Wetsuit Abduction – Part 4

By Josh.

The Story

The boat moved rapidly across the darkened bay, the group silently preparing for the task ahead. Matt reached into his bag and withdrew his snorkelling kit. Flippers, Mask and snorkel.

Perched on the edge of the RIB, he pushed his feet into the fins and tightened the straps, wiggling his feet to check the fit.

Now he put his mask on, pushing the snorkel into his mouth he took a few deep breaths as a final check.

Before long the engine stopped and it was show time. Lewis placed his hand on Matt’s shoulder and looked him in the eye.

“Are you ready for this?”

Matt had been composing himself day, he was ready, then a doubt would enter his mind and he’d lose his nerve, back to square one.

But now there were no more doubts, they simply weren’t allowed, now was about his friends. He felt like he’d had easy so far. He’d avoided the physical abuse during the capture and he’d escaped not long into his capture. His friends had risked themselves to help him escape.

A quiet splash and he was in the water, a backward roll off the side of the RIB. He swam around for a few seconds testing his equipment, breathing through his snorkel. Everything was working as it should, so he surfaced.

He flashed an ‘OK’ to the boat and turned to Lewis. They exchanged ‘OK’ signs and began the swim. He could see the boat in the distance, it was lit up like a Christmas tree against the dark night. A slight breeze whipped up the sea, waves rippled over the snorkel as he headed toward the ship on the horizon. Stroke after stroke, he edged closure. The wetsuit pressed against his skin, keeping him warm and buoyant.

Soon they reached the pontoon at the rear of the boat. Lewis first. He swam around the stern of the boat, looking up at the upper decks as best as he could, scanning for anybody on watch. He made out two shadowy figures patrolling the outside areas.

Swimming back to Matt, he pulled a radio from his kit bag and began twisting the various knobs on the top. Finally he placed the radio to his mouth

“Neptune calling Stingray.” he paused for a response before the radio crackled into life

“Stingray receiving.”

“Team Neptune in place. Stand by to engage”

“Team Stingray standing ready to engage, Out”

Matt grew tense as he hung onto the pontoon, it was almost action time

“Neptune calling Typhoon” Lewis called to Bradin and James.

“Team Typhoon receiving” James answered

“Team Neptune in place, stand by to engage.”

Lewis placed the radio on the dock and reached out to Matt, taking his arm. “This it, be strong and stick to the plan. If you get any problems, jump over the side and swim to one of the RIBs”

Matt took a deep breath and replied “Let’s do it man”

“Neptune to Typhoon, Engage Engage Engage”

The night sky came to life. The air filled with the noise of an outboard motor going at full power. Out of the darkness came two search lights, speeding toward the boat, sweeping all over the bow. Deliberately lighting it up, encouraging a reaction.

On deck there was commotion. People stirred and shouting was heard,

As the boat closed in, flares were lit and tossed towards the bow of the ship, some landing in the water and a few making it onto the deck.

The guards on the upper deck raced to the bow, but as they did, smoke grenades landed on the floor, immersing it in thick white smoke. In addition, flash bangs went off, adding to the confusion.

At the height of the chaos, Lewis signalled to Matt. They hauled themselves out of the water and on the pontoon. The portable radio was now strapped to Lewis’s arm as he climbed the stairway to the upper deck, Matt following closely behind.

Crouched down against the railing, Lewis scanned the deck. Everybody was busy at the bow where a miniature war was under way.

He headed for an open door and Matt followed, closing it behind him as he entered the maze of corridors. Lewis whispered to him “OK, lead the way, I’ll be right behind you.”

Matt surged through the dimly lit passageway looking for one door, the door to the stairs. He soon found it and reached out for the handle, but Lewis pulled him away.

“I’ll go first, you never know who we might meet”

He kicked the door open and quickly moved into the stair hall, checking for hostile crew before beckoning for Matt to follow.

