Jan 282020

WOW! How was that a year ago? Big thanks again to Firebravo for doing the photos! Really do, need to meet with him again soon!

The full set can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gordon-va/28-01-2019/

Jan 282019

WOW! I’ve so much fun today! Great fun doing photos wearing the Fetters Padded Leather Muzzle and Fetters Padded Fist Mitts.

Big thanks to Firebravo for letting me try them out! I really did not want to take them off!

Wetsuit + Fetters Padded Leather Muzzle
Wetsuit + Fetters Padded Leather Muzzle

P.S. The full set of these photos, will be coming to Wetsuitlads exclusive area, in the next number of days!

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