Wetsuit Abduction – Part 2

By Josh.

The Story

Pierre looked at each of the boys in turn, looking deep into their eyes. “Josh. I read the file they made about you. I saw you last night trying to get the boss to let your friends go. Are you planning to escape?”

Josh pulled his best poker face, stalling for time, time to read the faces of Matt and Ryan. It was decision time. Did they bring Pierre into the plan? It would be pretty good acting to fake the conversation that’d just had.

Josh pulled his gaze round to meet Pierre’s eyes. Matt, sensing what was happening, linked hands with Pierre for support.

“Matty is an ace swimmer. If we can get him out, he can swim to shore from here. He can get the help we need and I don’t mean authorities. But it’s no use if he spends all day doing fitness trials, he’ll be too tired when darkness falls. If you told the boss to give us the day off, would he listen?”

“Josh. I can do that. While we sail for Italy, I’m supposed to teach you servant type things in-between your fitness drills. I’ll just do that today instead of fitness. I’ll explain to the boss that you are hurting from your kidnapping, he won’t want you getting injured.”

The plan was agreed and the group started the day. In turn they were escorted to the bathroom by Pierre.

Matt went first, following him through the maze of corridors. He opened the door to a small room, inside was a shower and wash basin with a mirror. The shelves were stocked with body wash and shampoo, as well as various hair products. Noticing these, Matt looked over to Pierre for an explanation.

“Just because you’re a wetsuit prisoner, it doesn’t mean you have to look rough. The boss will want to see you taking pride in your appearance or he might put you on a punishment.”

“A Punishment?”

“If he thinks you aren’t complying and need punishing, he might do something like have you tied up in the sun all day. Your in a wetsuit so you soon overheat.”

Matt nodded his understanding and turned his back to Pierre for him to unlock to padlock securing his wetsuit zipper.

He peeled the suit down to his waist and stretched his arms up, it was good to free of the tight rubber. Finally he rolled it right down to his ankles and stepped out of the suit. Now he stood naked in the bathroom, his bare butt facing Pierre and his manhood firmly strapped into the chastity device. Pausing for a moment, he looked over his shoulder to see Pierre still standing there, admiring his beautiful body. As if to tease Pierre slightly, he then bent over and picked up the suit to hand to him.

He took hold of the handle for the door on the shower cubicle and pulled the door open. As he went to turn on the shower, Pierre suddenly interrupted.

“Oh, there is just one more thing before your shower…”

Matt looked round over his shoulder at him

“The boss likes his staff clean shaven.”

Pierre stood there with a razor, puzzling Matt. He was always clean shaven. Then he realised, Pierre didn’t mean his face.

“I’ll just tidy you up, it won’t take long”

Matt stood in silence as Pierre worked round his body with the shaver. First the few small hairs on his upper body, then his arm pit hair. Next he squatted down next to Matt and worked his way up his legs until they were smooth.

Pierre turned the razor off so Matt considered himself shave and reached out to turn the shower on once more, but Pierre turned the razor back on.

“There is just one more place to shave” he said sheepishly and produced another key.

Pulling himself up, he reached round the back of Matt and began fiddling with his chastity belt before a small click and the device fell to the floor.

At first Matt looked at him with concern. There was taking one for the team and then there were limits. Was he really going to let a guy he’d just met, shave his balls?

Pierre looked into his eyes silently, looking for approval. Matt decided the best thing would be to suck it up and carry on being a team player. He sighed and whispered “OK”

Pierre went to work and soon Matt was bald. As he stood there examining his new style, Pierre stepped back set the shower going.

“Make sure you use the body wash, it will stop you itching”

Matt walked into the shower and straight under the torrent of water falling from it’s head. He stood there facing into the stream for a few seconds, letting the warm water wash over his face. Finally he turned and reach out to close the door. Just as he pulled it toward him, Pierre stopped it with his foot.

They stared into each others eyes, the air was thick with tension. Pierre peeled off his t shirt, revealing a trim body with a dark tan, formed after years of being in the sun all day. Throwing it onto the floor, he followed Matt into the shower. It was only a small compartment, initially Matt backed away, maintaining eye contact, until he was pressed into the corner. The water rushed over them as Pierre slid his hands onto Matt’s hips, staring up and down his body, before lifting his gaze to meet Matt.

