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Not getting the wetsuit after all!

2XU P:1 Propel wetsuitSorry after all that, not getting the 2XU P:1 Propel wetsuit after all… Some what pissed off, was really looking forward to getting it! Just had the following email…

“We have just got to picking your order for you now,

Unfortunately our stock file is showing no stock of the item you have order,

Because of this we have had to cancel your order,

Please allow between 3-5 working days for this to show in your account,

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this has caused,

Many thanks”

So why they listed the wetsuit on the website is first place, I have no idea! They have also had my money from a good number of week. Now got to wait around 3-5 working days to get it back!

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