Jan 192018

Having great fun putting on my RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit over the top of my Adidas full body suit! Also with the RST Razor Sport Boots and HJC ZF-10 Karlie helmet.

Jan 192018

I know that this is mainly a Lycra and wetsuit website! But many of you, keep asking me to do new photos wearing my leathers! Don’t worry new photos and vlog coming, very soon indeed!

Here are some past vlogs of myself in leathers, to get you in the mood!! 🙂

Jun 162016

More hot fun in my motorcycle leathers! Even more white stuff everywhere! The full length video can be found in the Chastity Belt section!

Jun 142016

Opps! Got way to turned on, while wearing my motorcycle leathers! White stuff everywhere!!

Want to watch the full version of this video? Then join the CB section of the website today! You get to see me blow my load!! 😀

Feb 012016

Here is my first vlog of 2016! I just wanted a reason to wear my RST Pro Series 1 Piece Leather Suit, along with RST Delta Gloves, RST Razor Sport Boots and of course a helmet.

Yes after I filmed, the vlog I got a bit turned on and had to sort myself out!

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