Oct 122018

We’ve just added a rubber section our Wetsuitlads forum! Since in the future, you will be seeing lots more rubber photos on this website!

Sep 212018

Here are some more photos of Jon in rubber!! Big thanks to him for sending them over!

You can check out his profile @ www.wetsuitlads.co.uk/models/jon-ma/

Aug 132018

Some great news, Nick is back again next month (September 2018), not fully sure of the dates yet!! But do get posting them ideas!!!

Jun 072018

If you want to see full set of Nick in rubber, S10 gas mask and posture bar, you need to sign up to our exclusive area.

Oh and for once he’s not hard, since he was locked up in BON4 Silicone Male Chastity Device!

You need to give £9 to see the full set or £20, if you also want to see him locked in the chastity device!

Apr 262018

One of my gear mates is going to one of these two catsuits for cycling in! Yes really go cycling in, I will make sure he does!!

The Sky one, won the vote, over on our forum. He’s hoping to order it soon!

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