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Kevin was here today!! Much fun was had!!

True to his word, Kevin was here today! We took 250 photos… So the Wetsuitlads exclusive area, will be getting lot’s of new photos in the next number days! Just need to wait for Kevin, to choose the ones he’s OK with!

But till then, here is small selection, of the ones that he’s OKed so far!

Kevin will be here soon…

I should already be on the way to get him… But his train is running extra late… So still time, to get posting them ideas and checking out his past photos!

Check out the full set over at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/kevin-01/19-08-2018/

Here are many more photos of Kevin

Since Kevin, is due back very soon to do many more photos! Here are all his photos, that up till now, could only be found in our exclusive area.

The full set of these photos can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/kevin-01/19-08-2018/