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Community Service Boxing Match

These lads got told if did a boxing march, still wearing the Community Service rubber wetsuits. The winner would get let out of doing rest of his Community Service! Of course, the losers would have there sentence made ever longer!

Community Service at Fistral Beach, Newquay

The Government and local communities, had seen how well the Public Humiliation Initiative was working! So wanted to setup a scheme where young lads could sign up for, and give back to the local community. So bit like the DofE, they would get an Award at the end!

Unlike the Public Humiliation Initiative, they did not have to get locked up chastity. Most of them wanted to be, since they want there mates, seeing just how much loved wearing rubber wetsuits all day long!

Some lads love the Public Humiliation Initiative Community Service…

This group of lads dared each under to drop litter. Since they wanted to spend a week in rubber. While part of the Public Humiliation Initiative Community Service.

At the time, they did not know they would also be locked in chastity cages under the suits!