Jan 192018

Just to remind you, that we’re also on Instagram. Check us out @ instagram.com/wetsuitlads

We currently only have 663 followers! Let’s see, if we can get that to over 1,000!

Apr 202017

Check out theonlyinleb on Instagram at www.instagram.com/theonlyinleb/.

Apr 202017

azpeterparker sure does make a HOT Spiderman! I would check him on on Instagram at www.instagram.com/azpeterparker/.

Mar 212016

If everyone wore Lycra like that at the gym, I would sign up right now! But I would need to be locked up in a chastity belt first!

Aug 072015

Scott Redding doing a bit of transition training. So in other words, you get to see him do a bit of running in a wetsuit, before seeing him in Lycra! 🙂

May 102015

Finding all these hot photos of Danny Kent. Makes me want to get my leathers on…


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