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Very first photos wearing the HUUB Brownlee Agilis wetsuit

Here are the first photos of myself wearing my new HUUB Brownlee Agilis wetsuit! OMG! I love it! Always worry, when I get a new wetsuit! Since never 100% sure, I’ve picked the right size!

I will take many new photos in the next day or so! So watch this space…

HUUB Brownlee Agilis wetsuit

HUUB Brownlee Agilis wetsuit

HUUB Brownlee Agilis wetsuit

More can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gordon-va/22-11-2023/

Loving my Sportout Goalkeeper Gloves

Loving my new Sportout Goalkeeper Gloves!! What do you think of them? Yes, I’ve used them for a happy ending! LOL!

P.S. And big thanks to everyone, who is now supporting this website via OnlyFans.com/wetsuitlads! It really does mean the world to me! Also helps to pay for new gear, like these gloves of course! xx

Sportout Goalkeeper Gloves

Sportout Goalkeeper Gloves

Full set can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gordon-va/11-03-2021/

Speedsuit RTR lycra met cap Retro PINK

After falling in love with the Hunter inline skinsuit Team Britain 2018, that I got last week. Just gone and ordered a Hunter Speedsuit RTR lycra met cap Retro PINK. Hoping to get it, in the next week or so!

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Ordered Regulation Piped Locking Leather Collar

That’s me just gone and ordered a Regulation Piped Locking Leather Collar. Which will look great with my pup hood and my other sexy gear! Even better, it of course, it can be locked on!

Want to one for yourself? Then check out www.regulation.co.uk/deluxe-leather-collar.html

Regulation Piped Locking Leather Collar