Jan 092020

WOW! It’s New Years Eve! Which means tomorrow, is the start of a new decade! Where has the last 10 years gone?

Yes, you get to see myself wearing a wetsuit and down jacket in this vlog!

P.S. Yes I did film this vlog on the 31st December 2019. Only just got around to editing and uploading it!

Jan 032020

Well that was a great gear walk, up part of Ben Lomond in Scotland!

More photos can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gordon-va/03-01-2020/

Jan 012020

Here are the very first photos, of the new decade! Hard to believe, that this website has been on the go since 2003!

So loving going walks, wearing the pup hood and the Regulation Piped Locking Leather Collar.

More photos from this set can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gordon-va/01-01-2020/

Dec 312019

Happy New year! Hope you all have a great 2020!

Here are the very last photos of myself in 2019! I took these today, while going a nice walk up Campsie Fells, here in Scotland.

P.S. Sorry, if you’re waiting for access to the Wetsuitlads Exclusive area. I am away on holiday right now. I don’t keep a copy of the information, I need to add new members on my phone… Once I get back home, I will email you all back!

The full set of these can be found at photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gordon-va/31-12-2019/

Jun 052018

Here are some more photos, I took in the while wearing my 2XU P:1 Propel wetsuit in the River Clyde!


The full set of these photos can be found @ photos.wetsuitlads.co.uk/gordon-va/31-05-2018/

May 312018

I’ve sure that most of you will know, that I’ve been on holiday for the last three weeks! So during my drive back south, I stopped off to do, not one by two wetsuit walks! During the first walk, I ended up in the River Clyde!


During the second walk, I ended up getting a wee bit turned on (Not turned on in the photos, I am in the video!)… Video coming soon to the Wetsuitlads exclusive area!


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