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Public Warning Display Cases! Are for REAL!

These poor fellows thought those display in the Underground were a joke. So to better mock them, they’d strewn trash about. Look at them now!

The idea for these suits come from www.wetsuitlads.co.uk/stories/wetsuit-sentence/

Public Humiliation Initiative! Public Warning Display Cases!

Public Humiliation Initiative, Warning Display Cases have been popping around London and other Towns and Cities around the UK! Remember you, if drop litter! This will happen to you!

Big thanks to one website fans, that did this AI Art Work!

The idea for these suits come from www.wetsuitlads.co.uk/stories/wetsuit-sentence/

Community Service at Fistral Beach, Newquay

The Government and local communities, had seen how well the Public Humiliation Initiative was working! So wanted to setup a scheme where young lads could sign up for, and give back to the local community. So bit like the DofE, they would get an Award at the end!

Unlike the Public Humiliation Initiative, they did not have to get locked up chastity. Most of them wanted to be, since they want there mates, seeing just how much loved wearing rubber wetsuits all day long!

Rubber Lad on display at London Underground station

This young lad was starting to get bored of the Public Humiliation Initiative! Was starting to play up! So locked inside a tall glass chamber! To remind him, all his normal rights have been removed! Plus had another 7 days added to his Community Service. So at least 45 days now!

Thanks to NeelsB for this amazing AI Art Work!

Lads locked in prison cells. Will they have there sentences increased?!?!

These lads have been locked in prison cells, while they wait to see if they will let out of the rubber suits or have there sentences increased! Since the Public Humiliation Initiative is working so well. Most have the sentences increased to at least 1 month!