Mar 212019

People often, just think this website is just about wetsuits… Well, how wrong could you be? We also do, bondage, chastity, RUBBER, Lycra and a lot more…

So please, do tell all your gear mates to check us out!

Feb 262019

Since Kevin, is due back very soon to do many more photos! Here are all his photos, that up till now, could only be found in our exclusive area.

The full set of these photos can be found at

Feb 262019

In less than a month, Kevin will be back to do more photos! This time, we will have some rubber with him! Will, of course get him back in another wetsuit and some much more bondage stuff this time around! 🙂

Jan 152019

This has still got to be my favourite photo from 2018! Not very often, I get two lads all helpless at the same time!

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