Jul 022019

That’s me just done another cycled while, locked in a chastity cage. This time, I did 24.82 miles. Which takes my total locked up miles to 53.13 miles! Yes, I am keeping a log of it! 🙂

UCI World Cup Team skinsuitUCI World Cup Team skinsuit

Jul 022019

First time, I’ve done a vlog wearing the UCI World Cup Team skinsuit for a long time! Oh and it’s July already! 2019, is going, way, way to fast!

P.S. Yes I am locked up in chastity under the skinsuit! Can you tell?

Jun 242019

Got to say that, cycling while locked in chastity is HOT! I did just over 26 miles, which could, well be my longest ever cycle while locked up!!

Jan 152019

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