They descended rapidly and again Lewis opened the door to the corridor, checking around before calling Matt.

“Which way now?”

Matt had only made the journey a few times but he’d made sure he’d made sure the route was firmly lodged in his mind.

“Left, through that door is the cells”

“The boss may have posted a guard in the cells. You open the door and stand back, I’ll deal with anybody that comes out.”

Matt grasped the door handle and stood to one side. Silently Lewis counted down with his fingers “3…2…1”

Matt threw the door open and Lewis charged in. As he did, Josh came steaming toward him. Reacting instantly, Lewis dived to one side and avoided the incoming punch from Josh.

Josh stood there bewildered, but Lewis didn’t hesitate “Well don’t just stand there, get Matt in here and secure that hatch!”

Josh snapped out of his stare and responded. Putting his head into the corridor, he smiled as he saw a wetsuit Matt on the other side

“Get in here dude and close this door, Lewis’s orders!”

Matt stopped at the door, the last time he’d been in that room, he was locked in one of the cells before him.

Josh snatched at his wrist and pulled him into the room, slamming the door closed.

Lewis surveyed the room as he removed the radio strapped to his arm. The cells were empty save for one, where Pierre lay hugging an unconscious Ryan, both clad in wetsuits.

“OK Josh, sit rep!”

Josh stood to attention and faced Lewis “Three hostages including me. Two casualties, Ryan and myself. Ryan has hypothermia possibly a broken ankle, they really beat up on him and he’s in a bad way”

“And you?”

“They smashed me with a baseball bat in the ribs, I’m OK but not great.”

“Who’s that?” Lewis pointed to Pierre.

“This is Pierre. He works for the person who ordered our abduction but he’s been helping us, he helped Matt escape and he’s been helping me keep Ryan warm”

Up on deck, the noise continued, shouting and explosions, James and Bradin were excelling at creating a distraction.

Lewis picked up his radio and spoke “Team Neptune calling Team Stingray”


“Objective successful. Hostages located and secured. We have 1 walking wounded and 1 to MedEvac. We also have concealed hostage with us. Engage stage 2 of operation.”

“OK. All hostages located and secured. Unknown hostage also secured at your location. Engage Stage 2”

“That’s correct team Stingray, out”

Lewis passed the radio to Josh and walked into the cell where the stricken Ryan was lying on the bed.

First he looked at Pierre who was cuddled up tightly to Ryan

“You must be Pierre? I’m Lewis. I’m a friend of these guys. Matt told me you helped him escape and Josh said you’ve been helping Ryan. You’re doing great. I need to check his vitals.”

Lewis pulled the covers back and picked up Ryan’s limp arm. He rolled the sleeve back on his wetsuit slightly and measured his pulse. He counted the beats against his watch for a few seconds.

Now he pulled off one his wetsuit gloves and rested the back of his hand on Ryan’s forehead, feeling his temperature.

He looked up and announced “OK. His pulse is about right but it’s abit weak. His temperature feels cold. We’ll have a medic here in a moment, he’ll be able to do more. We need to make sure we keep him warm when we move him, so start collecting dry blankets.”

As Josh guarded the door, Matt moved through the empty cells scooping up blankets, trying not to let them touch his damp wetsuit.

Up on deck the noise continued. The explosions had stopped but the sound of shouting and running feet continued for a few minutes until footsteps and voices were heard in the corridor.

Fearing that the boss or his henchmen may be coming, Josh braced himself against the door. At first the people on the other side tried to open it, but Josh pressed harder against the door with his shoulder, his bare feet struggling for grip on the wet floor.

A voiced called out “Lewis, it’s us”

Josh looked over to Lewis for direction. “That’s Chris, he’s the medic, quick open the door”

Taking a step back, Josh opened the door to reveal two figures, clad in black filling the hallway. One had a large rucksack slung over his shoulder and strode straight past Josh, into the cell where Lewis was kneeling next to Ryan.

