Aug 222018

Well, that was, so much fun! Nick and myself headed off to Old Hunstanton for the day! Which could, mean only one thing!! We both had to wear wetsuits…

Hope you enjoy these photos! Please do comment on them!!

The full set of these photos can be seen at

Apr 012018

That’s Danny’s profile now on-line! Also added his first full set of photos to the main website!

Orca TRN
Orca TRN
Orca TRN

Check out the full set over @

Apr 012018

Some more great website news… Danny will be back again, very soon to do more photos + videos!! So head over to our forum and get posting them ideas!

Orca TRN
Orca TRN
Gordon + Danny

Oct 012013

Below are the top three most looked at photos on Wetsuitlads during September 2013.

Number 1 (615 views) : Robert & Gordon | Smooth skin wetsuits
Robert & Gordon | Smooth skin wetsuits

Number 2 (584 views) : Nick : blueseventy axium
Nick : blueseventy axium

Number 3 (408 views) : Nick : Lycra body suit
Nick : Lycra body suit

Jan 192012

If you follow our facebook page @ I am sure you will have seen these photos by now. Sorry they are not the best, were taken with my iPod camera.

Dec 142011

More photos from another wetsuit cycle :).

If you have been out cycling in wetsuit, I would love to see photos of it!

More photos from this set can be found @

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