Feb 212020

I was being a bad Spider-Man, so I was locked in my collar, along with the pup hood, then put in Clejuso handcuffs!!

Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit + pup hood
Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit + pup hood
Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit + pup hood

Even more photos can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gordon-va/spider-man/06-02-2020/

Feb 142020

In the middle of a photo shoot, while wearing my Spider-Man Homecoming Morphsuit, in the Regulation Piped Locking Leather Collar and Clejuso handcuffs.

Jul 242019

We have a new model in our Wetsuitlads exclusive area! Sign up for just £10 to see his photos, plus many more! 🙂

It was so much fun cycling around with him all day! And of course, doing photos in public places! Yep we even did photos at a railway station…

Jul 232019

Boris Johnson will be our next PM… No idea if that’s a good thing or not… But better news, this website is still going strong! But if you need cheering up… They why not join our Wetsuitlads exclusive area.

It only costs £10, which one-off payment! All the money goes back into the website. Also you will get to see many more photos like the ones below! Plus vidoes!

So please do sign up today! Just just £10, you can;t really go wrong!

Fetters Shrew’s Fiddle

Jun 042019

Here are even more photos of the very sexy Matt. He’s here till Wednesday afternoon. So you still have time, to post your ideas! 🙂

More photos can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/matt-01/

Jun 032019

Please all welcome our newest model Matt. They are many more photos to follow…

More photos can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/matt-01/03-06-2019/

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