The other figure, a large figure with an air of authority stepped over to Josh

“OK kid, I’ve got this now, you go relax.” said the man as he took up position at the door.

He glanced up and down the corridor a few times, before looking round the cell, taking in everything before him.

Looking at Lewis he spoke in a broad Lancashire “The vessel is secure, Bradin is doing a final sweep while James guards the prisoners in the dinning room.

Breaking his gaze from the sick Ryan, Lewis nodded.

Chris sat down beside Ryan on the bed and started unpacking things from his backpack as Lewis began to brief him.

“This is Ryan. He’s 19 and normally fit and well. He’s got suspected hypothermia as well as a possible broken ankle. His pulse is OK but abit weak. The lads have been sharing body heat trying to keep him warm.”

Chris brushed aside Ryan’s messy fringe and placed a temperature strip on his forehead. He took hold of Ryan’s wrist and began to measure his pulse for himself. He looked over to Lewis and asked “Has he got any allergies, has he been given any medication?”

Lewis looked over to the Matt and Josh “Guys, any allergies?”

Matt and Josh exchanges blank glances before Josh replied “None”

At this point, Pierre looked up “He had two painkillers yesterday, not much to eat and drink since”

Chris carried on his assessment of Ryan and replied “That’s OK, they’ll be out his system by now. His temperature is 32.5, what happened to him?”

Josh came into the cell and stood next to Chris

“He was punished for Matt’s escape. They chained him to railings on deck and blasted him with cold water for an hour. When they released him, he was unconscious and collapsed onto the deck. Then they stuffed in the cell and left. Pierre and I have been keeping him warm.”

“Right. We can treat him, but given the circumstances it’s best to Evac him. Get him back to Lewis’s place and he’ll be fine. I think the shock of his ankle is making it worse than it is”

At that moment Bradin bounced into the room. He immediately addressed Lewis “Lewis. The vessel is secure and I’ve swept the decks and cabins for stragglers, it’s all clear.”

“Right Bradin. We need to Medi Evac this lad to my house, he’s got mild hypothermia and possibly a broken ankle.

Get him to RIB. I’ll drive, Matt and Pierre, you come with me, help Chris to look after Ryan. Josh. You follow up with Bradin in the second RIB.

When we get to the jetty, we stick Ryan in the back of my van. Chris and Pierre ride with Ryan in the back, Matt up front with me.

Josh. Bradin knows how to get to your house. We checked it earlier, it’s safe. Get a change of clothes for everybody, get some warm clothes for Ryan then meet back at mine.

Now, let’s get Ryan to the RIB. Tom, help me carry him”

Tom moved into the cell as Pierre got up from the bed and moved into the corner. Gently, Lewis and Tom lifted Ryan’s limp body from the bed, his wetsuit still wet and cold from his earlier encounter. Carefully they carried him through the corridors and stairs of the boat, until they reached the pontoon with the two RIBS moored up.

Matt had gone ahead of the main group and was now sat in the RIB with the engine running. He helped to get Ryan into the boat, laying him flat in the middle as the Lewis, Chris and Pierre joined him in the craft.

Lewis shuffled past Matt and took control of the engine. Josh had already untied the mooring rope and threw it into the boat as they sped off to the shore.

The small craft raced toward the marina, bouncing off the waves. As the approached the slipway, Lewis aimed for the ramp, killed the engine and tipped it forward into the boat, raising the propeller clear of the water. The RIB shuddered as it ran up the concrete ramp and stopped, with Lewis jumping out and running straight to his van.

He reached behind the tyre, retrieving the key he started the engine and set the heater to full. He looked back to the beached RIB, Ryan was being lifted out of the boat by Chris and Pierre, while Matt grabbed all the equipment.

They laid Ryan flat on a blanket in the back of Lewis’s van and closed the doors, Lewis was already in the driving seat, having unhooked the boat trailer.

