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Alex loved being the Neoprene sleepsack

Think that Alex, did love being all helpless inside the neoprene sleepsack! If you are already a member of Wetsuitlads exclusive area, you will have access to full set of these photos very soon indeed!

Sorry right now, no way for new members to sign up (Outside of the UK)! If you do live in the UK, you can contact us and we’ll get back to you with way to sign up!

Neoprene sleepsack

Neoprene sleepsack

Just 7 days, till Nick is back…

Just 7 more days and Nick is back to do more photos! He was last here in 2013! No idea where the times gone. Does not feel that long ago at all!

So here are some photos from his last visit! Got any ideas for this time? Then do let us know!!

Nick : Lycra body suit
Nick : Neoprene sleepsack
Nick : blueseventy axium

Ordered a neoprene bondage hood

I have just gone and ordered a neoprene bondage hood. I think it will go very well indeed with my neoprene sleepsack!

Neoprene hood

Once I get it, I will need to do a remake of this video, but wearing the neoprene bondage!