “I thought you two bois might like to come round and play” he chuckled; he then nodded to the other guys in the room.

With that three other guys moved towards Tim lying on the ground, they lifted Tim from the floor manhandling him and started to strip him out of his clothes, “What the fuck you doing” cried Tim “don’t struggle boy” Phil shouted, “and you won’t get harmed”. Tim thought, how could he not struggle, when all these strangers had him tied and were now ripping at his clothes, and all Greg could do to help was listen to this going on from inside the darkness of his makeshift bag hood laying on the floor.

It wasn’t long before the three guys had Tim totally stripped except his bag hood, Phil came over to Tim and started to run his rubber gloved hand down Tim’s chest and stomach and started to caress his balls and semi-erect cock. “I think you like this!” He remarked as he continued to stroke Tim’s cock and tapped it hard with his fingers, “you’re getting hard boy! I thought you liked bondage when I saw you in the shop today; let’s see what we can do with you!” With that he went to one of the rails and selected a wetsuit from the hangers and threw it to the three guys holding Tim’s struggling body. One of the guys caught the wetsuit and shook it out and between the three of them they started to force Tim into the wetsuit. It took them quite a struggle, but after many minutes of tugging and pulling they had Tim totally fitted out into the tight fitting wetsuit. Next they added bootees and gloves, one of the guys went over to a shelf and brought back a roll of duct tape and set about sealing the bootees and the gloves to the wetsuit so that they could not easily be removed, also giving the effect of sealing Tim completely into the tight wetsuit. One of the captors removed the bag covering Tim’s head and immediately replaced it with a neoprene diving hood; he then added a hooded gasmask over the hood and started duct taping around the edge of the gasmask to the hood. Tim was now left totally sealed in rubber, all he could do was see out through the two small holes in the gasmask and breath through the valve of the mask the men had sealed everything onto him.

Tim was dragged over to the corner of the stockroom and one of the men took some rope from the shelves and started to bind Tim’s wrists together behind his back. After he had that done he swiftly moved onto Tim’s ankles and tied them together and tied another piece of rope up to his wrists performing a very neat tight hogtie. One of the guys got a further piece of rope and tied it to the back of the gasmask hood and tied it off to Tim’s ankles, he was in a very tight immobilised position and was left in the corner wriggling in his bonds as the two guys went over to help the third guy who was still holding down Greg.

It wasn’t long before Greg was also stripped out of his clothes and was put into an identical wetsuit as Tim and tied the same. He was dragged over to the corner with Tim and then one of the men started to tie the two guys together side by side.

Both of the guys looked at each other through the windows of the gasmasks, fear in their eyes, but knowing they both loved being tied in wetsuits, this was deep down heaven to them both. They thought this was going to be own long night……..

To be continued…

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  1. Amazing story, can’t wait to see how the boi’s get used, I do hope there’s poppers involved with the gas masks

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