In the distance, the rest of the group were arriving in the second RIB, they’d take care of Lewis’s boat. He raced out of the car park and headed straight to his house. The engine worked hard and heat was soon coming from the fan, a welcome relief.

In the back, Chris checked Ryan over while Pierre covered him with blankets for warmth.

Lewis skidded the van to a halt on his drive. Before it had stopped moving, Matt was out and running into the house. Up the stairs and into the bathroom, he switched the shower on and set it to hot. He didn’t rest there, he flew out of the bathroom, stopping to switch the heater on, before down the stairs to the central heating controls. Setting that to maximum, he worked round the house, closing doors and windows. He had to get the place nice and toasty, his sick pal needed it.

In the meantime, Lewis flung open the doors to the van, he grabbed Ryan by his legs and Chris lifted him by the arms. Together they carried the semi concious Ryan up to the bathroom. Already steam was rising from the hot water as they dumped him into the cubicle. Water splashed everywhere as Lewis sat in the shower, holding Ryan in the warmth.

Pierre had followed with Chris’ medical bag. He entered the bathroom and saw Lewis fiddling with the zipper on the back of Ryan’s wetsuit. He realised that the keys for the lock were still hanging round his neck.

Reaching round the back, he took hold of the zipper to his own wetsuit and drew it down. Now he rolled the suit down his arms and onto his waist, pulling his arms out of the sleeves. He took the lanyard from his neck and passed it to Lewis in the shower.

“Here. This is the key for the lock. There is another lock that you’ll need to un do, later, the key for that is on the keyring as well.”

Puzzled, Lewis thanked him and undid the zipper on Ryan’s wetsuit while Pierre left to find Matt. He pulled the suit off as best as he could, down to Ryan’s hips. Warm water rushed over Ryan’s skin and stirred. Lewis pressed his head against his chest and reassured him

“It’s OK Ryan, it’s Lewis. You’re safe, you’re at my house. Take it easy mate. You’re really cold and we need to warm you up. Now, let’s get you out of this wetsuit. I’m going to roll it down your legs. It might hurt as it comes off, you’ve got a bad ankle.”

Ryan mumbled in agreement, he didn’t really understand what was happening, but he trusted Lewis.

As Lewis pulled the wetsuit down further, the chastity belt came into view. He looked at it for a moment, totally confused. Then he remembered the other key Pierre had spoken off. He found the padlock on the back of the belt and un did it. Sliding the belt off, he passed it to Chris who looked at it, before tossing it to one side. Neither of them commented, it wasn’t right and there were more important issues.

“OK Ryan, let’s get you out of here and into a warm bed. Josh is coming with some clothes for you.”

Lewis could hear a commotion downstairs and guessed the second group had arrived. As he stood up the greet them, there was a knock at the bathroom door and a voice called out “It’s Josh, I’ve got a got a bag of clothes for Ryan… how is he?”

Chris cracked the door open to meet a soggy Josh

“Hi mate. He’s doing better. Pass me the bag and we’ll get him sorted. Get yourself downstairs for some food and drink, we’ll let you know what’s happening.”

Josh wanted to stay, he wanted to see his friend, but he decided now wasn’t the time to argue. He passed the bag through the door to Chris and retreated down the stairs to the living room.

Lewis reached up to the control and turned the shower off. Now he helped the semi concious Ryan from the shower. Together with Chris, they dried him off and helped him into some clothes. Taking an arm each, they took him to Lewis’s spare bedroom and laid him in the bed.

Chris set about caring for Ryan, taking his temperature and examining his ankle. Lewis excused himself and left, closing the door behind him to keep the heat in.

Picking a quiet moment, he showered and changed from his wetsuit, rinsing it out before hanging it up to dry in the bathroom.

Downstairs, wetsuit clad bodies lounged around. Lewis looked over the scene and realised they needed to be occupied.

“OK, who’s hungry? Anybody want a Tea or Coffee? The shower is free if you want to start cleaning up?”

