May 202017

Not really a fan of cold, wet Lycra!

May 162017

Sure it likes to rain more, when I wear this Lycra cycling gear!

Apr 272017

Can’t wait, till Nick is back again later this year! Going to get him out cycling again, wearing Lycra of course!! Will make sure, we get many more photos next time around!

The full set of these photos can be found @

Apr 082017

Summer is here, well for the next two days again! At least, it means the white Lycra is back on!

Apr 042017

Sorry I’ve not been giving this website many updates, so far this year! Other than the new photos of Nick of course! Just been very busy with other things!

So while you, all wait for updates… Here is a vlog I posted to my personal website over at

May 232016

Well that’s Nick done something he’s ever done before and that is going out a cycle wearing Lycra!! He loved every min of it! We will have to do it again at some point! 😀

The full set of these photos can be found @

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