Jan 262019

Opps. Just ordered more stuff from Regulation. This time, FETTERS Padded Leather Muzzle with stuffer gag and locking posts.

My credit card, will be loving me right now!! LOL!

Jan 212019

Well the rubber bondage wrist cuffs, have turned up already! Just need to find someone, other than myself to try them out!

Jan 192019

Well that’s the rubber bondage wrist cuffs, just been posted! So should have them by this time next week! Can’t wait to locked in them fore the first time!

The latex hood, hood that I ordered at the same time, could take up to 6 weeks. Since it’s got to me made! Sure, that will be here, in time for Nick’s next visit! Just think of outdoors photos, of us both in rubber or wetsuits in the same hoods! 🙂

Jan 172019

Opps. Just ordered more stuff from Regulation. This time, some rubber bondage wrist cuffs.

Don’t worry, still got money left over for the rubber suit!

Jan 172019

Well that’s me just ordered the hood! I could take up to 6 weeks, but I don’t mind! I can’t wait!!! Now need to think of new photo ideas!

Oh and I, of need to thank everyone that giving money to this website, in the last number of days! Your money, has gone on getting this new hood! Of, course all the first new photos, will get posted to the Wetsuitlads exclusive area first!

Jan 152019

Yep, I know. I really should have ordered my rubber suit by now! Still not sure, what size of suit, I need to get!

But have new lad, coming doing photos later this month! So, I will get him to size me up!! 🙂

I so, can’t wait to get it ordered! Been after, one for so long now!!

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