He stopped to look at Josh, still locked into his wetsuit.

“Josh, Pierre gave me key for the padlocks” he emphasized the word ‘padlocks’, hinting to Josh that he knew about his other confinement. “I’ve left them in the bathroom”

Josh shot off the floor, running up the stairs to the bathroom, slamming the door shut behind him. Lewis laughed and called out to Matt “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Josh move that fast for a shower before”

The little humour broke the tension in the room with Bradin commenting “We normally have to mount a full assault to get James in the shower, especially on a Friday”

Before the banter got out of control, Lewis started dishing out chores.

“Matt, knock up some tea and coffee, then take some up to Ryan and Chris. Pierre can help you.

Somebody else give me a hand cooking. The rest of you can put the boat away and start unpacking, in between rotating through the shower.”

Lewis served up the food, steak and chips, to a hungry group. Matt, still dressed in his wetsuit, saw an opportunity to get in to see Ryan.

“Oh I’m just on my way up for a shower, I’ll take the food into Ryan and Chris”

Lewis sighed, “OK. You’ll have to take Josh with you, it’s only fair.”

“Take Josh to the shower with me? No thanks..”

“To see Ryan. You know what I meant!” Lewis grinned at Matt.

Josh leapt from the sofa where he’d been reading surfing magazines, grabbing a plate of food he headed for the stairs with Matt following. They stopped at the bedroom door and knocked. From inside, Chris called out “Come in”.

Josh entered with Matt behind him. Ryan was snuggled down under the covers, but he was awake.

Josh greeted his friend “Hey man. We brought you some food that Lewis cooked up. How’s it going?”

Ryan’s voice was weak and he looked tired, but managed a smile.

“I’m feeling better dude. Thanks for the food, I’m starving. It feels good to wear normal clothes again.”

Matt pushed forward from behind Josh.

“How’s the ankle?”

“Yeah. Chris has looked at it, he reckons it’s just badly bruised, it’s all strapped up and I’ve got to rest it for a few days.”

Matt looked at Josh and laughed, “Another excuse for poor surfing”

“Shut up!” Ryan shouted.

Seeing his friend back to his old self, Josh started to laugh, but ended up doubled over in pain, remembering his sore ribs.

“Ah, I heard you took abit of a beating defending yourself, sit down here and let me take a look at you” insisted Chris. “Grab a shower and then I’ll check you over as well, Matt, you had better get Pierre in for a check up too.”

Josh sat down on the edge of the bed and rolled up his T shirt. The left side of his body was many different shades of black and blue from his encounter with the snatch squad.

Chris worked his hands round Josh’s rib cage, feeling carefully and listening to him breath in and out.

“OK You haven’t broken anything. I’ve got some painkillers here, they’ll take the sting off it for a few hours until the pharmacy opens and you can get some more.”

He handed Josh two small tablets from his medical kit and gestured for him to swallow them.

In the bathroom, Pierre and Matt were alone. Everybody was busy and had forgotten about them. Matt closed the door and locked it. As he turned to face Pierre, he was pressed back against the door by the taller lad, who put his hands on Matt’s hips and began to gently kiss his lips.

Pierre slid his hands over his boyfriend’s wetsuit clad body, feeling down to his groin. He worked his way around and felt the chastity belt still in place. He broke off the kiss and reached for the keys that lay on the small table next to the wash basin. Returning to Matt, he carried on kissing while reaching round the back of the wetsuit for the zip.

Gently, he lifted the Velcro seal and pulled on the leash. The back of the suit flapped open as they continued to kiss, Matt working his hands across Pierre’s smooth body.

Matt paused the passion, he stepped into the shower and turned the water on, inviting Pierre to follow him in. “This will muffle the noise” he giggled

The horny figures embraced as warm water trickled over their skin. Pierre’s nicely groomed hair became a soaking wet mess, falling down over his eyes. Matt brushed it aside and starred into his eyes, kissing him softly.