Matt responded. One arm rose and round Pierre’s hips into the small of his back, pulling him toward Matt. The other hand undid the the draw string holding up Pierre’s boardies. Pierre leaned his head into Matt and they began to kiss. Matt slid his hand inside Pierre’s shorts, forcing the waist out until they fell away to tray of the shower. He broke off the kiss momentarily to look down at Pierre. The boardies had concealed a pair of tight black speedos, the last protection of Pierre’s bulge. As they kissed, Matt worked away the speedos while Pierre massaged Matt’s cock until it became rock hard. Dropping to his knee’s, Pierre placed his lips around the tip of Matt’s penis and licked gently, water still raining down from the shower.

Matt was now totally out of control of his senses, he laid back against the wall of the shower and groaned. Pierre pulled back and cum sprayed up the glass slide of the compartment. Matt collapsed to the floor as his knees gave way under the emotional release.

Laying in the bottom of the shower, they kissed and cuddled as warm water washed over them,

Finally Pierre stopped

“We need to get out or the boss will be suspicious.”

Pierre dressed first, pulling his boardies up over his naked body in between stealing kisses.

“That was your first time, wasn’t it?” he smiled at Matt

Matt couldn’t hide “First time with a guy” he smirked back.

Pierre bent down and picked up the chastity belt from the floor. Slowly he guided Matt’s cock into it, forcing it slightly as Matt wasn’t completely limp. With a kiss, he padlocked it closed.

He turned to a cupboard on the other side of the room and opened the door. Inside hung a selection of wetsuits.

“Which one do you want?”

Matt peered in and studied the choices. All the major brands and styles, chest zip, back zip, He slipped into a day dream looking aimlessly into the closet before coming to his senses. He needed something he knew he could swim a long distance in. He picked out a simple black O’Neil full suit with a back zip.

Pierre watched as he wrestled his way into the suit, it was a size smaller than his last one and a really tight fit. As he finally got his arms into the sleeves, Pierre worked round the suit adjusting the pinch points, smoothing out the wrinkles to give Matt as much room as possible. He lent forward and kissed Matt again.

“Are you ready?”

“Let’s do it”

Pierre pulled the zipper up and padlocked it in place, before securing the rubber neck seal as tight as it would go.

Matt remembered the earlier plan of getting booties and gloves.

“I need some booties and gloves for the swim tonight. Have you got any?”

A quick rummage through the back of the cupboard produced a pair of O Neil booties. “I’ll hide the gloves for later, otherwise the boss will want to know why you are wearing them on deck”

Now full suited and booted, Matt moved over the full length mirror. Twisting and turning, he was happy with the suit. He made for the door

“Hair. Don’t forget, style your hair or the boss will punish you.”

Matt walked over to the basin and took the lid off the hair wax. Matt didn’t normally do the surfer hair style, he preferred a much simpler parting at the front but he decided to do the wind swept surfer look just to be safe.

He rubbed alittle wax onto his finger tips and worked it into his hair, messing it up as much as possible before taming it slightly.

As he looked into the mirror, Pierre moved in to add a finishing touch, messing the back up slightly more.

He returned to the cells and sat down as Ryan followed Pierre out. Josh looked over at him

“You were gone along time for a shower? I notice Pierre’s boardies were ringing wet and his T shirt looked damp. Did you have some help getting clean?”

He smiled as he finished his sentence. “You’ve gone all surfer boy with your hair as well man!”

Soon Ryan returned with a much drier Pierre. Ryan’s trade mark stubble chin had been shaved smooth, making him look more 15 than twenty but at least he didn’t have to change his hair style, it always looked perfectly messed up from morning til night.

Josh left for a shower and change of wetsuit as Ryan settled back down. “Thanks for telling us about the razor treatment dude!” he remarked sarcastically.

“I couldn’t risk you refusing and rocking the apple cart man” Matt immediately snapped back.

The afternoon was passed quickly. Table setting, order of service at dinner party’s and lots of other protocol.

Dinner was served just after 7.30, beef burgers with chips and salad. The group grew silent, the tension was rising. They were waiting for a moment, an opening, a chance for Matt to kick off proceedings.

Then a life line

“Pierre! The boss says tonight’s trip is cancelled. The van has had to go into the garage for some work, the parts won’t be ready until tomorrow”

A grunt shouted throw the hatch into the dinning room.

