Nov 212018

That’s me just added a rubber photo gallery. Where for the first time, you can see, all our rubber photos in one place!

Of course, they are many more rubber photos and vidoes, over in our Wetsuitads exclusive area.

Sep 212018

You will be pleased to hear that Jon and his fiancé won the holiday!

Adidas full body suit
Stevens Racing Suit
O'Neill Hammer Spring Suit

You can check out his profile @

Sep 072018

Please could you all, vote for Jon and his new fiancé to win a trip to Winter Pride?? It would mean the world to them!

Head over to and choose photo C!

Comment here and let them know you have voted!!

Adidas full body suit
Orca speedsuit
Orca speedsuit

Jan 022015

Below are the top three most looked at photos on Wetsuitlads during December 2014.

Number 1 (148 views) : Nick : blueseventy axium
Nick : blueseventy axium

Number 2 (125 views) : Robert & Gordon | Smooth skin wetsuits
Robert & Gordon | Smooth skin wetsuits

Number 3 (105 views) : Daniel & Jon | Lycra
Daniel & Jon | Lycra

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