“Matt. I need to tell you something.” Pierre cuddled Matt as they sat in the bottom of the shower, still half in their wetsuits

“My name isn’t Pierre. When the boss captured me all those years ago, he changed my name. He changes the names of all the slaves.”

Matt pulled Pierre closer

“Whatever your name is, it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t change who you are”

Pierre kissed Matt again, he put their heads together

“My name is Harrison. Harri. I hated being called Pierre. The boss wanted a French sounding name to make me romantic. He wasn’t going to keep me for himself initially, but then he decided he needed somebody to look after the other guys he captured”

“Oh Harri, what a lovely name, it’s beautiful” exclaimed Matt.

Before finishing the emotional shower, Harri helped to release Matt from his chastity belt for the final time.

As it lay there on the floor, the pair looked at it.

“What shall I do with it?” pondered Matt.

Harri thought for a moment. He could keep it, for special moments, but that wasn’t him, that was who he’d been made to be for the last few years.

Silently, he moved forward and bent down to pick it up. Without saying a word, he opened the lid of the bin and placed the belt inside. He turned away and let the lid fall shut, not giving it a second glance.

Matt towelled himself off and got dressed. Now he realised, Harri didn’t have any clothes to change into. He looked him over for a moment, Harri was about the same size as Ryan.

Right on cue, there was a knock at the door. As far as the house was concerned, it was just Pierre {Harri} in the bathroom. Matt ducked behind the door as Harri opened it, wearing just a towel. On the other side was Josh, holding a carrier bag. He held it out toward Harri

“Here. I guessed you’d need some clothes. I grabbed some of Ryan’s stuff, I think you guys are about the same size”

“Ah thanks pal! Harri said excitedly. Say thanks to Ryan as well.”

Harri was pleased to be wearing real clothes again, it’d been a long time since he last wore anything other than board shorts or a wetsuit.

Josh flashed a friendly smile “I haven’t told Ryan yet, but don’t worry he’ll be cool with it”

Turning away from the door, Josh added “When your done, Matt, Ryan wants to see you”

Inside Matt thought ‘damn, I’m sure he’s psychic, every bleeding time!’

A few minutes later, Matt and Harri appeared in the bedroom where Ryan was recuperating. Seeing them enter, he pushed himself up in bed and smiled, he was pleased to see them, especially now they were looking more like normal people than wetsuit prisoners.

“Hey, Pierre, come in, you too Matt, take a seat” he patted the edge of the bed where Josh was already perched.

Chris rose from his seat “I’ll give you guys a check over in abit, right now I think Ryan wants some private friend time” and left the room, closing the door behind him

Harri started. “Guys, I need to tell you something. My name isn’t Pierre. It’s Harrison, but I prefer Harri”

He stopped to look at Josh and Ryan. They seemed totally un-phased so he carried on.

“When I was kidnapped, the boss changed my name. He was going to sell me on as a normal slave originally, he said Pierre would be a better name than Harri.

Then he changed his mind, He kept me on as his own slave and trained me up to mentored the new captives. He kept my new name though, he said he liked French names better. I got used to being called Pierre, even though I hated it.”

He stopped again for a second and looked at Josh

“A bit like being called Joshua” and winked.

The group looked for a reaction. Josh swung an arm round Harri’s neck and pulled him over to him on the bed before using his other hand to mess up Harri’s neatly brushed hair. Matt leapt over to mess up Josh’s hair and the whole thing descended into a four way dog pile with much laughter.

Ryan called them back to order “Guys, Guys, I need to speak!”

The lads sat back up and straightened themselves out.

“Harri, Matt, and especially Josh, you saved my life. If it wasn’t for all of you, I’d probably be dead from hypothermia. If I’d survived, I’d have been sold as a wetsuit slave.

Thanks for everything dudes!”

The thanks continued as each one of the four took it in turn to thank the others.

Part 5 here soon…

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