If the trip was cancelled, that meant an extra 24 hours moored in the bay, more time for Matt to get to Lewis and more time for Lewis to make a rescue plan.

After dinner the boys lounged on the upper deck, Pierre produced a selection of the latest surfing magazines to keep them entertained. Pierre himself was instructed to attend the boss’s study for a briefing on the re planned abduction. This meant he’d had to be in what the boss called Dress uniform, his best wetsuit

He left the lads to go down to his cabin and change, before re appearing shortly later. Gone were the board shorts and scruffy t shirt. Now he stood before them in a full wetsuit.

A Rip Curl Flash bomb, it was black on the legs, grey on the torso and blue from the neck down through the arms. The chest zipper was barely visible. Pierre filled it perfectly, like he was poured into it.

He stayed with them, reading magazines and joining in small talk until he was called down to the study.

The meeting lasted about an hour and at ten o’clock he emerged on deck.

“Time for bed guys. Grab your stuff and head down to your accommodation”

Slowly they rose and made they way down stairs and once more into the cells. Pierre dug about inside his wetsuit until pulling out the lanyard containing the cell keys.

As he locked the doors, he whispered to the boys “The lights will go off when I walk out. Take about ten to twenty minutes to pretend to settle down, you know, saying goodnight and things, then pretend to sleep. Once the boat goes quiet, I’ll come and get Matt.”

Turning to Matt he continued

“I’ll take you up top and see you off. Then I’ll go back to bed. The Helmsman keeps spare keys to the cells in a draw on the bridge. I’ve hidden the key for Matt’s cell. When they discover he’s gone in the morning, it will look like he stole the key and let himself out.”

Everybody agreed and Pierre left, the lights going out behind him. True to the plan, Josh tossed and turned, made the odd comment to Matt and Ryan before settling after a quarter of an hour. He lay on his bed in the darkness, but his mind raced. He took his watch off and passed it through the bars to Matt. He checked the co ordinates were programmed in one last time, before strapping it to his wrist and rolling the sleeve of his wetsuit over the top.

About an hour later, the door creaked open, very quietly. A small torch beam flashed around the room and Pierre crept in, closing the door gently behind him.

Making as little noise as possible, he took the key out of the pocket of his boardies and turned it in the lock of Matt’s cell, before gingerly pushing the door open.

Silently Matt leapt out of bed. He walked round to the front of Josh’s cell, who was now standing at the bars. Josh reached through the bars with both arms and embraced Matt.

“Good luck mate, you’ll do it no problem. Just aim for the marker buoys and take it from there.”

Letting go, Matt made his way down to Ryan.

“Do your best dude, I believe in you. Just get to Lewis and he’ll do the rest.”

Matt tip toed out of the cell and up the stairs, Pierre in front checking the corridors were clear. Finally he stepped out onto the deck. Pierre led him down to the pontoon at the rear. The rib was securely fastened to the larger boat, but Matt couldn’t take it. The noise would wake everyone up, there were no oars to row it.

He turned to Pierre who was now holding a small bag. Reaching into it, he pulled out a pair of neoprene gloves and a set of flippers along with a snorkel and mask. “I thought this might help, you won’t need to be so far out of the water to breath”

First Matt took the mask. Placing it on his head, he adjusted the strap until it fitted snuggle y, before pushing it onto his head. Putting his gloves on, Pierre helped to slide the sleeves of the wetsuit over the tops of the gloves,

Now he sat down on the dock. He slotted his feet into the fins and adjusted the straps. Pierre helped him to his feet and he kicked his feet out wildly, checking the straps were definitely tight.

They paused, gazing into each others eyes. Pierre took hold of Matt and pulled him in for a hug. As he did, Matt wrapped his arms around him and they shared one long last kiss. Pulling away, Matt looked at him, without a word, he pulled the mask down over his face. He took hold of the snorkel and placed it at his lips

“I love you. I’ll be back for you, I promise”

Before Pierre could reply, Matt dived off the pontoon. He disappeared below the surface for a few seconds, before resurfacing. He flashed an “OK” sign to Pierre and turned away and into his stroke, heading for the green and red lights in the distance.

Pierre stood on the pontoon for a few moments, until he couldn’t see him any more He returned to his cabin and prayed before drifting off to sleep.

To be continued… In part 3.

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