May 092014

Was locked up in the chastity cage and was told I would only be let out, once I start winning races! Maybe that would make for a good story!! 🙂

Cyclist locked in chastity cage

Aug 102012

I still can’t believe just how many people have seen this video. At the time of posting this, it stands at 554,974.

Find it funny how many people think I am turned on in the video. I was locked in the CB-3000 at the time :).

Jul 012012

Below are the top three most looked at photos on Wetsuitlads during June 2012.

Number 1 (608 views) : Smooth skin wetsuits

Number 2 (503 views) : CB-3000 under gear

Number 3 (500 views) : CB-3000 under gear

Jun 192012

Someone said, I should wear my CB-3000 under my cycling gear more often. So here are some photos of me doing just that!

More photos can be found at I will try to add more photos, to this gallery in the coming weeks…

Aug 252011

Locked in my CB-3000 while outside, with my hands cuffed above my head. So luckily no one walked past. Since I was not going anywhere fast. They could have done anything to me and I would have had no way to stop them!

Gordon locked a CB-3000 chastity belt

Apr 072011

One of my biggest fantasy’s is to get locked up in a chastity belt, by a fit straight lad and made to “service him”.  I like the idea of a straight lad being my key holder more, since unlike a gay lad, he would have no reason at all to let me out.

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