Dec 202012

You would not believe just how turned on I was in this photo. Since I was locked in the chastity belt, which was keeping my dick forced between my legs, inside the tube preventing me from getting a full hard-on.

Chastity Belt under Adidas full body suitChastity Belt under Adidas full body suit

More photos from this set can be found in the chastity belt exclusive area.

Nov 162012

Below are the top three most looked at photos on Wetsuitlads so far during November 2012.

Number 1 (258 views) : Robert & Gordon | Smooth skin wetsuits

Number 2 (211 views) : Jon | Adidas full body suit

Number 3 (182 views) : Jon | Orca speedsuit

Nov 122012

Sorry about the lack of updates this month. All my normal sources have dried up :(. So here are some old photos of Jon!

Full set at

Full set at

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