May 252019

Hard to believe that a whole 10 years ago, we took these following photos of Nick! Of course, he’s been back, many, many times since!

Pearl Izumi Team Garmin-Chipotle team kit
Nick caged!
Orca S2 + posture bar
Orca S2 shower time

These photos and 100s more can be found at

Oct 312015

Giving my Zone3 Evolution Swim-Run wetsuit a much needed wash! After doing well over 100 miles of cycling in total while wearing it. About time, I give it a wash

Apr 092015

Hope you like these photos of myself in the shower wearing football gear. If you do, more photos from this set and a VIDEO can be found in the exclusive area. Not a member? Then join today for only £8!

Mar 262015

OMG! I am totally loving this GIF. Anyone know where I can find the full video?


More GIFs from this video can be found @

Nov 142012

Part 2 of our look back at the double shots!

Daniel & Jon | Lycra

 Daniel & Mike | Shower time fun

Gordon & Ryan | O’Neill Gooru 2/1 Shorti & Orca speedsuit

All these photos and more can be found at

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